Friday, December 9, 2011

Blog Hop Party: Feeling Jovial

Hop Party with Give-Aways

Since Farmer's Wife has decided to take a little break as she prepares for a country Christmas (at least, I assume that's what she is doing!), I thought it would be fun to join a blog hop and offer a little Christmas cheer of my own, a charm pack of "Jovial" by Basic Grey.

So if you are feeling jovial, let me know what your favorite holiday treat is. A special cookie made with an old family recipe? Fudge? Hot spiced cider? Do tell. The Random Number Generator elf will choose a winner on December 16 so you have plenty of time to give me your secret recipe tell me what treat says "Christmas" to you.

And don't forget to join the hop for a chance at some other festive treats.

ETA: Thanks for playing, everyone! Comments are now closed.


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Sarah @ FairyFace Designs said... #

My fave holiday treat is a glass of bucks fizz (champagne and orange juice) on Christmas morning with my breakfast, it's a little tradition hubbie and I have!

Amanda said... #

To me, the holidays mean family and friends- lot's a of parties and laughter in the upcoming weeks!

Peach Rainbow said... #

My mothers cookies and light fruit cake :D

And this would be . . . . said... #

My favorite holiday treat is Ribbon candy or toy candy. It is locally made here in Nova Scotia and it SCREAMS Christmas. In fact, we have to get some for my mother every year!

This is the website incase you want a visual as to what I am talking about....


Lindsey F. said... #

We have several treats at Christmas time - toffee bars as a sweet, breakfast casserole on Christmas morning, and we all all my daughter-in-law from Hong Kong make potstickers.

Pam said... #

Our favorite treat is a butter crumb coffee cake. We look forward to it Christmas morning.

Anonymous said... #
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Barbara said... #

sitting very quietly in the late afternoon, before time to begin dinner preparations, and enjoying a cup of coffee topped with whipped cream and peppermint candy sprinkles

stitchinpenny said... #

I live in the south and my favorite treat is Pecan Pralines. They make a nice stocking stuffer.

pinsandneedles said... #

My favorite Christmas treat is a cookie that my grandma made. It is still a favorite among my mother and all my siblings and our families. I have the inherited recipe...hehe.

Nancy said... #

I will be indulging in some Egg Nog...Love my Mom's homemade...

Jackie's Stitches said... #

Mom's Sugar Cookies! They're a pain to make and a pain to frost but oh so good.

Laurel said... #

it's not a sweet treat, but my grandmother-in-love's pierogi are the treat my whole family looks forward to on Christmas!

Dollwood Farms said... #

My favorite thing to do is have a big Christmas breakfast qith my family and friends who don't have loved ones in town. It is the best morning ever!

Brenda said... #

German peppernut cookies. thanks for the chance!

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said... #

It's the one time of year that I make fudge - yummmmmm! Thanks for the opportunity to enter your great giveaway!

Tracey @ The Peony Teacup said... #

Two things I do every Christmas without fail are making fresh homemade pasta & shortbread. Love the shortbread so much, but I only make it at Christmas...

Jessica said... #

Coffee cake on Christmas morning :)

Pieces to Love said... #

As a child I remember making/stealing different candies and other goodies with my mom. I have certain things I have to make each year, even if it is just for my family and I have to put it in the freezer for the next 6 months until it is gone. Christmas to me is truly celebrating the birth of Jesus.

Anonymous said... #

Since marrying into a long line of Swedes, I have grown to love the homemade potato sausage every Christmas. My favorite cookie is Raspberry Shortbread Dreams. Yum!
Leslie J.

Jen said... #

Jovial...I don't even know what it looks like, but I love everything basic Grey, so I'm sure I'd love this too!

My favorite holiday treat is my mom's homemade toffee. I don't even know how to make it and I have it maybe every 5 years if I'm lucky, since I rarely see my mom on Christmas. the last time I had some I asked her for the recipe and she said, "Oh you don't want to make it. It's very hard and it took me 3 batches before I got this one right this time." So I said forget it! But it's so yummy; toffee on the bottom, dark chocolate spread over the top, and ground almonds (I think) sprinkled over the top. I may have to call her and get the recipe anyway. If you want it, let me know!

