Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"I don't care for orange"

Yesterday I was trying to capture Levi saying the word "blue." He has an adorable way of turning it into a two-syllable word, sort of like "ba-loo," although now sometimes it sounds more like "boo," so I knew I had to get this on tape ASAP.  Somewhere along the line, he was coached by his sister into saying, "I don't care for orange." What??? How could that be? Which was kind of funny, because not five minutes before that little coaching incident, Charlotte had said, "Grandma, whatever color is YOUR favorite is MY favorite too."And as you can see, he quickly changed his mind about the color orange.Because really. How could you not love orange?!

Side note: I hate listening to my voice on that video. Am I the only one who thinks they couldn't possibly sound like that when they hear their own voice? Anyway...

Speaking of orange, this arrived while I was at quilt camp (update on that tomorrow), the most beautiful shade of orange, officially "Betty's orange" by Moda Bella Solids. It was hard to find it under that name, but Fat Quarter Shop has it listed simply as orange.  Highly recommended.

 And from Glorious Color, Kaffe Fassett's new woven stripes. If you love Kaffe Fassett fabric, Glorious Color is a very dangerous shop to check out.


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Grandma G said... #

That must be your "grandma voice". I don't remember you sounding like that. ;)

Courtney loves your video! She's watched it about 10 times, and had me promise she could watch it again after her nap. I guess she knows a cute boy when she sees one! ;)

Kris said... #

I thought that was your daughter's voice!! Darling video!

Becky (My Fabric Obsession) said... #

Love it! I hate the way I sound on tape also. I KNOW i don't really sound like that! haha

Little Spouse in the Old House said... #

Love it! Janice

Deborah said... #

Okay. Now I want your Kaffe Fassett stripes. Why don't you just start getting two of everything? And I love the video. And the way Charlotte is coaching her little brother.

Jennifer said... #

Too cute! If he's turning one syllable words into multiple syllable words then he must have some Texan in him... ;)

Love your new fabric! What a nice thing to come home to.

Jennifer :)

two hippos said... #

Yum, "Betty Orange"! I also wish it were more readily available and easier to track down. Maybe one day...

Jen said... #

and for the answer of why you think you sound funny or different:


How your voice is recorded is how everyone else hears you..you just aren't used to hearing it that way. You sound fine by the way! ;)

Sara said... #

I recorded the voices for an ex-boyfriend's short animation and he proceeded to make my voice sound exactly like my mother. Thankfully, both he and the film are gone now, so I never have to listen to it again.

Carla said... #

Two cute voices, I think! My 4 year old grand daughter and I always ask each other what our favorite color is TODAY...(because It's so hard to have JUST one!) She usually wants me to say mine first and then says, "That's mine too!)