Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A+ Giveaway: Aurifil Thread

For a long time, I have used Masterpiece thread by Superior, and it has been a superior product. Then I started noticing talk about Aurifil threading its way through the quilt blogging community.

Okay. I'm done trying to be clever with the wording.

I admit to being rather skeptical that Aurifil could impress me enough to consider making a change. After all, I was already spending $8+ per spool for Masterpiece, something that always made me gulp any time I stocked up. So why would I consider spending $10+ for Aurifil?

Masterpiece has 600 yards per spool, Aurifil has 1422. Now you know I'm no mathlete, but I could figure out that Aurifil is actually more economical.

I put it to the test. I tried three of the five different weights that come in each sample pack. I'm used to piecing with two-ply 50 wt, so I tried that first. It sews beautifully and leaves a nice flat seam.

Next I tried the 40 wt for machine applique. I should mention that this was one of the first times I have done machine applique, so I was learning how to do that and testing the thread at the same time. The thread has a beautiful sheen to it.
(taken at night, so the lighting is a bit off)

Next I tried the 28 wt to topstitch the handles on the bag I was making, a lovely variegated yellow, because I wanted the topstitching to have a bit more visual impact. I was already using a denim needle so there was no problem with the heavier weight, but a denim needle isn't necessary--I think Aurifil recommends a topstitch 90/14.

The only two threads I have not yet tried are the 12 weight, which would be a great weight for doing big stitch, in place of No. 8 perle cotton, and 12 weight wool, which would be lovely on a felted wool project--something for the holidays maybe?

Aurifil comes in every color you can think of.

I still think Superior thread makes a wonderful product. They also have a huge amount of thread info on their site and I highly recommend going there if you have any questions related to thread.

I have been happy so far with Aurifil. Now five of you have a chance to win a sample pack of your own! Leave a comment telling me what color and thread weight spool is on your sewing machine right now.  The ever-so-helpful Random Number Generator will work its magic on Thursday, 6 pm PDT.

Oh, and this may sound slightly picky, but a definite selling point, in my opinion. I hate those sticky labels that are on one end of a spool of thread, covering up the hole on the end. I have never figured out why the hole can't be unobstructed on both ends.

Thank you, Aurifil! You got extra credit points before I even filled my first bobbin!
L: Aurifil, open on both ends
R: Gutermann, after I had to tear through one end


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Lisa said... #

I have only used the 40wt and 50wt but love 'em both.

Becky (My Fabric Obsession) said... #

I love Aurifil! On my machine right now is Aurifil's Gray 50w (not sure the specific gray - it came from a Mark Lipinski box). I just finished quilting a top with it. :)

Amy Friend said... #

Oh, I have to agree about the sticky labels! I know it is sorta silly but the Gutermann labels have gunked up my spool holder on my machine. I agree...sometimes it's the little things!

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said... #

I have a 50w Cream on my machine currently. Thanks for the opportunity to enter your giveaway :)

Grandma G said... #

I have a dark teal on my machine right now. Weight? Do I really have to WEIGH it?! ;)

epban said... #

I have a 50wt Grey on my machine right now and would love to try some Aurifil!

Jessica said... #

I have no idea what the weight is (I'm not with my machine) but I have generic white thread on there right now. I would love to try Aurifil!

THatch123 said... #

I've got Superior Masteerpiece 50 weight in my favorite tan color (182). It works for just about anything!

Brenda said... #

I have 50wt white Aurifil on my machine right now, although I think the bobbin just ran out, so obviously I need to win yours! thanks.

Patti said... #

Yes! Open both ends please!! Totally makes me crazy.I am almost at the end of my first spool of Aurifil which I received as a gift. The large spool seems to last forever, but sadly it doesn't. A win here would be very timely and much appreciated as Aurifil is hard to come by for me. Thanks.

Jen said... #

I have yet to try Aurifil. i'd like to though! I currently use Essential threads from Connecting Threads. I'm not sure of the weight. But i love it b/c my machine likes it and I rarely get thread breakage when I'm quilting. I've also used Connecting Thread's pro-thread (I think that's what it's called) but it's actually polyester thread. it's nice for a thinner thread for quilting. But i'd love some Aurifil to try in comparison!!

And this would be . . . . said... #

I have a cream color and I am not sure of the weight...it is for machine quilting and is cotton.

Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

{Leila}Where the Orchids Grow said... #

I really want to try this thread!! My LQS is still waiting for their display stand so I haven't had a chance to get my hands on any yet. I would love to win some!

