Wednesday, April 6, 2011

WIP Wednesday #21: Special Guest Blogger

I sat down to write my WIP post and Mark (my husband) told me he had already written it. What? Alrighty then. Without further ado, welcome my first guest blogger:

For weeks, really longer than I want to admit, I could not figure out what WIP meant. I was hesitant to ask because I knew when I asked it would be some thing so simple and Cindy would be thinking “duh”, so I didn’t ask.

So there were a few things I came up with, but I knew it had to be something quilt related because everyone responded. “Wednesday in Patterns” was a thought because there were pictures of blocks. “Wednesday in Piecing” but that didn't seem quite right and no one mentioned how well her points lined up. Week after week all these other three-letter words kept popping up (unlike the construction business where mostly I hear four-letter words!), like FMF, KJR, ISO, OOP, ETA and more I can’t even remember. And  I hadn’t even figured out WIP. This was like reading a foreign language.

Finally I came up with the one that I knew was WIP, "Wednesday's Inappropriate Pictures."  That week Cindy posted about 10 pictures and I looked and there were no good inappropriate pictures. When I told Cindy that she needed to tell me what WIP meant, she asked me what I thought  it was so I told her. Can you believe when she told me, she didn’t say “duh”--she laughed at me.

The first time I saw a comment with FMF I thought, wow, this is a friendly bunch: “Friends More Forever” but then I saw it was a FMF giveaway and I knew it wasn’t what I thought, because you don’t give away friends. The first time I saw KJR I thought it must be some kind of jelly roll. I remember the first time I heard Cindy talking at a quilt show and she was talking about getting some jelly rolls.  I was excited since I didn’t expect donuts at a quilt show. Then she showed me one,  and I felt really let down (What? No maple bars??) but I was good and didn’t show too much disappointment.

One more thing.

I was going to comment on one of Cindy’s posts and I told her to let me know when it went up. She did, but I was in the middle of something at work so I was about 20 minutes late and already eight of you had commented. How in the heck can you be that quick?

As a first-time guest blogger, I'm really looking forward to your comments. So be snappy about it.
 There's not much more to be said this week, so here is what I worked on in the past week. My Single Girl quilt-along.

Nine rings of Hope Valley prints (please excuse the annoying post-it notes):

Three rings of solids:

Side by side:
And Mary Ellen's Best Press, my new BFF for sewing these wacky Single Girl Quilt-Along (SGQA) units together. (Shhhhh. Don't tell him what SGQA means. It will take him weeks to figure that one out...)


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ConundrumChum said... #

I enjoyed the special guest blogger! It makes quilting even more exciting to think our lingo is mysterious. I wish I had a WIP to show off.

Elizabeth Dackson said... #

Holy moly, thank you Cindy and Mark, this post gave me such a laugh - in part because, Mark, you're a funny kind of guy, and also because it made me think about what my husband would write on my blog if I let him. Thank you for the laugh :)

I love your SG rings, so far, they're looking just gorgeous!!

pinsandneedles said... #

Hehe! Keep them guessing!

Sunnybec said... #

Mark, I am so with you on this one. As a new quilter and blogger I sometimes look at the abbreviations and have no flipping idea what they are on about.

Meri said... #

Bless your little heart, least you care enough to TRY to figure them out!
SG is lookin' good!
Thanks for the chuckles today!

Anne at Film and Thread said... #

That's funny! As a newcomer to knitting the abbreviations are even worse than in quilting. Now that you brought up jelly rolls, I will be driving by a Krispy Kreme this morning . . . hope the "Hot Now" sign is on!

Brenda said... #

Hey Mark, I also have a PhD but I still believe in UFOs!

Baskets Of Quilts said... #

Great post! At least your hubby knows what a jelly roll is! Mine would think I'm baking instead of quilting. Thanks for the morning laugh.

Staci said... #

LOL! Great post! My hubby does the same thing, tries to figure out the quilting acronyms with comical results!

Those SG rings are looking really great!

Auburnchick said... #

LOL!!! "Wednesday's Inappropriate Pictures" Thanks for making me smile this morning.

Grandma G said... #

What a great post! lol Now if Mark will just send me his acronym list so I'll know, too.... ;) I learn 'em, but I forget really fast.

One thing, though.... I can't believe he was afraid of your saying "duh"!!! Mark afraid?! Oh, yeah... that red hair. Never mind. ;)

~ C

Dee said... #

totally enjoyed the guest blogger. sounds so much like my DH!

really like the WIP's here! they're looking fantastic!

was that snappy enough?

lindaroo said... #

Mmmm, maple bars!

Jenny said... #

Hilarious! This sounds just like what my husband would say (the first time I showed him a finished quilt top, he asked where you put the 'stuffing' in...). Then again, my husband didn't even know I HAD a blog until about last week!

Lee said... #

This is hilarious! I'm sending the link to my husband, who occasionally threatens to guest-post on my blog. He probably doesn't know what WIP stands for either. : )

Riel Nason said... #

Ha! Thanks to your guest blogger !!! Maybe it could be a regular feature or he could host a husband guest blogger linky party or something. If he knows what a linky party is ...

Anonymous said... #

JIC (just in case) - Best if you keep any new found information on the Q.T. when you are around my husband. Too much knowledge is a dangerous thing. I like to keep a mysterious air about my goings on. FYI, this is Miss Luella - your wife's bff. NISM? (need I say more)

Carla said... #

Dear Mark, You are such a Honey Bun to write a guest post for Cindy. I hope that she brings home a Layer Cake just for you! And Cindy, If you think your hubby gets mixed up a bit sometimes about your blog posts, take a look at what my sweet daughter has to put up with!!

btw, I adore your sg rings and am living vicariously through your efforts as I know that I will never make one but admire them immensely!

felicity said... #

Okay now THAT was the funniest thing I read today. Thank you, Mark and Cindy!

If my husband guest-blogged, it would be something like, "I think Felicity's lost it: she can spend all day quilting then settle into bed with her laptop and check her quilting blogs and then open a book about quilting. Should I be worried?" And all the comments would be like, "and that's a problem becaaauuuuuse????" or "I'm sorry, I don't understand the question." :)

Crystal said... #

Hi Mark! It's nice to finally "meet" you. I'm Crystal from Minneapolis, MN. The snow finally melted here!

My boyfriend had the hardest time figuring out what "fussy cutting" was. Maybe I'll get him to write a post on his feelings towards fussy cutting (the word and the idea). He went on quite a rant the other day!

Dawnmarie's Life said... #

Totally enjoyed hearing Mark's pov. My dh just says "stop. I don't want to know." when I start talking in quilting code. :-)

Susan said... #

Yea for the guest blogger! You deserve an "A" for effort for even trying to figure out the lingo - my husband would never get that far. :)

Little Spouse in the Old House said... #

Mark- You were a very funny guest blogger! You could do a funny blog from a quilter's spouse. Janice

Diane said... #

Love your single girl blocks! Thanks to Mark for the laugh!

Anonymous said... #

Oh Mrk,
Nw u kno hw I fel wen I wtch sprts.

Terriaw said... #

Well done Mark! I am impressed with your efforts to figure out this crazy sewing/blogging community. My husband's eyes would have glazed over.

Love seeing your progress, Cindy, on your SG project. Looks like you've put a lot of work into it, and it looks fab