Needled Mom said... #

Each year I have certain recipes that have been passed down through the years and must be made - my grandmother's date cookies and my great aunt's toffee are the best!!!!

deserae said... #

I love my mom's homemade sugar cookies!

girlyhurley said... #

Grandma's chocolate candy cookies! Yummy!

lindaroo said... #

Mmmm, so many special treats at this time of year! Egg nog, fruitcake, peppermint bark, gingerbread cookies! I make an American version of Plum Pudding; it's a gingerbread cake with cranberries, served with a yummy sauce made of butter, cream, sugar, and vanilla! Scrumptious, and I'm sworn to secrecy about the recipe!

LJ said... #

I lke the Peppermint Bark. And I LOVE wrapping gifts!!!

FlourishingPalms said... #

My favorite holiday recipe would have to be peanut butter marshmellow fudge. Sadly, I never make it anymore because the calorie content is outrageous, but it's a happy remembrance of Christmas to our adult children. Thanks for the chance to win your generous giveaway. Love me some fabric!

Archie The Wonder Dog said... #

My favourite Christmas treat would have to be our Boxing Day dinner - cold turkey, chips and pickles...yummy! It's my favourite meal of the year!

Wacky Woman said... #

I AM feeling Jovial. My favorite holiday treat has to be my grandmother's Danish Oatmeal cookie. So yummy. Darn it, now I will have to make them because I'm thinking about them.

Rebecca said... #

Dark chocolate truffles filled flavoured with raspberry, coffee, or rum :)

Lucy | Charm About You said... #

I have none and definitely need Christmas fabric!!
My favourite treat is mulled wine, yummy! :) Although I could be tempted by Sarah's bucks fizz!

Lindsay Conner said... #

Haha, if I had a secret recipe, I would give it to you! Fave treat is anything pumpkin, chocolate, or cheesecake flavored!

Kleep said... #

My favourite is buttermilk cookies. They're a little cakier than your average cookie, they come with icing, and nobody who tries them can just have one. Mmmmm.

hollymade said... #

My favorite is english toffee-it's also the favorite of everyone I make it for.

heartsease54 said... #

My favorite holiday treat is my homemade cranberry bread. My recipe calls for mayonnaise & boy is it moist! Love it. Oh, and my fudge too.

Lee Ann L. said... #

My favorite holiday treat would have to be the Power Cookies my sister-in-law makes practically every year!

Thank you for a chance to win. :-)

Carla said... #

It's gotta be shortbread...every time.

Catherine said... #

Bread sauce! (and bubble and squeak on boxing day).

Four dogs and one quilter said... #

My favorite treat is marzipan cookies. Yum!

Michelle McCray said... #

My favorite treat is cookie cut-out cookies!

Belinda said... #

I love spice tea and spiced punch! Oddly enough, I haven't made any yet this year. :/

elizabeth said... #

I always make the candy cane cookie recipe from the Betty Crocker cookbook! It is what my mother always made and it brings back wonderful memories : )

erica said... #

My favorite christmas treat is Almond Bark Candy. It is just almond bark, peanuts, peanut butter, rice krispies and marshmallowsl mixed together. Nothing really christmasy except that my family always makes it at christmas time.

Gill said... #

Mince pies and mulled wine!

Jen said... #

Does apple cider count? Mmm...yum!

Alisa said... #

Chocolate. And Almond Stick. A dutch treat. Yum, yum!

Samantha said... #

My maternal Gramma's Cream Cheese Pie. Never have been able to find one to equal the ones she made and she took her recipie to the grave. That pie meant Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Heather A said... #

My Mom's shortbread cookies. Just at Christmas. Just my Mom's. Mmmm ... mmmm ... mmmmmmmm ...

M-R Charbonneau said... #

Lovely giveaway, Cindy! My favourite holiday treat is chocolate peanut butter balls. Yum, yum! I'll be sharing the secret recipe on my blog next week. :) thanks for the giveaway! I posted mine today too.

