Thursday, November 17, 2011

Really Random, 11/17/11

Recap of the most important Vertical Day in the century: 11/11/11.

Our niece, Becky, her husband, Eric, Simon and Norah, had lunch at Eleven City Diner and went up the tallest vertical building in Chicago.
While they were at lunch, we were in the car, but we shared a vertical minute. Nice!

Mark and I attended Lisa and Derek's wedding. Tiny little chapel in Harmony, California. It was pouring rain.
 The rain stopped long enough for them to take some pictures on the beach, next to this sign,
and under this one.

I saw this parked on the street.
Um, when I think of limousines, this is usually what comes to my mind...But I give the Cypress Tree  "luxury limo" extra points for being red and shiny.

While Charlotte was taking a piano lesson from my mother the other day, Levi was putting puzzles together with my father.It's priceless to me that my grandchildren are able to spend quality time with their great grandparents!
My mother with Gabriel. She looks so happy to be holding him, doesn't she? He kind of has that effect on you.
While some parts of the country are experiencing snow, this was freshly picked from their garden.

Seen at the office where I pick up my medical transcription. Can you say "frosting overload"? Who even knows how many cupcakes are under there?

I'm married to a man who made homemade tortillas last night!

Carry on with whatever randomness comes your way today. And tune in Saturday for an extra edition of Really Random. I have a lot of "colorful" pictures so come back and take a look.


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Jennifer said... #

That is so fun! I was off work for 11/11/11 and I had to plan my day around taking a picture of my phone at 11/11/11 @ 11:11 for Chaney.

Your Really Random posts are always great!

Jennifer :)

Terriaw said... #

I have to admit I don't get the whole 11-11-11 thing. Some people really get into those dates.

Love to see pictures of your parents with the grandkids! And those tortillas by Mark - how awesome is he!

The Luedtke Family said... #

Oh Terri, there are so many cool dates, but nothing is better than vertical day (11-11). I love how simple it is and it is just great fun. Other cool dates:

7-11 is slurpy day, and in July, who doesn't want a slurpy (or icee) from 7-11 (a convenience store here in the Midwest)

Next years cool dates:
12-12-12, which will, of course, be called by me, as Dozen Day. Not sure if I will mark it with as much fanfare as 11-11-11. Celebrating at 12:12 on 12-12-12 does sound kind of cool. Hmmmm . . . . (a dozen donuts, a dozen eggs, 6 pairs of something, the twelve days of Christmas in 12-12 . . )

The last cool counting dates will be in the next few years:

But, then there are patterns in dates like evens and odds, such as

And math problems, they are endless. Like my son's birthday:

The rest of my family has a seven,
Husband born on the 17th, daughter born on the 17th, and I was born of the 7th - all different months.

Dates and the numbers within are kind of fun! How's that for Really Random?

Grandma G said... #

It really rained during the wedding?! Flukey! ;) What did the outside guests do?

Kritta22 said... #

That's sooooo fun that you did the 11/11/11 thing! I had no idea there was stuff to do!

Doris said... #

Homemade tortillas? My Minnesota Guy doesn't cook anything, unless you count chili from a can heated in the microwave!

I'm wishing I could rethink my wedding dress now.

And I'm sorry I didn't know about Vertical Day in time to celebrate properly...

Anonymous said... #

It's good luck to be married on a rainy day. Happened to us!

FlourishingPalms said... #

Love reading about your random life, Cindy. It's so interesting, and precious. How special to have both your parents nearby to spend quality time with your grandchildren. You are blessed.

Carla said... #

That little Gabe is soooo adorable! Do you believe in arranged marriages, because my little Lois looks perfect for him! I agree with Linda that you are so blessed to have both of your parents here to be near their ggchildren! Love your funky 11/11/11 ness!!

Toni said... #

I love random posts! And how stinkin' sweet is little Gabriel? Cuteness overload!

Poppyprint said... #

Ok, you got me at homemade tortillas. When is your spare bedroom free for visitors?

Mama Pea said... #

Gabriel is so beautiful! I have a hubby that loves to cook, too. I love that about him!