Wednesday, January 26, 2011

WIP Wednesday

In the last week I have gone from this:
to this:
to some of these:

and finally to this:

I decided on two slightly different shades of solid brown for the spools, especially important where the spools were touching and going in the same direction. Should maybe have gone a little lighter with the brown, but I worked with what I had in my stash because (a) it was already in my stash and (b) I didn't have the time to order something different.

My next dilemma will be the borders. I need to use the challenge fabric somewhere, so the obvious choice will be in the border.

I'm thinking about separating the main part of the quilt from the border with a 1" border of brown and white stripes. Thoughts?

Then on to quilting. I want to big stitch using perle cotton. Still thinking exactly what kind of quilting. Any thoughts or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, one more thing: I was thinking of putting the challenge fabric border only on the top and two sides. On the bottom I would put a border of Kona snow and applique a needle and then big stitch some thread. Dumb idea? Too busy? Just a thought...

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Annie said... #

I'm loving your idea!! So neat! I think a small striped border would be great, but I love striped borders!! And I love the idea of mimicing the spool pattern in the large borders as well.

Allison said... #

I think an applique needle would be a nice touch. Your spool blocks are coming along nicely :)

Deborah said... #

I love your design!! What a beautiful use of selvages.

Tanya said... #

I'm not sure if I am picturing this right. Will it look like a little spool cabinet on a table with really fun wallpaper in the background? If I will look like that, that would be fun! Good job with all of those selvages! Can't wait to see what you decide.

Brandie said... #

It's coming alng very nicely. I think I like the idea of the needle along the bottom as well.

Needled Mom said... #

Okay....that is waaaaay too cute!!!!

Elizabeth Dackson said... #

Those spools are fantastic! That challenge fabric is gorgeous, is it Alexander Henry? I'm having a hard time picturing the brown and white striped border - but I do love the idea of big stitches in your quilting. Can't wait to see how this turns out!

Jennifer said... #

This is awesome! A striped border would look great paired with the selvage spools.

Jennifer :)

PS... It's so exciting to see you designing and sewing!

Lee said... #

Oh, I just love these selvedge spools! Those are one of my favorite quilty things right now.

Thanks for linking up, have a wonderful week! : )

randi said... #

i LOVE those spools! just perfect!

Carla said... #

This is turning out so stinking cute! I like the way the two shades of brown worked out for the spools. I always like to fold my fabric and make a "pretend" border before I actually cut....just in case the brown stipe isn't as great as you (and I) think it would be....same with the flowered can always add it to the bottom if you decide to later....could you do a needle sketch on some butcher paper and prop it up to see how you like it before going to all the work of applique?

Cathy H. said... #

This is looking great!

Kris said... #

I really like the idea of thin solid borders before the print. You may only need one.

Terriaw said... #

I love how these blocks are turning out! What a fun project to be working on. I love your plan to add a thin border in between the quilt center and outer border. I'm kind of a symmetrical person, so I would like the focus fabric on all four sides. But then again, assymmetrical seems to be more modern, and I like your idea tying imagery in that bottom border in with the spools.

Anonymous said... #

I am in love with this project! Such a great idea! :D

JHNickodemus said... #

OMG! I LOOOOOVE this! So fun! So colorful! What if you did a skinny focus fabric border and then white outer border...then you could do the big stitch thread design on the outside white? And maybe also bind the quilt in the focus fabric too....then it'd be a focus fabric sandwich?

Amelia said... #

So fantastic Cindy! I love it :)

C said... #

Those spools are so great. Very clever - I love it. I'll have to check out pinterest too, but I'm scared of another cool online addiction of looking at fabric.