Monday, November 28, 2011

The Name Game: Archie the Wonder Dog

 I'm really happy to have Helen here today from Archie the Wonder Dog. I've been friends with Helen for awhile now, and during that time I've become acquainted with Archie as well, and always wondered how she ended up naming her blog after her beloved dog.

How did you choose the name for your blog?

My blog name is the same as my Flickr name, which I chose first.  When I first created a Blogger account my user name was the same as the initial part of the email address I had created for the account as I hadn't considered any other options and didn't realise that you couldn't change it later.  A few years later I joined Flickr and wanted a different name.  As I was pondering what name to use Archie barked at a noise outside and I thought 'Oh, I could use Archie's name - a photo of him would make a great buddy icon'.  At that time he had a raised bed (an old footstool) and he was lying in what I always thought of as his Superman (dog!) pose and the name 'Archie the wonder dog' bashed me on the head and demanded to be used!  
 After a few months having two identities became confusing as I would comment on blogs under one name and then on photos under another and people didn't realise they were talking to the same person so I closed my old account and opened a new one under ATWD.  At that point I had absolutely no intention of ever starting a blog but a certain someone (Nicky at talked me into it in August of this year and I'm so glad she did as I love it!  As I'd grown to love the name and felt it suited me (and it's always nice to have a pet to hide behind!) it felt like an obvious choice.  Also, I couldn't think of a clever name so I stuck with what I knew!

Were there other names you considered, and can you share any of them with us?
Not when I was starting my blog as I already had the name from Flickr.  I can't remember any specific names that I considered when creating my Flickr account but at the time I thought I was going to use a photo of a fabric fairy postcard I had created a few weeks before so names with fairy (or fairy elephant) were probably considered and discounted.  Once I thought of ATWD I knew I had a name I'd love!
Now that you are recognized by Archie the Wonder Dog, are you happy with it, or do you wish you could change it to something else?
 I'd never change it - I love being known as ATWD!  What also makes me happy is knowing that there are other people who love Archie just as much as I do.  It was love at first sight when I saw him in the rescue centre a little over ten years ago and he seems to still capture people's hearts as quickly!  Who could resist a dog this cute?!  
 I also like the fact that it's different from a lot of quilting/stitching blog names and although it may not be an obvious choice of name for a blog about an obsession with fabric and thread it works for me.
Thank you for asking me to take part in The Name Game - I love this feature and it's an honour to take part!
It's been a pleasure having you (and Archie), Helen. Please head over to Helen's blog, take a look around and say hi to Archie. I'm sure he'll love all the attention!


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Archie The Wonder Dog said... #

Thank you!! It's an honour to be on your blog and it's very exciting to see Archie (and things I've made!) on another blog - he's still asleep at the moment so I'll show him later, he's bound to be impressed *wink*

Mary said... #

Cindy, I love this feature - Helen and Archie!!! Helen always inspires and there just aint nothin' sweeter than Archie {except maybe Flanders...hee hee}

verykerryberry said... #

A fan of them both x

Unknown said... #

Love archie, and helen! In equal amounts :-)

Jennifer said... #

I love Helen and Archie! Her blog is always such a fun mix of quilting, fabric and of course Archie.

Jennifer :)

Nicky said... #

After seeing the video I am not sure if it isn't Archie I love the most - naw just kidding - Helen is such a lovely person so helpful and encourageing! Wouldn't be without her!

Needled Mom said... #

Her work is wonderful. Archie is cute too.

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said... #

Lovely post. Helen and Archie are such a delight :)

Cindy said... #

What a great peek into Helen's mind. Thanks so much to both of you for such a great post.
Hi to Archie xx

Mrs Flying Blind... said... #

I love Helen & Archie - great to have her here xx

Canadian Abroad said... #

Helen is brilliant, and we all love her and Archie. Thanks for featuring her!

felicity said... #

Thanks for letting me get to know ATWD a bit better!

Christina Lane | The Sometimes Crafter said... #

I really love that you do these posts - they are so fun to read! And oh my gosh! Isn't he just the cutest puppy!!

Lucy | Charm About You said... #

I love them both too! Great seeing Helen's work here :)