Thursday, November 24, 2011

Really Random: 11/24/11, The Gobble Gobble Edition

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here in the U.S. This is my very favorite holiday. Fun times with the family. Great food. No gifts to worry about.

So this morning, we rolled out of bed at 6 a.m. to go to the local park for the two-mile Turkey Trot. Aaron and Charlotte picked us up at 6:30, thinking it started at 7 a.m., and off we went. Checked in and got our official "bibs."
Found out the official start time was 8 a.m. Bummer. We walked the two-mile course, just the four of us, and went to Starbucks.
(Yes, that guy in the background has on a fur suit. Lots of people with feathers or pilgrim hats. Last year we saw a couple dressed as the "rabbit and the hare." )
This beautiful Double Delight rosebud was in my rose garden this morning.
Mark celebrated his birthday in August, and one of our friends promised to bake him his favorite pie, banana cream. It was delivered yesterday. Yum! Totally worth the wait. Thanks, Tracy!
Last week Charlotte and Levi spent the night. We had movie night, with popcorn and hot chocolate. How did I know a 5-year-old would have such a discriminating palate already that she would turn up her nose at Carnation instant hot chocolate?(Oh, the things I am willing to consume when counting points on Weight Watchers...)  Only the real thing for her.  Of course there is no contest as to which tastes better. It was just funny that she tried to spare my feelings when I had to leave the room for a minute, and she whispered to Grandpa, "It doesn't even smell good. Can I just have some water?"  And Levi has gone from a super slowpoke eater to eating a lot and eating it quickly. He calls himself a "fastpoke."

The beautiful fall colors continue. Mark took this picture this week. Not an official "drive-by shooting"--he actually got out of his truck this time.

Have a wonderful weekend.If I can get things together, there might be a little random Black Friday sale going on here too.


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verykerryberry said... #

Happy thanksgiving to you and your family- it really sounds like the perfect holiday!

Grandma G said... #

I spy the Hair Salon! ;)

Katy Cameron said... #

Oooh, love that tunnel of trees photo, how much fun could you have kicking and scrunching through those leaves?! Have a wonderful day :o)

Amy Friend said... #

Happy Thanksgiving!

Cindy said... #

Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Do go Black Friday shopping. It's always a great time :)

CitricSugar said... #

Happy Thanksgiving! I laughed at the young lady's discriminating tastes... Who spoiled her by giving her real hot chocolate? Lol - that's too funny. When I was a kid, we had watery, too hot, not fully dissolved, powered hot chocolate and it was considered a treat. It was YEARS before I knew people made it with actual chocolate and steamed milk... I would be pleased to drink a cup of your Carnation instant hot chocolate. :-)

Poppyprint said... #

Happy day! I love Thanksgiving, too. All the great food without the stress of stockings and gifts!

felicity said... #

Agreed! Hooray for family time and no-obligation turkey.

Letterpress said... #

I'm finally re-entering life after my trip and a week of recovery (who knew that a trip to NYC would take it out of me so much?).

I loved reading about your sewing room make-over. I re-did mine a couple of years back and still love my giant pin wall. It makes all the difference, I think.

And laughed at your Turkey Trot story--great idea to beat the crowds, too! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving Day, and hope that you are enjoying all the leftovers as well. I'm actually getting some sewing done, but still have that stack of essays to grade (today--ugh!).


Archie The Wonder Dog said... #

Love that you did the walk by yourselves - like a preview of a show for a favoured few! Love the avenue of trees photo!