Gale Wrigley said... #

I currently have white 50-wt on my machine. I love Aurafil for piecing, especially!

Paskiaq said... #

I'm have some el cheapo red thread on my machine and need to be shown the light :) Thanks for the giveaway

Andrea said... #

I discovered 50wt aurifil when my machine was not liking any thread. someone had recommended it to me, and voila - it was amazing. i'm scared to use anything else now! I have a great place for rock bottom pricing on it in canada. Would love to win a pack and have some other weights to try out!
I have a collection of the sticky things on the back of my machine. I plunk them on there. haha!

Kim said... #

I have a cream Gutermann's thread on my sewing machine. I would love to try out the Aurifil thread.

Kathryn said... #

I have some cream Mettler 50 wt on my machine for a lot of piecing I've been doing lately. Thanks for the giveaway. Kathie L in Allentown

Mitzi said... #

Right now I'm using a 50w light gray thread. I would love to try the Aurifil if for no other reason than having to tear the sticker off one end of the spool bugs me. :)

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said... #

I always use Mettler or Gutterman thread, and I am glad to hear that I am not the only one who doesn't know what weight the thread is ! LOL
I keep hearing about Aurifil and would love to try some!

Sabrina said... #

Gray 30 is on my machine right now. I use that color alot and would like to try some other colors.

ktquilts said... #

I use 50 wt. Connecting Threads, and right now I have beautiful cerulean blue in the machine!

I would love to try Aurifil, but the cost would be huge for as much thread as I go through!

hueisei said... #

I am not sure, but I think is 40w and it's grey.

nancym said... #

I have Aurifil gray on my machine -just quilted two baby quilts with it. Love it for piecing and quilting. mangelnsm(at)aol(dot)com

Barb said... #

I am currently piecing so Aurifil 50wt cream is on my machine right now. I would love to win some colors! I have actually just stuck to the gray and cream tones because it works with everything. Thanks for the chance to win!

Gill said... #

I've got guttermann on my machine at the moment and I agree with you about those darn sticky labels!

Anonymous said... #

On my machine is a spool of YLI Machine Quilting thread in a pretty color called Kyoto Garden.


orders at youmansfamily dot com

Jolene said... #

I'd love to try out this thread! Right now I have a medium grey all purpose sewing thread on my machine. I don't even know what weight it is!?

SunnyMoose said... #

I have gray 50w on my machine right now, but tonight I am hoping to finish a baby quilt with a beautiful sky blue!

oversewn (Raven) said... #

I just put my first spool of aurifil in my machine yesterday - no clue the weight....
But i'm loving FMQing with it. Like a hot knife through butta!

Annabella said... #

Thank you for a fabulous giveaway. I love Aurifil - I have white 50wt at the moment!

Kellye Quilts said... #

I have 50 wt White on my machine now but have been wanting to try Aurifil for some time now.
kellyeann (at) mac (dot) com

Von said... #

Aboslutely love Aurifil.. one of my all time favorites to use.. love how it shows up with my quilting.

Anonymous said... #

Thank you so much for the chance to win this wonderful thread!!!
I have a 50w Cream on my machine.


Sherryl said... #

I have a 40 wt Peach. I have never tried Aurifil.. I have been a Superior slut.

Anonymous said... #

I have Superior Threads King Tut #40 in 904.

www.randomthoughtsdoordi.com said... #

50w light gray #2600, Aurifil, of course. I would love to win. Their thread is wonderful. I get mine here

Anonymous said... #

I've used Signature but haven't tried Aurifil....I need to give it a try! Sounds perfect!!!!

weez59 said... #

I have a 40 weight blue on my machine right now. I've never tried aurifil. I didn't even know it came in embroidery threads.

Linda said... #

I love the color variety and quality of Aurifil threads!

Vicki said... #

I have 40w chocolate brown on my machine.

Susie said... #

I have a 40 wt cream in my machine for general sewing.
I use a thread holder on the side of my machine, I like it better than the one on the machine. I think it feeds the thread more smoothly.
I would love to win the Aurifil Thread!

Kristal said... #

Actually I am a bad bad girl , I have off white serger thread on my machine right now! I would love to try some new thread.

Charlotte H. said... #

I have 40w on my machine now. I would love to try Aurifil Thread.

