Tuesday, October 18, 2011

WIP Wednesday

It's Wednesday again. Already. And we are half-way through October. Already!

I have spent most of my sewing time working on my donation quilt. I finished the first block. Love it. Until I can figure out a better name, it will remain the same as the pattern, Crazy Traditions. 

I can feel myself getting attached to a quilt that will belong to someone else. So here is how I am solving the problem: Ticker Tape Parade (color palette borders based on Bottled Rainbows, but see the original Ticker Tape quilt here).
I made myself some rules.
*There has to be a piece of every single fabric included in Crazy Traditions.
 *I can expand the color palette and include some other favorite fabrics, and I'm okay with white space.
 (See the tiny houses and the Sandi Henderson Henna Garden?)
*And at least one selvage has to be included in every block.
That should do the trick and it will be easier to let go of Crazy Traditions
Four blocks were completed for Farmer's Wife Friday.
 That makes 46 blocks so far.
And I started this today, when I took my granddaughter to her piano lesson, the beginning of a knitted log cabin block.

Be sure to see what everyone else has done in the past week. Thanks, Lee, as always, for hosting this.
But wait. There is more. Unbelievably this is my 500th blog post! Even I can't believe I have had that much to say! So how about a little giveaway to celebrate? The winner can choose a charm pack--either Dream On or City Weekend. Random Number Generator will work its magic on Thursday, the 20th, at noon PDT. I'm super close to 500 colorful friends too. But you don't have to jump through hoops to get a chance to win. You just have to leave one comment, and make sure I can contact you.

Let's see. How about this: Are you happy with where you live, in the city or in the country? Or do you dream on about living somewhere else?


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felicity said... #

I absolutely ADORE your idea of making a Ticker-Tape block with the crazy tradition fabrics (and more). And I would love to win a charm pack of Dream On - congrats on 500 posts!

Editfolt said... #

I want to live in USA because there so many beautiful fabrics available. There are many many nice shops. Therefore, I envy you. Thank you gievawey!

verykerryberry said... #

Your self imposed rules made me laugh- deliberately making life hard for yourself! But I can see they are working for you. I am a city girl, I cannot live in the country!

Alexandra P. said... #

I was born on the countryside, but I'm so happy living in the city of Bruges now! I wouldn't want to go back...
Congrats with your blog and thanks for the giveaway!

Susan said... #

Wow! You are going to knit a log cabin! I can't wait to see that! Not sure whether I could ever live in the country! I like my city 'treats' too much, I think! Thanks for the giveaway!

Susanne said... #

I admire people who can knit :)

I like were I live (Kassel, Germany). But sometimes I dream of living abroad. e.g. UK or USA.


Lexi said... #

Congratulations on 500 posts! I would love to live in the country or even just a large property but I am scared of snakes! lexilucas@gmail.com

Kerstin said... #

I don't really see how it could be easy to let that quilt go, it looks great already! And happy 500th! Thank you so much for the giveaway, a little City Weekend would be nice... We just moved to a small village outside a small town, and before we lived here, I dreaded it, but now I love it (just not the lack of a decent fabric store...)

Jo said... #

Are you sure that quilt is getting given away, I would have a hard time giving it up the colors are so warm and wonderful. I live in the city but my soul crys to live in the country, maybe when we retire. I would love to win the Dream On

Betty said... #

That is a wonderful way to always keep a part of the donation quilt with you! I live in the country in a home my husband and I built (ourselves - I was the stone mason) and like your donation quilt, one day I will have to give it up, but that's ok. At that point, we'll head to the ocean which has always been my second home! Thanks for the chance.

Betty said... #

You've touched a nerve here.
Am I happy where I live?
Reasonably as we live very comfortably in the country; if there's any left in the Netherlands ...
My husband & I, we both dream of living in the English or Scottish country.
And who knows, maybe we will in a few years!

Elizabeth Dackson said... #

I think that you have found the perfect way to get over your attachment to the quilt you're giving away, that's a wonderful idea! And I love that you're including a selvage in each one, that's an awesome idea :)

Wow, 500 posts??? That's amazing!! As for where I live...I like where I live, but I do wish I lived more up north, or even the midwest. I'm definitely a city girl, though, no matter if I live north or south!

Peach Rainbow said... #

Lovely blocks!

Congrats on your 500 posts and thanks for the giveaway :D
I like where I live, though I would love to visit other places!

Kathy S. said... #

Congrats on 500! Woot woot! I LOVE where I live. My husband and I have been building our dream house here in the country on the land that his grandparents lived (Ohio). Now that they are gone we hope to honor them by living happily and making our house a home. Thanks for the giveaway.

Pat said... #

I love your topic for comments. I used to live in a town of about 90,000 very close to a beautiful river and 15 minutes from the ocean. Currently living in a rural town surrounded by corn and soybeans. Dreaming of living near a river, the ocean and civilization again....

