Monday, March 28, 2011

When I grow up...

Levi turned 3 yesterday, but his birthday party was on Saturday. What little boy doesn't want to grow up to be a firefighter? His daddy sure did when he was Levi's age.
Christa, as usual, did an amazing job of decorating the table:
And then look what rolled up in front of the house!
There are only four of these hook and ladder trucks in the Fresno area, and one station house is practically around the corner.

Levi and Aaron sitting in the firetruck (did I mention that the fathers were definitely more nearly as excited as the kids for the truck to arrive?)
Nearly a year ago, when we had the fire at our rental house, I floated the theory that it may be an actual job description for firefighters to be nice-looking guys. (Theory confirmed...)
Before they took off, they turned on the lights, (very) briefly turned on the siren, and honked the horn. Such a fun party.

And our gift to Levi didn't cost us a penny this year. We saved all of Aaron's Tonka toys that we gave him when he turned 3. They now belong to Levi.
What we hadn't quite counted on was that the boxes we used to store the four Tonkas would be as big a hit as what was inside...


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~Michelle~ said... #

seriously, I think it's a job requirement for firemen to be good-looking...even the older fellas are always "distinguished" (which is what I call good-looking older fellas who are my dad's age to ward off any eww factor)

Grandma G said... #

Wow! What a cool party! Levi looks pretty happy. :)

I can relate to the saved toys... only ours are mostly tractors, of course. Courtney's not interested... she's too girly. She needs a little brother!! ;)

felicity said... #

I seriously believe "attractive" is a job requirement for firefighters. *waggling eyebrows*

Looks like an awesome party!!

Anne at Film and Thread said... #

I bet he'll remember this birthday forever! That was so sweet of the firemen to come with a truck.

Terriaw said... #

oh my gosh, what a lucky little boy! And what an amazing party. Who wouldn't be thrilled?!

Kris said... #

I have an almost 4 yr old grandson that is nuts over trucks and cars and anything that goes "vroom!" Oh, and trains too!! My daughter's "special guy" is a fireman here in our town, and Noah LOVES to go to the firehouse and see the trucks and such. Such a neat thing for a little boy!!! I bet he LOVED getting those saved trucks. I just acquired a new wonderful TONKA dump truck for Noah too! Cute post!

k said... #

Sweet Levi. He's just so adorable it makes my heart hurt.

Tell Christa I'm flying her out to do Ezra's third birthday in May. For real.

Needled Mom said... #

What a darling idea for a birthday party!

A few years ago we had to call 911 for my mom and I told her that it was a pretty good excuse to get a lot of handsome, strong, young men to come visit. lol

Jen said... #

That is so cool! What a great Birthday!

and yes...firefighters are so hot!

Little Spouse in the Old House said... #

Fun, fun, fun! Janice

Amanda Jean said... #

What a great birthday for Levi! The firetruck must have been the proverbial icing on the cake. The table decorations are amazing!

Katie said... #

I love the old tonka truck gift idea. Very cute :)

julie at Simon+Kabuki said... #

I love the party decorations! We are all about the party theme. And yes, I'm guessing it's definitely a job requirement for firemen to be good-looking (and soccer players).