Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Meanderings

Every year, around the same time as the quilt auction that took place last weekend, our church has a quilt exhibit in the foyer. Some really great quilts were on display this year, as always, and Spool Play was even included.
This was one of my favorites because, while the quilt would be considered traditional rather than modern, each block was machine quilted using a specialty stitch and metallic thread.
I took lots of close up pictures, none of which really turned out all that well, so it's hard to see how awesome this dresden plate block really is.

(Click to enlarge and you will be able to see the metallic thread stitching a little better)
The combination of machine quilting and big stitch is one of my new favorites:
(another blurry picture--sorry!)
I made all but one of the base blocks for Bottled Rainbows (still awaiting the arrival of Kona "ocean") and even the pile of scraps was cheery.

I was reading a quilt magazine at Borders, and on the back cover saw the name of my friend, Andrea. Another one of those "Hey, I KNOW her" moments where everyone around gives you a weird look...

And so ends another set of meandering thoughts on a Monday morning. Hopefully the photography will be improved by the time next week rolls around. So I'll just leave you with this one further thought:

Where did your meanderings take you over the weekend?