Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Postman Always Rings Twice...

Well, yesterday he did. Good thing, too, because I needed some major fabric therapy. But if this happened on a regular basis, I would need financial therapy...

Need some therapy yourself? You can get some here and here.

P.S. Now I'm a little sorry I went to the links. Bad news for me, but good news for you: At Fatquarter Shop, until April 1, Kona and Bella solids are 20% off with the coupon code "solids." *sigh*. It was still good therapy for me...


  1. Beautiful fabrics! I'm on a fabric diet for a month. So many tempting specials out there!

  2. Why, oh, why did you link to the FQ Shop??? I've just bought 4 FQ sets and 4yards fabric!!

    *performs CPR on her ccard*

  3. Your new fabrics are so pretty.

    And I love, love, LOVE your new blog look. It's absolutely perfect!

  4. wow this is some gorgeous therapy! I love both stacks! I wish you hadn't told us about the sale on solids cuz I need to stay away from fabric shops. Love your new additions to the stash!

  5. Ooooh... love your new stash! I'm about to engage in a bit of fabric therapy myself. Fabric is always a cure for the blues.

    Jennifer :)

    PS I love your new look!


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