Sunday, April 3, 2011

And the winner is...

Thanks to everyone who gave such fascinating information on your birth order. When I told Mark I was going to write this post, he told me he didn't think anyone would comment. Was he surprised! Lots of good reading.

The Flea Market Fancy fabrics scraps (and I did mention that they are little scraps, right??) go to Sherri, who said:

"I'm a hard one to figure out...only child for 4 years...then the youngest for a year when my Mom remarried...eventually ended up the middle child of 5. I think I have more traits of an older child though...
I love birth order stuff, too...I had never thought about applying it to post!"

I'm glad she was number 7 because in the midst of getting my new blog update, I seem to have lost the html code that numbers my comments. Argh.

I forgot to mention the other day when I made these Scrapbuster Blocks from Material Obsession 2

that although of course you can make the blocks using paper templates,

I highly recommend this ruler.

It made cutting the triangles a piece of cake, and much more accurate, and so the points in the center were a lot easier to match up.

Next up will be a tutorial on making a custom camera strap cover using selvages. Along with the many ways I was able to mess up a seemingly simple and straightforward project...


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Anonymous said... #

I love these blocks! Can't wait to try them out. A. Luella

Sherri said... #

Thanks so much! I've had that ruler on my list for a little while now, too...good to hear a review on it!

Anne at Film and Thread said... #

Gorgeous blocks! I want to make a camera strap cover with the lens cap pocket on it so I don't keep losing them!