Anne at Film and Thread said... #

Hi, Cindy! Congratulations on 500 posts!!! I love reading each one even though I haven't been able to comment as much. Your Farmer's Wife quilt is going to be SO beautiful. We live in the country, but I am ready to move into town because there are no sidewalks or shoulders on the roads in the country and when you are out for a run, you have to jump in a ditch that might have snakes, etc. so you don't get run over by cars and trucks.

(I'm not entering the giveaway)

Shocking Hocking said... #

love that crazy block - sensational - and I love to live in the country with access (at least by post) to on-line shopping!

Amy Friend said... #

Your posts always make me smile. I am more of a country girl though where I live isn't completely county but it isn't city either..I'd say suburbs. I love it. There are big fields and farms and I know nearly everyone in town BUT all the conveniences are close by.

Carla said... #

Great idea keeping a bit of a quilt this way it won't be so hard letting go. I'll have to remember that. Your FWQA blocks looking awesome!


I live in Boulder, Colorado- a little city, in the mountains---best of both worlds! (and I would love to win the fabric giveaway!)

Lucy | Charm About You said... #

I totally love the ticker tape block, how amazing!! I once lived for a short while in Boulder too :) I live in Manchester and it's a great city. I love it but would one day like to live near the sea (the only thing Boulder doesn't have!!). I would love to win a charm pack of City Weekend, I adore that line :)
Congratulations on the 500!

Maggie said... #

I live in Salt Lake, a mid-sized city right in the middle of outdoor adventure play land. It's a great place to live, but I'm from the east coast, and my dream place is to live on an island in New England. Someday . . .! Happy Blogiversary!

Carla said... #

I like the farmers wife blocks. I just posted my first blocks today! Thanks for the inspiration.

Terriaw said... #

Wow, you have been busy! Lots of fabulous sewing projects to show off today. I love that star block-gorgeous colors, and your ticker tape project is fabulous!

Roslyn said... #

Currently I'm in Singapore. As a kiwi it has taken a little time to adjust to the climate. On one hand it is away from extended family but on the other there is no excuse for adventures. I think you can make the most of where you live.

Kathryn said... #

I love living here in Allentown, PA, but have also lived in the Netherlands, and would love another extended stay there. Kathie L in Allentown

Becky (My Fabric Obsession) said... #

I love that crazy block, I can see why you are becoming attached! Where is that pattern from or is that your own?
Congrats on 500! I'd love a charm pack of city weekend!! :)

Laura said... #

We live in between two large cities so we can visit them but I am glad to live in the suburbs. The trees are all changing colors and we see deer, raccoons, squirrels, etc. all the time in our backyard. I love both of your blocks! Congrats on 500 of both!

pinsandneedles said... #

I really love how your quilts are coming together. What a great idea for the ticker tape quilt.

Congratulations on 500 posts...that's a lot! I love living in the city but close enough to the country to get away on occasion. Thanks Cindy!

Sarah said... #

I love where I live - a market town called Ely in the east of England. Small enough to be friendly but big enough to be able to get most things. 10 minutes and we are in the countryside and London is only 90 minutes by train (not that we go as often since our kids were born).

Congratulations on your 500th post

Vio said... #

I like to imagine that I could live in the country, but that would probably only last a weekend. If that! City all that way. :o)

Rachel said... #

WOW, ok, seriously. The question is NOT as simple as it sounds.We live in a suburb. I am ok with it (as the kids were growing up I was HAPPY about it.LOL) Now the youngest is a senior in high school. Let's just say the light at the end of the tunnel has a blinking neon sign that says COUNTRY...LOL...As you know, I LOVE that charity quilt.LOL. I also love the solution you came up with. Genius! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

And this would be . . . . said... #

Love the idea of making a ticker tape block!

I love the city where I live...I wish we lived in a house but I still love the area and everything about where we live. I grew up a country girl and still love to visit the country but love living in the city.


deserae said... #

Wow! Congrats on 500 posts! I love your ticker tape block!

A Seam to Sew said... #

Beautiful blocks! I'm happy where I live, but would love to travel more!

lindaroo said... #

Great new projects, I look forward to seeing how they progress. Considering a move to a city in another state, but very difficult leaving the idyllic central coast of CA!

Jeanne Gwin said... #

Congratulations on your 500 follower milestone. It does take a little time to get there. I am happy with living where I live, although I do want to travel for a couple of years and then buy a small home in Southern Missouri to be closer to my son and family. Thanks for the chance to win

M-R Charbonneau said... #

Congrats on 500 posts, Cindy! That is a great idea to do a ticker tape quilt so you don't get attached to your Crazy Traditions quilt, which is beautiful btw. You could send me either of those beautiful charm packs and I'd be thrilled. Thanks for the giveaway!