The Spiritual Existential Nihilist said... #

Beautiful threads -- I'm alwasy on the lookout for a truly superior thread -- strong, easy to work with, lots of color choices, all that.

AnnieK said... #

35w C&C Yale Blue here. I would LOVE to get my hands on some Aurifil!

Carol said... #

I love Aurifil but don't have a shop nearby that sells it. Thanks for this opportunity.

Barb said... #

I have #2310 on my machine now. I have been using your thread for almost 2 years, and love it. The quilt shop in town told me how great it is, and I totally agree. I like that you can remove the end piece, and tuck the thread end in it, and it doesn't unravel all over the thread box.

Carla said... #

Someday I hope I can afford the Aurifil. Right now I have a lt. brown Gutermann and I have no idea the weight. And, I don't like the label on the end either!

Quilterbynature said... #

Right now I have my pricing thread from gutterman in natural and it's 50wt. I own some aurifil and it's to die for!!!

difergi said... #

I have coats and Clark-white..am in dire need of a good quality thread! Weight..don't know but I should..

Gale Yawn said... #

Oh how I love Aurifil! I cannot stick with the basic colors when there are so many beautiful ones to choose from. Right now on my machine is Aurifil 50 wt #2335, which is a lovely golden brown shade.

Mama Pea said... #

I have loved Aurifil for a long time. I mostly use 40 and 50 wt, but I have used the wool on wool applique. It is gorgeous. I want to try the perle cotton and the invisible thread they now make! My machine almost always has Aurifil in it. I think right now it's the 50 wt khaki brown/green that Edyta Sitar loves for piecing. It blends with so much! I love it too.

Bree said... #

The only thread in my machine right now is some kelly green standard thread, but I have no idea of the weight!

robin said... #

Right now there's a bright red Gutermann spool on my machine. No idea what weight.

Tracey @ The Peony Teacup said... #

I have a grass green Gutermann thread in my machine atm, but I would love to try some Aurifil and see what all the hype is about!

Loretta said... #

I use light gray in 50 wt. for piecing! I've never tried the heavier weights.

Jennifer Thomas said... #

40wt, Black - so dramatic!

Jennifer Schifano Eutsler

Quilter Gurl said... #

I have boring 50w in boring grey in my machine right now!

Sam Quigley said... #

I have a 50wt gray on my machine. I noticed I don't go through the bobbins of thread as often with Aurifil. I think it is thinner and stronger because it doesn't break as much either. Love it!

Anonymous said... #

I've just started using Aurifil and have been pleased with it. I currently have a 50-wt Black (not Aurifil) on my machine because I've been making Service Dog Vests for a puppy in training that is still way tooo small for the grown up vest he will wear when he goes to live with his wounded warrior!

Barb said... #

Aurifil 50/2, col 2250

lindav said... #

Thanks for the giveaway! Personally, I love using Aurifil, I've been using it fairly exclusively for piecing - so, have only used 50wt.

Laura from Italy said... #

I've only a question. How is it possible that an italian thread is so diffivcult to buy in Italy?

Melissa ;-) said... #

It's time for me to fess up! I am currently using Guterman and I have a pale green on my machine, but I have no idea what weight it is. I just haven't gotten sophisticated enough to know the difference, yet!

Dru said... #

I have the Collection of four 1422-yard spools of 50-weight/2-ply cotton thread in basic colors and use it for every thing! Would love to have more...

Jeanne said... #

Currently I have a spool of 40 wt. ecru YLI Select thread on my machine. I do use Aurifil and love it.

TraLynn said... #

I'm just starting out with machine quilting, and have been trying to figure out what threads would work best. I would love a chance to try Aurifil! Thanks

Marcia W. said... #

I would like to win a sampler so can try these out, especially for hand sewing. Thanks for the chance.

Laura said... #

Right now I have 50wt cream colored thread for piecing. I love aurifil! I have purchased one spool and I fell in love with it. Unfortunately it is a bit of a drive to find it.

Carolyn said... #

I am hanging my head in shame. I have never tried Auriful, but have heard so much about it. I'm hanging my head in shame yet again, as I use whatever thread I have in my house, which is usually 40-50wt. I know with as much piecing and sewing that I do, that I need to really branch out and get a good thread. Soooooo WHEN I win this awesome giveaway, I'll be able to do just that! LOL
Thank you for the chance at an awesome giveaway!

