Friday, November 11, 2011

Vertical Day!!

While most people here in the States consider this to be Veteran's Day, and veterans are without a doubt worthy of a celebration, in our family it is also Vertical Day, 11/11. Get it? To quickly recap, it started years ago. Every time the clock turned to 11:11, our niece Becky called it a vertical minute and she would think of us. November 11 is a vertical day, very special, so I try to call her at 11:11 California time, which is 1:11 Chicago time, and we share the vertical minute, on the vertical day.

Only THIS year it is like Vertical Day on steroids, a once in a lifetime. 11/11/11!!

Are you one of those people who is extremely clever? Ideas just overflow? You are fabulous when it comes to giving gifts? You use your creativity rather than your wallet?

I am not one of those people. However, Becky IS one of those people. Actually, Mark and I had planned to fly to Chicago this weekend to celebrate Vertical Day together, eating lunch at a place called the Eleven City Diner. Funny--their address is 1112 Wabash. Guess the city planner who assigned that address didn't know about Vertical Day... But instead, we are attending a wedding on the coast. 
Anyway, this box arrived the other day. Becky had decided to put something special together for us, using her creativity (she calls is "resourcefulness") and no more than $11.11, not counting shipping. It started on its journey from Chicago to California on 11/1.  We were going to be gone on 11/11. We couldn't wait. We opened it early.

On top of the presents was this adorable picture of Becky, and her kids, Simon and Norah, doing their version of 11-11-11.
Want to see a close-up of that top picture, with the word they made in the sand?
This did not cost Becky a lot of money. She used her amazing unending creativity.
#1. Fabric. A cute panel that can be used as labels, and lots of postcard-sized fabrics left over from fabric postcards she has made using my tutorial.

#2. She crochets, so she used some of her leftover yarn and made this tic-tac-toe game that willb e fun to play with Charlotte and Levi.

 #3. Keeping with the vertical theme, an extra ice cream/cookie dough scoop.
#4.Very special pictures taken at the Minnesota State Fair, one of Mark's favorite!
 #5. Items she picked up at the Minnesota State Fair, especially to share with her Uncle Mark.
Including a pair of these dandy paper "fish" hats.
#6. She knows we often have friends over to watch football, and she found this at a garage sale. Perfect!
 #7. A CD of some of her favorite songs, 11 songs plus an extra.
#8. Some extra Christmas ornament kits--she thought Levi and Charlotte would enjoy making them--
 and a cute ornament I will put in my sewing room. After Thanksgiving...
#9. Eleven rocks she gathered on the shores of Lake Michigan, and some info about a trail she would like to visit.
 #10. A pink and orange toothbrush! Awesome color combination.
 #11. A very cute crocheted bag, in another one of my fave color combos--red and aqua.
What a spectacular array of gifts. Made and collected with love.

I love the whole concept of the vertical minute and Vertical Day. No matter where I am, if I happen to look at the clock at 11:11 or 1:11, I always think of Becky, think of how much I love her and am thankful she is in my life. Think about adding a vertical minute to your life. 

Thank you, Becky. You made us feel extra special. The only thing better would be celebrating with you at Eleven City Diner.


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Grandma G said... #

Wow! Just WOW! What creative and FUN ideas!! Becky must have been planning this for the last 11 months! :)

Way to go, Becky!!!

Grandma G said... #

P.S. I was afraid I was gonna have to wait till 11:11, or worse yet 1:11, to see the goodies. ;)

Amy Friend said... #

Oh, how fun! She is creative indeed!

Rene' said... #

I can see that creativity runs in the family!!!! Such a fun idea and great goodies in the package.

k said... #

I remember, in college, when Becky would talk to you guys on the phone during Vertical Hour. : )

verykerryberry said... #

What incredibly thoughtful gifts!

Rachel said... #

How sweet...Never really thought about Vertical Day, but, at 1:11 I was reading your post...LOL

Carla said... #

What a fun post, by a fun lady! Thanks for sharing!!

Mrs Flying Blind... said... #

Kind of crazy but makes perfect sense!!

Katy Cameron said... #

Oh how cool! Now according to another blog I read, today is also Corduroy appreciation day (because the date looks like the fabric) so your challenge for next year is to combine the two :oD