Heather D. said... #

I am happy with where I live. In a city, but a small city, on the beautiful west coast of British Columbia where the weather for the most part is mild and temperate. We have good friends, a good church, and my kids are happy here. What more can I ask?

Needled Mom said... #

I love the ticker tape idea and the fabric choice is just fabulous.

The FW blocks are just terrific. How many will there be in the end?

Congratulations on 500 posts! I can't imagine having that many under my belt.

Yes, I love living where we live. It is such a short time to the beach or to the snow. We can have whatever we want.

Anonymous said... #

I love, love, love the idea of a bit of selvage in each block, but of course you knew I would swoon for that idea.

I live in Los Angeles, which is an odd hybrid of huge city and perpetual sprawling suburb. If I could, I'd pick up and move to Portland this very instant.

Doris said... #

I do love the city I live in but I dream on and on about moving to a different home!!!

Dollwood Farms said... #

Love those! Thanks for including me in the giveaway. I dream and think about the city. hard choice. :)

www.randomthoughtsdoordi.com said... #

Mr. R and I like where we live because this is where our family lives, but we wish we lived somewhere that had 4 seasons. California weather is over-rated! Thanks for a chance to win.

Marthalynn said... #

What an interesting question, and I've enjoyed reading everyone's responses. Yes, I am content with where I live. It's not perfect, but I am blessed to have a safe and comfortable home.

acluisi (at) hotmail (dot) com

DianeY said... #

Love your rules!
And I love where I live! A suburb of a big, but not too big city surrounded by some of the most beautiful beaches in the world

Rebecca said... #

Definitely happy where I live :) It's a great place to raise kids, beautiful scenery, and lots of family nearby.

Beezus said... #

Beautiful color palette your using, and I love the design. What a great way to make it easier on yourself to let go! lol

I have to say that I'm quite happy with where I live -- in the city! We lived in a charming(?) rural area where meth seemed to be the livelihood of too many people, so I was happy to move to the safer area of the city. Yep, I know, that's the irony these days!

Jen said... #

I could see how you could fall in love with that quilt. Bottled Rainbows is a nice compromise. You are a much better person than me, because I would keep both! :)

Congrats on the 500, that's quite an accompishment! I don't like where I live. Sacramento, CA is dirty, littered, ugly, and hardly has any LQS! Thanks for the giveaway!

Leslie J. said... #

I was a born and raised city girl. My husband was small town. We live in the country and I couldn't imagine life any other way! Congratulations on 500 posts!

Quilt Genius said... #

I have been wanting to make a ticker tape, but I want to make a huge one with all blue/green scraps. I will need to build some more scraps before I get started. :)

iammaryburke @ gmail.com

├Žble said... #

Crazy traditions looks amazing. Really amazing! I can see how you may be growing too attached to it.

As for the giveaway. . . (thanks for the opportunity btw) I absolutely love where we live. We're 3 blocks from all kinds of amazing things and only a two hour drive to my paradise that we share with the mosquitoes away from all the sounds of the city. I couldn't imagine living anywhere else although I do have a soft spot for Copenhagen, Denmark too.

hollymade said... #

Congrats! I live in a big city, and absolutely love it. It's so nice to be able to walk to pretty much anything I need. I have moments of wishing for a big yard and garden, but when I think about what I'd have to give up to get that, I think I'm right where I need to be right now.

Bree said... #

Your Crazy Traditions and Ticker Tape quilts are both going to be great! I can't wait to see how they come together.

As far as city vs. country, I am happy about where I live. We're far enough out of town not to be in the big city, but close enough for all the shopping!

Poppyprint said... #

What great WIPs. You know how much I love your FWQAL blocks, but they just get better and better as a collection every week, Cindy! Count me in for the Dream On - I'm so happy living in Vancouver. I can't imagine being anywhere else (well, maybe the south of France, but let's be real).

Heather said... #

I love where I live but being a military wife means I'm also always thinking about where we'll live next! I think it's brilliant idea to use bits of fabric from your charity quilt in something that you get to keep.

Sonya M said... #

I'd have issues giving away that gorgeous Crazy Traditions quilt too!!

I love my town. I live in a small town, about a mile away from the town's "center". Definitely not city, but also not quite country either!

wxgeek96 at gmail.com

FlourishingPalms said... #

I'm already a follower AND subscriber, so I can't help with your growing colorful followers count, but gosh, thanks for the chance to win a packet of fqs. Love me some fabrics!

As for where we live... we're dreaming of moving, but due to the poor housing market, and not knowing where we'd go, we aren't selling yet. We'd like to downsize out of our two-story house, and leave Iowa winters behind. Then, do we go where grandchildren live, or is that TOO close? I'm waiting on the Lord.