Mrs Flying Blind... said... #

Would you believe it, a 50wt Off-white Aurifil - my first and only reel of this lovely EXPENSIVE in the UK like everything else, thread!!

stichnRN said... #

i have a 50 weight "grey" cone on my machine. it is all i use for piecing. just finishing my first cone.....4 years later.

Ronna said... #

I have a lime green thread and have no idea of the weight.

Judi said... #

Okay this is embarrassing. I have cheap thread that was given to me from the estate of a friends mother. I have 4 shoe boxes worth, and never thought it might be good to replace it. I wasn't aware there was "good" thread or that one was better than another. (You'd think I'd know this since I do a ton of sewing, but I'm self-taught, and so I'm always learning!) So clearly, I have a lot to learn, and I need to get a sample pack, whether through the give away, or just going and buying some! (the color on my machine is tan because I just completed a denim apron project which you can see here http://life-is-sew-good.blogspot.com/2011/09/look-i-actually-finished-project.html

Anonymous said... #

I started using Aurifil recently also after all the buzz on Facebook. My usual thread is/was Sulky. On my machine at the moment is Aurifil 2000-Light Sand.50wt.


drmithome said... #

Currently, I have a 40 weight black.

Passion4Quilting said... #

I really do love Aurifil thread. Runs so smoothly through my machine. :) I currently have a very soft green on my machine. 50 wt, #2830. Doing some piecing on a baby quilt. Have a great day!

margaret said... #

I actually have Dual Duty in my machine at the moment. It was the right color chartreuse for what I was doing last. Have a light gray Superior Bottom Line (60 wt) in the bobbin. Thanks for the chance to win the Aurifil!

heartsease54 said... #

Right now on my main machine I have a Connecting Threads 100% cotton but this past spring I bought a Singer Featherweight and decided at the time to use only Aurifil thread on it and that is what is on it now-50wt #2021.

theothermarion said... #

Definitely like this thread!

sheri said... #

Love Aurifil! spoiled me for all others! However I must use up some of the thread supply I have now before I can purchase more :( hmmm will they take trade in's??? that would be awesome :) I am now using 50 wt gray on sewing machine and emb machine running beside it is 40 wt chin. yellow

Back Porch Extras said... #

I have to say I have used mostly Sulky probably because my LQS carried it but I was so happy to see them now carry Aurifil thread instead!! I love Aurifil Thread especially for Machine Embroidery.

Jenny said... #

I'm a huge fan of Aurifil and have used it for years to piece, appliqué and machine quilt. Right this moment however, I have a spool of 30 wt.Sulky Cotton Blendables (4009) on my machine to outline the fused "grapes" in an appliqué cluster of grapes. It happens to be the color with the best match in my thread stash. But to complete the quilt top I'll be switching back to Aurifil!

Pam said... #

I use aurifil with everything it is my thread of choice

Tina Craig said... #

I was hoping to purchase my first spool of Aurifil in Italy this summer, but the quilt shop was closed for vacation! Hope I can win some, instead. In my machine: white (boring)Mettler metrosene poly. Not my favorite. I prefer Superior So Fine on the cones, but I forgot to buy white!

Sharon Rotz said... #

I do like Aurifil thread, I use the 50 wt (med blue is currently on the machine). Its beautiful for machine quilting and for using as a bobbin thread for heavier top threads. I appreciate the amount of thread on a spool so I am not running out every time I fill a bobbin. Thanks for the chance on a give-away.

SewCalGal said... #

I've tried all their weights and love them all, but I'm most passionate about 40 & 50wt threads. I'm also new to Aurifil threads, but hooked. Trying to build up my thread stash with various colors, as I've also learned Aurifil works great for machine embroidery. Sadly, it is difficult to find in local quilt shops.


M-R Charbonneau said... #

I love Aurifil and try to buy it whenever I see it on sale. I'd love to win this giveawa. Thanks!

chefpa said... #

I love Aurifil too! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

nancgard said... #

I have a light beige Superior's So Fine on my machine right now. I also use Masterpiece and King Tut. I haven't tried Aurifil, but have heard good things on the quiltingboard.com.

Kay said... #

I have not tried Aurifil thread yet, but keep hearing how great it is & am anxious to try some.

Anonymous said... #

Cheap o Dual Duty 50 wt grey, How Boring..
Would love to try this most talked about Aurifil!
Thanks for the chance!

Linda said... #

A new spool of aurifil is in my machine now - I LOVE IT!!!!!

