Thursday, September 1, 2011

Really Random Thursday

First of all, thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts yesterday on being able to do anything, but not everything. It may take a day or two, but I'll reply to each of you individually. You had some really insightful things to say. Thanks again!

Whew! Lots of randomness to share.

Mark and I continued his birthday celebration on the Central Coast of California over the weekend. We mostly hung out in the room, listening to the ocean and watching the waves. But I also did some sewing. Check out the brand of this thread. It is the first time I've used it. And there could be something fun coming up in the near future, and by that I mean a giveaway (yippee) chance for you to try some for yourself. Stay tuned.
On Saturday afternoon, we drove over to Grover Beach. They were having a street fair, with this cool group playing Guatemalan marimbas. See the pipes--they are made out of PVC! The group gave people a chance to try it and play along with them. So we did!
Then we went to McLintock's for dinner.Here's the thing about McLintock's. It's a rustic kind of place where you get excellent food. A lot of excellent food. This sign was on the wall close to our table, so it was obviously the right choice for my Minnesota farm boy.

Mark ordered steak and lobster. Hey--special birthday.
I went with salmon and fresh asparagus.
Dinner also included beans and potatoes and onion rings. No carb counting was allowed for this dinner.

We started with an appetizer. Turkey nuts. Not sure what those are? do I describe turkey nuts? Let's just say we spent the first five years of our marriage in beef country. With western Kansas cattle, they were known as Rocky Mountain oysters. Still wondering? Email me...
Still reading? Okay. Changing the topic...

My friend, Deborah, went to Joann's last week to get all the new Denyse Schmidt fabric. She bought 1/2 yard of each for us to share. This is how pretty it looked when she gave it to me today.
Joen Wolfrom, who published my patterns, highlighted Jammin' Jelly on her blog the other day, along with some other easy quilts.

So if you want to make something easy for someone going away to college,hurry up! Check these out.

Deborah and I went to Joann's today. How cool is this fabric I found in the Halloween section?! It really looks hand stamped, like someone did all these dots with a potato or something. And have you noticed that a lot of Joann's fabric is now $7.99+ and I found myself saying, "Wow, only $7.99!" Fabric prices are sure going up everywhere.
Now that my granddaughter is taking piano lessons from my mother, I really want to make a bag for her to keep her piano books in. I found a great tutorial by Mo Bedell on Sew Mama Sew. My plan was to use this cute fabric with all the music notes on it, and trim it with orange fabric. Yes, of course orange!

But then I found this. So now my design is undergoing revision. Results to be revealed next week.
And finally. In the market for some new shoes? I don't know where he found these, but Mark forwarded these pictures to me, along with the designer's name, Kobi Levi. So...which pair would you choose??
 What kind of randomness do you have planned for the weekend? 


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Pieces to Love said... #

The shoes are great. They would be some good conversation starters.

Rachel said... #

Shoes...well, honestly, they are cute...but I am now old enough (GASP!) to say they all look painful...LOL!! OK, but seriously, please, please, please tell me what the details on that music note fabric is...anything...please...LOL...I LOVE it!!

Linda said... #

Love the shoes! Don't think I would wear them, but they are certainly creative! (Well, maybe I would wear the ones that look like a slide with the little ladder for a heel? OR maybe the ones with the puppy nose so that I could say my "dogs" hurt.)

Needled Mom said... #

Hmm....I think I'll choose the ones with the ladder!!! I may need it to get back up after I fall on my face.

Your trip looks wonderful. We love Grover beach AND McClintocks. It really is a gorgeous part of the coast.

I am off to Joanns today so hope they have some of that orange dot fabric left!

Wacky Woman said... #

Your vacation and special celebration sounds wonderful. I don't do painful shoes anymore. Thank goodness no one expects that from me any longer. LOL Think I may do some gardening this weekend, not sure how random that is.

The Luedtke Family said... #

I recall hearing a news story on the radio, possibly a few months ago. Something about the quality or quantity of cotton, growing conditions, draught, or bug. Anyway, this years cotton crop was affected and that story eluded to increased costs of fabric and clothing to come. Perhaps you are seeing the effect/affect (I can never remember which is the right word) in prices.

Have fun making that bag, be sure to post it when completed!

Kris said... #

We were in Venture last weekend. So pretty. My sis in law lives up in Santa Maria. I love to go visit the Central Coast. And every time we drive by Grover Beach, we say...there's our beach! Our last name is Grover!
Looks like fun. Need that fabric from pretty.

Grandma G said... #

You reply to every comment?! No wonder you don't have time to get 'everything' done!

Love the musical fabrics!

Please do NOT describe the turkey nuts any further! LOL

Archie The Wonder Dog said... #

There's no way I'd get my foot in any of those shoes so it's a good job I'm not a shoe the dog ones, though! They'd look great on my shelf! Your holiday looks lovely - I have no idea what turkey nuts or Rocky Mountain oysters are but I do know I'm happy left in ignorance!!

FlourishingPalms said... #

Aurifil is a wonderful thread! Since discovering it about eight years ago, I've learned to use it for machine piecing, machine applique, hand piecing, hand applique, and best of all, machine quilting. It's my go-to thread for almost everything. Because I've had an eight year jump on newer quilters, I've seen a steady increase in price. Would you believe that the first middle-size spool I bought was $5? I recently saw it at a quilt shop for $11. In the colors white, cream, and beige (and I'd like to find gray), I buy it by the jumbo cone. It lasts at least three years. No kidding.

Mary said... #

Wow! YOu packed a lot into that post! I can't get over the Turkey there enough there for even an appetizer? I am feeling bad for the Turkey! LOL! Love the shoes :)

Brenda said... #

I love using Aurifil thread - my only complaint that is is hard to find in my city. btw: I bought that same keyboard fabric at Joann's in July. I thought it would make fun borders or binding.

pinsandneedles said... #

Oh so love Aurifil thread! Camping is on the agenda for the weekend! Love when we can out of the city for some relaxing time.

Mrs Flying Blind... said... #

I'm not sure now which I am more worried about, the turkey nuts or the shoes!!

I'm just going to scroll back up and look at the DS - lovely x

Connie said... #

Turkey nuts! -- n.o... w.a.y! Did they taste like chicken?

As for the shoes -- looks like something we would have noticed on the feet of young Japanese ladies. The ladder heels are out of this world, especially for this grandma who is happy to stay on the ground.

Unknown said... #

I love aurifil! :)

Sounds like you're having lots of fun!

Mama Pea said... #

I absolutely adore Aurifil thread. I will look forward to a chance to win some! Great fabrics you've found. Those shoes are to die for! Love them. All.