Mitzi said... #

I am very happy where I live - in the country. We don't even get a cell signal where I live!

Carmen said... #

Congrats on 500 posts! I love where I live... not too city and not too country.

Anonymous said... #

congrats on 500 posts. I have enjoyed your blog and read it regularly even though I am horrible at leaving comments. Sorry. Your projects are coming along great, love your self imposed rules. I might need some of those myself. I am a city girl now, who loved living in the country as a kid.

Mrs Flying Blind... said... #

Wow your Crazy Traditions ideas are fantastic!
Happy 500!!
Well I love living in my village, but also that it is only an hour or so from London, less to Gatwick and even less to the seaside - I love trees, quiet and shops!

Katie B said... #

I love your ticker tape progress! Including the selvedges is a great idea.

I'm happy where I live...although I'd be happier if I were closer to my family!

Anonymous said... #

Love your ticker tape block...and fabulous idea to help you stay a little less attached! ;)

Congrats on your 500th post!! I'm a country girl at heart. Love the space and nature and wildlife...everything. I miss it terribly and dream of once again moving to the country instead of being my current city-dwelling self.

Andrea said... #

i'm happy w where i live! but sometimes dream of moving somewhere sunnier like CA on the dreary rainy days of Boston

Kathy Eyre said... #

I want to live waaay out in the country, but 5 minutes from a fabric store!

Sel said... #

I adore your ticker-tape blocks - they're so strong and vibrant! Looking forward to seeing the finished project.

I love living in the city - so much variety to hand! But I'd prefer a property with some land so I could have a garden - even a small one!

Kleep said... #

Congrats on number 500! I live on a farm in rural Saskatchewan, and I wouldn't change a thing. The most important thing is that I'm by those I love.

. said... #

Would love to win a charm pack. I enjoy where we live, it's 10 min. outside a city but we live on 9 acres and its beautiful.

Keri said... #

Love to see knitting with your quilting! I am a longtime knitter (newbie quilter) and am torn sometimes as to what to work on....Knitting has won recently...but as I look at blogs like yours, they encourage me to keep at the quilting! Congrats on 500 posts!

Sallie said... #

Congratulations! I'm a city girl. Thanks for the giveaway!

Cecilia said... #

I like your quilt. Congratulations on your 500 posts. I live in the country and love it, although sometimes it would be nice to live a little closer to town. When I go to town, I try to get everything done before I head for home, which means I spend most of the day away from home. Thanks for the giveaway.

Beth said... #

Really like where i live. In the burbs close enough to a city, stores, LQS, but not too crowded either.

CitricSugar said... #

Love your Crazy Traditions blocks, especially your "rules"!

I like the city, but I've often thought that if I could get decent internet service in the woods, I could live there quite happily. I've lived in Russia and Canada and would love to live a few more places before I die, but the list is too long to live everywhere... :-)

JHNickodemus said... #

Wow! That knitting is FAAAABulous! I would be happier where I was living if Lukie luke was here...and if there were fewer allergies/smog. You know how it is!

Anonymous said... #

I love living in the city with all its conveniences, but I loved living in the country and having a garden and chickens, too. I guess I can be happy anywhere as long as I have family and friends nearby :)

p1aceboeffect said... #

I love living in the city. But, our particular city (San Francisco) has gotten way to expensive. We are dreaming of moving to a new city that would allow our dolaars to go a little farther. Love the color palettes of the quilts you're working on.

jennhgray at gmail dot com

Jorie said... #

I love love love that block, and just looking at it gives me so many ideas!

I live in Chicago now, and it's alright, because it's home where I grew up... But I miss San Antonio and want to go back. It's got a downtown area big enough for the urban feel, quiet suburbs, and lots of "country" and outdoor activities, and LOTS of quilters :)

Kell said... #

Congrats on making 500 posts! Love the idea of making a special quilt to keep the memories of a quilt you made.

As to where I live I don't know that it would be called city or country. It's a 45 to 60 minute drive to get to bigger cities. I'm looking forward to a change at some point in the near future. I've lived here for the past 23 years & it's time for a change. I want a little more space between neighbors but still be close to a bigger city.

Thanks for the giveaway!

Laurel said... #

I love living on the outskirts of a city surrounded by cornfields... best of both worlds! although retiring to maui isn't out of the question either!

PNW Quilts said... #

congratulations on 500 posts! thanks for the giveaway opportunity,and I'd have to say that living in the country is by far my favorite of all places i've lived. although it can be distant from 'action' i love the peacefulness and it relaxes my soul!

Jill said... #

I love where I live!!I am in San Diego and you can not ask for better weather. I lived in the country once for a year and hated it.

Lisa in Port Hope said... #

Love your musings. I think I'll start saving my selvedges!