Anonymous said... #



Jennifer S said... #

50 wt, white for piecing. Aurifil is the best! The only thread I think I've bought in 2011.
Forza Aurifil!

DianeY said... #

I have Guterman Gray Poly on my machine right now & I'm to lazy to run upstairs to see what weight, but it's the normal one they sell in abundance! I'd love to try Aurafil which according to their website is not sold on the island where I live.

Archie The Wonder Dog said... #

I have 50wt white on my machine at the moment (Coats cotton) and I'd love to try Aurifil! Thanks for the giveaway!

Twisted Sticks said... #

I am slowly switching over to Aurifil. As I use up a color of another brand, I replace it with Aurifil. I use it for all my hand applique also. I am interested in trying the size 12 for dimension in my work.

Sara said... #

I normally use Gutermann, but I had a spool of Aurifil in stash and used some a couple weeks ago! Wow--it is really great stuff!

Margie F. said... #

I have Gutermann on my machine now; no idea what wt. as I ripped the paper ends off!! I'd love to try the Aurifil.

Michele said... #

I've used both types of thread and like both. Nice that Aurifil is cheaper; like the narrow cone better too.

Suzanne said... #

OMG -- I love the wool thread kit from Marianne Byrne. Each color is luscious! I also have several spools of the 50 wt and can't say enough nice things about this thread. I'd love to add to my thread stash....

Kenton and Marianne Ogg said... #

I don't know anyone who doesn't love Aurifil! Its soo dreamy! =)

Anonymous said... #

I really like to piece with the gray or the cream 50w . . . love them! Michelle K

Andrea said... #

no idea...it's an old spool of white thread from when my mom sewed 20-30some years ago

Anonymous said... #

I have Star 50 wt in a dark blue on my machine. I have Mettler, Gutermann, and Coats & Clark in my thread stash--need to try some Aurifil!

Carrie said... #

Right now in my machine is the 50wt neutral Aurfil thread for piecing. I tried Aurifil a couple of months ago and LOVE it!

Snoodles said... #

Oh, I definitely agree on the labels! Thanks for the chance to win some great thread!

Kim said... #

What a great opportunity to win a sample of Aurifil threads! Thanks!! Currently I have an orangy variegated spool on my machine, and I believe it's the 50w. Love this thread also in the bobbin.

Esther said... #

I'm so boring! Right now I have plain white cotton Gutermann thread on my machine! :)

Deborah said... #

The 50 wt is perfect for sewing hexagons!

Lee said... #

Well I am more than boring since I have beige guttermans on two machines. I need to try aurifil!

Rebecca Lynne said... #

I have a peeled label 50wt black thread which I'm about to replace with Gutermans 50wt gray for quilting my top. I'm dying to try Aurifil but can't find it. So, Aurifil please come find me!!!

Regina said... #

My Bernina 440QE insists that I use Aurifil thread. My old reliable is on the machine. 50 wt. beige! Piecing is a dream with this thread and a scant 1/4 inch seam is perfect with it.

CitricSugar said... #

Gutterman, cotton, 1000m, white.

I haven't seen Aurafil around here. I'd love to give it a try.

Anonymous said... #

I currently have Superior So Fine 50wt Brown Sugar #425 on my Gammill. I would love the opportunity to try the Aurifil thread. I just found out about your threads today at a quilter's blog I was reading. Looks tempting!

Linda said... #

I have a 50 wt. white on my machine currently. I most often have gray!

karen serna said... #

i have a generic aqua colored thread & i have no idea what the weight is. hope to win so i can try some aurifil! :)

Heather A said... #

I have heard so much about Aurifil threads but have never seen any in captivity. I'm so intrigued.

I'm embarrassed to say I don't even know what kind of thread is in my machine let alone what weight. I'm a beginner quilter and have only just finished my first quilt. I'm a beginner sewer, too. I'm just using the thread that the nice lady at the quilt store recommended for my project. I have nothing to compare it to but it seems quite nice.

kbzelazny said... #

I would love to try this thread! I've got white thread in my machine now-putting squares together for a quilt! Thanks.

Jan said... #

Aurifil is really great, and I am using up my other threads so that I can use it exclusively. The paper on the end is annoying, isn't it? Manufacturers, do you see how little it take to make us happy?!

Cindy said... #

I have black Essentials by Connecting Threads - I do have a couple of spools of Aurifil thread too.

