Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Stash

Have I ever mentioned that I love polka dots?
Especially orange polka dots?
Maybe so...

(Available here, here, and here.)


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Amy said... #

OMG I love dots too! love yours also.

Carla said... #

Spots are one of my basics! Yours a fab!

Pinkadot Quilts said... #

so do I!

Mary said... #

Thank you soooo much!!! I saw these dots {top photo} and I couldn't remember where or the manufacturer!!! Yee-haw!

Terriaw said... #

I am growing to love polka dots more and more these days. They can be used in so many styles, and really put a project over the edge. Love that first set of fabrics you shared!

Letterpress said... #

How funny! I just posted about those dotty fabrics over on my blog: (Scroll down past the post about the Red and White Quilt Show).

Our minds are traveling in tandem today.


Little Spouse in the Old House said... #

Your new header is great! Janice