TweetyBeeStitches said... #

Superior Masterpiece 50 wt. in #156 light gray. Use it and Aurifil both for piecing and quilting. Thanks for the give-away!

Allison C said... #

I'm a new quilter/sewer so I do not know much about thread, but I have been reading so many great things about Aurifil! I would love to try some! I use the sewing gutermann white thread right now and when I looked it up it said 50 weight.

lory said... #

ho appena finito di cucire una trapunta con il filo aurifil 40 sopra lilla e sotto rosa, il punto è venuto benissimo,non si è mai strappato

Sandy said... #

I am getting rid of all of my other brand threads, so I have more room for aurifil. I LOVE it, have a bunch already, but would love to win some more. The thread I have currently in my Janome 6600 is Aurifil 50 weight, color 2024 (white) and in my Janome 1860 (lightweight) I have Aurifil 50, color 2315 (a beige). Not sure if everyone knows this, but you can pull down on the bottom of the spool, and run the end of your thread in the space, then close the bottom. No thread ends loose to unravel!

Heather S. said... #

I am a bit boring... doing piecing right now, so white 50wt.

patricia said... #

Caught me at a bad moment. There is actually no thread in my machine at the moment. I just finished a dress and thoroughly cleaned the machine with the little vaccuum.

Sallie said... #

I have 50 wt. eggshell on my machine right now. Thanks for the giveaway!

Charlotte said... #

I have 50wt fuschia pink on the top but was feeling very lazy and have left 50wt white on my bobbin.

Liesbeth Wessels said... #

How funny, my site is "kleurrijkleven" in the Netherlands and that means colourfull live. I love Aurifill, nr 40 and 50 and I buy 1 color on every exibition. greetings from liesbeth

Val said... #

I have white 50wt in my machine right now (it's Aurifil actually and I it)

Keri said... #

Haven't tried Auriful thread yet, but from the comments I think I need to! : ) I am using Gutterman 50wt grey on my needle right now (am handpiecing- need to fix my machine..maybe Santa will bring me a new one? For now, I'd be THRILLED with new thread! Thanks!

Unknown said... #

I just ordered some. I'm a Mettler/Guitterman girl, but I might change my allegiance...

Diane said... #

2885/50wt It's a light green that blends with everything when machine quilting. I've been using this thread for a couple years now and love, love, love it.

Ron Wheeler said... #

40 wt in red is in my machine right now - love it.

Nancy said... #

My machine is in storage, so I don't have anything on it!

Unknown said... #

I would love to try this thread! I've always known quality products are better but never truly got it until I ponied up and finally bought a higher quality thread to use and saw the difference for myself! lol Even still, knowing that and being able to afford it right now if I want to continue actually doing what I love are two different things right now. I'm slowly trying to make the switch from the C&C threads I have to more quality stuff. Trying the Aurifil would certainly help me make the decision on what to switch to :)

Currently on my machine...30wt C&C cotton in a natural color

PS...stickers on the ends of the spools are a HUGE pet peeve for me!! Why do thread companies torture us so? ;)

Unknown said... #

50wt light tan is what I use!

Jan Smith said... #

I have Aurifil with the orange spool in beige and in black on one machine now-switching back and forth on the same project. On another machine I have a purple silk yli I think. I quilt with this Aurifil because my machine really doesn't care for other threads.

Shelley said... #

I have Wonderfil, YLI, and Precentia in 40, 50 and 60wt but not Aurafil. I would LOVE to try it!

sgardner said... #

It's 50 wt and a pale yellow. My next spool will be a heavier weight.

Beezus said... #

I've got 40 or 50 wt white on my machine right now! I am also a convert to Aurifil. I love love love it!

Carolyn said... #

I've never had the opportunity to try Auriful threads but have heard nothing but rave reviews. Thank you for the chance to win. I normally use 40 and 50 wt....really sorta whatever I have at the moment. I need to stop that!

Pennieannie said... #

I love Aurifil and have only used the 49 wt in cream. Love it

Barb said... #

I also love Aurifil and use it as much as possible. Right now I have 2325 50 wt; it is kind of a greenish tan!

Judith said... #

I would love to try Aurifil thread. I cannot find a store that carries it in my city, so would love to win some. Thanks.

Kleep said... #

I have Guterman natural. I am not experienced enough to critique. All I know is that if it breaks I'm not happy and I try something different!

Deborah said... #

I have 50W cream on my machine right now. I usually use gutterman or konfetti.

Julia said... #

Superior Thread Bottom Line 60wt, color 645 bright green. I have used Aurafil for piecing but didn't know about all the weights. Good information, thanks.

MoeWest said... #

I have a 50 wt. cream on my machine right now. I agree about the annoying labels! I would love to win some Aurifil. Thanks for the chance.

teachpany said... #

I have tried Aurifil 50 weight and it was wonderful. I only have 3 colors, though (and the larger spool, so you can pull off the bottom and tuck the end under it, love it, no tangles or messy sticky paper, Thanks Aurifil) Right now, there is a large cone of white thread but I don't know the weight. It isn't Aurifil, though, boo hoo! Thanks

Connie said... #

I have a blue Gutermann on my machine right now -- I nearly always use Gutermann, but would really like to try the Aurifil.

FlourishingPalms said... #

Aurifil thread is my favorite! You forgot to mention that it can be purchased in jumbo cones of 6,452 yards! I have that #50 cones in white, cream and beige. It lasts for years for machine piecing, machine applique, and machine quilting. Great stuff. Thanks for your giveaway.

kpultzdesign said... #

I have a black Gutermann on my machine right now...weight? It's the sew-all. Funny about spools — my polish grandma used to hide rolled up money inside them and send to family back in the old country...the money always made it past the authorities--who would look inside a spool?

Anonymous said... #

50 wt. gray is on my machine. I have a lot of thread but I love using Aurifil the most!
~Joyce in MI

Carla said... #

I've started using Aurifil some lately too...I'd love to try some other weights. Right now, Masterpiece 50W in grey is on my machine right now.

Cheree @ The Morning Latte said... #

Black, 40 wt. Piecing a Halloween quilt!

ritainalaska said... #

right now i'm using aurifil's blue 3770 50wt on my viking. thanx for the opportunity to win other sizes to try.

Karen Linton said... #

I have Aurifil's Pistachio, #2886, 50-wt in the machine. I just pieced and quilted a pillow with it. It's like sewing with buttah. Nice!

Marit said... #

On my machine now is Signature cotton (not sure what weight). I have heard so many great things of Aurifil, and would love to widen my horizon, here
; )

Susanne said... #

I fear I don't get Aurifil here in Germany. Would love to try it!


Mel said... #

YLI - Machine Quilting 40/3Ply (the Mango 04V variegated thread). Looks great when free motion quilting but Aurifil is what ppl are talking about so thanks for the chance to win :)

Sally said... #

I just tried to post and then I think I navigated away before I actually clicked on all the correct buttons :(

I don't think I have any thread in my machine right now because it is packed up in it's case. I typically use the kitchen table as my sewing spot and I needed the area for something else (imagine that!)

Unknown said... #

OMG I totally agree about the sticky labels! My spool holder has all this gungey mess on because I exclusively use gutermann (currrently loaded is a nice light grey colour, not sure about the weight...) My sewing machine is a snob. So maybe she will prefer aurifil?

SusanQuilter said... #

My Bernina currently has a 50 weight Aurafil in a nice neutral beige--great for piecing absolutely anything! I've been using Aurafil for maybe 5 years or more, and it is my favorite!

Robert said... #

Just finished sewing an Amish quilt so have 50wt black Aurifil on the machine. Would like to try the other weights. Thanks - Robert, in northern Iowa.

pinsandneedles said... #

I have a 50wt cream thread in my machine right now. I love Aurifil thread but haven't tried all the weights. Would love to win a sample pack. Thanks!

Mom C said... #

I have a cream serger spool on my machine. I don't know the weight and I've never tried Aurifil. I've never worried about what thread I was using but the more I read blogs the more convinced I'm getting that I need to pay attention to thread as well as fabric. Appreciate your info.

krisgray said... #

I've been using some white Mettler for all purpose sewing the last 2 days. I have Masterpiece and a 60wt YLI that I really like for piecing. I have one spool of 50 wt Aurifil that I like, too, but I've not been doing any big piecing projects to see how it works in comparison. I live in a major metro area and there's not a single store here that carries Aurifil.

Anonymous said... #

I have 40wt brown on mine. Thank you!

Michelle McCray said... #

With all the buzz around this thread, I'd love to try it in my machine!

Alina said... #

Mine is pink and 40 wt. Thanks for the chance.

Anonymous said... #

#2350 Khaki tan.

Kathleen C said... #

I've never used Aurafil but would love to try their products, including the perle cotton for hand quilting. On my machine now is blue mettler for some machine patchwork piecing. Thanks!

lindaroo said... #

I use Guterman's and C&C's, and I wonder if using a higher quality thread would improve my tension issues when sewing bias seams, or FMQ.

Penny from S.C. said... #

I have 50w beige on my machine right now. Would love to try the Aurifil. Thanks

. said... #

I have 40 wt. cream colored thread on my machine. Haven't tried the Aurifil but would like to. Thanks for the giveaway.

Amy said... #

Weight?? um..............I don't know the weight. I guess I should check when I get home. :) I am quilting with some white thread.

Deborah in Atlanta said... #

I'm sewing with 50 weight Gray thread right now. I'm a fairly new quilter, and thread is something I haven't spent a lot of money on. It's a pity too, since I spend so much money on the fabrics. I've read the excellent write-ups about Aurifil and am seriously in lust for them!

Unknown said... #

I'm using Aurifil 50wt in a cream color right now! I didn't realize they had such great color choices, no one near me carries a great selection. I've just been sticking to the neutral colors, but I'll have to start asking them to carry others! :)

Jane Teague said... #

I have Aurifil's Gray 50 weight large spool in my machine right now. Love their thread and only wish it were available more widely in quilt shops instead of having to wait for shows. A girl can never have enough colors on hand, right? ;-)

Linda said... #

Hi ladies, Just found this site and I love it almost as much as I love the Aurifil threads. Started using them about a year ago and now won't use any other. If you haven't tried them yet, give it a whirl - you won't be disappointed.

Cecilia said... #

I have Aurifil 50 wt. white on my machine right now. I use it for piecing. I haven't tried the other weights yet, but I would love to! Thanks for the giveaway.

Sandy said... #

Right now, Aurifil 50wt black is on my machine (top and bottom), but I have a variety of colors in my stash for various things. I usually stick pretty much to the 50wt, as I love the results for piecing and the subtle effects when I quilt with it. However, I'm planning to try out some of the heavier weights for different effects at some point.

You're right that Superior Threads puts out a great product, but my "go to" thread is Aurifil.

Carla G said... #

I have white thread in my machine right now. It is a generic thread and I have no idea what the weight is... I would love to try Aurifil thread as I've heard so many good things about it! Thanks for the giveaway! :)

Elizabeth Dackson said... #

Thread weight? Haha, I have no idea!! It's white Gutermann thread, the only thing I've ever used, and I'd love to try some Aurifil!!! :)

Sew I Was Thinking... said... #

Uhmmm not sure what weight thread I currently have on my machine right now. It's plain white gutterman 100% cotton, though. Thanks for the giveway. I've been dying to try Aurifil.

Bree said... #

Right now, 50wt White Aurifil - a big ol' cone. It's ALL I use for piecing!

Janet said... #

Aurifil 50 wt. I have it in a number of colours and use it for most of my piecing. I would like to try some of the variegated threads for quilting.

æble said... #

Open on both ends is pretty exciting, I have to agree. Thanks for the opportunity to win some thread! I haven't tried Aurifil yet, but have been hearing great things. Even if I don't win, I'll need to try it.

Michele T said... #

I've heard so much about this thread - would love to try some!!

Becky said... #

I love Aurifil Thread!!!! I have a spool of grey 50 wt. on my machine for piecing. Would love to try the others in the sample pack. Many thanks!

Mary Jo Hutchinson said... #

Right now I have beige all purpose thread on my machine. No idea what weight! I have heard great things about aurifil, and would love to upgrade!

Anita said... #

I have a 50 wt aurfil thread on my machine, it is pink and yellow variegated. Me and my machine love this thread.

Betsy said... #

I have pink gutermann in my machine....have never tried aurifil but sure would love to. You make it sound oh so appealing!!

Brenda said... #

I recently won some of the Aurifil thread but haven't had a chance to use it. It calls out to me to "come try me" whenever I go past it! I have a week off from work coming up and it will tried then! thanks Aurifil!

Nikki said... #

I've got some bright jade gutermann on my machine right now but I'd dearly love to try out some Aurifil. There's so much buzz about their thread just now - need to know what I'm missing :)

Rachel said... #

LOL...Weight? um, yeah, didn't know it really came in "weights" (thanks for the educational moment). Color. white. Brand. Gutermann. I HAVE to agree, I am really bothered by the sticky label at the end!! Thanks for the opportunity!!

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