Doris said... #

I allow myself one eggnog latte each year (Yup, already had it!) and my favorite treat are my aunt's Christmas Wreaths made from corn flakes and corn syrup (sounds, healthy, huh?!). Thankfully I don't have them every year, but my second fave is pumpkin pie, and I do have that annually!!

Pat said... #

My favorite Christmas treat is Spiced Pecans!

QuilterLaura said... #

I love plain and simple shortbread cookies. Just butter, sugar, and flour. Doesn't get any better...unless of course I put melted chocolate on top!

Susan said... #

Shortbread and mince pies are favorites in our house! And we make a yummy slice called White Christmas which is kept in the fridge during a long hot Australian summer!

Michele T said... #

A favorite treat is Bacon Buns!! Yummy!

Kathryn said... #

Eggnog is a special treat at Christmas. Kathie L in Allentown said... #

My 4 sons and husband would say Apricot Kolache, hands down, but they are a pain to make so I cheat by making a double batch of Peanut Blossoms, which are their second favorite. I used to make 12-15 different cookies but now things have changed and everyone is always on a diet!

Love Joy Piece said... #

Peppernuts, the crispy ones with anise and other spices dunked in a little coffee or milk!

Sel said... #

Christmas treat? My hands-down favourite is my mum's Chocolate Hazelnut Cherry Rum Truffles, which are cute, addictive, and so so delicious!

(They're also really rather complicated to make, which is why they're only a Christmas treat.)

Judi said... #

Peppernuts - which aren't really nuts at all. My grandmother used to make them. They are really hard little cookie/biscuits - very hard to explain, but about the size of butter mints, if that makes sense. I may just have to try my hand at making them and post the recipe on my blog... eventually.

Fran said... #

I really love homemade shortbread, my Mum makes some for Christmas every year. I also LOVE plum pudding & can always find room for seconds, my family jokes that as a non-drinker, it's the alcohol hit that does it for me. Thanks for the giveaway.

Kathy MacKie said... #

I love my Mom's Oatmeal Shortbread cookies-yummy.

charlotte said... #

When I was a kid we used to make peanut brittle. Haven't done it in years, but every time I see any, I think of Christmas.

Ana e os Viraventos said... #

We have these pumpkin cakes here in Portugal that are defenitely my favourites!

Lesley said... #

Home made sugar cookies...large ones! I make them in the shape of a star and eat the points first!

Michell said... #

Love having pavlova on Xmas day especially my mum's one. Unfortunately my kids don't like it and we are not having xmas with my mum so I miss out again.

Lucija said... #

My favorite is gingerbread!

Heather @ Quilts Actually said... #

I love the peanut butter cookies with Hershey's kisses in the middle.

Maria Wallin said... #

Grandmas recipe of Gingerbread cookies, it's THE BEST! =)

Thanks for the chance to win!

. said... #

We always enjoy hot spiced cider on Christmas Eve after church.

Heather said... #

Everyone, including me, loves my Buckeyes. A peanut butter ball dipped in chocolate. I only make them at Christmas cause they are so time consuming to make.

Linda at LRDesignsQuilting said... #

Making and eating Christmas cookies of all kinds!

Laurie said... #

My grandmother's chocolate fudge... hands down a winner every time.

Karen O said... #

We have a family cookie recipe called Spice Cookies. So good! Would love that charm pack of Jovial - I have a great pattern to use for a Christmas charm pack.

MONA said... #

Favorite Christmas treat is making gingerbread spice cookies! The aroma in the house just warms you right up for the holidays! Thanks for the chance of a win...thinking about it just makes me "jovial" with a smile!

Martina said... #

My favourite christmas treat is having Fondue over the fire outside in the forest nearby.

Laura said... #

my favorite is peanut butter fudge!

Jody Sanders said... #

Here's our family favorite (easy and fattening too):

Jsoosay said... #

We have a fondu dinner on Christmas eve. That is what I've always looked forward to.

Lisa England said... #

I have a recipe for cappuccino cookies that came from a Christmas cookie recipe book. We love the cookies so much that I now make them anytime I need some really fabulous cookies.

LethargicLass said... #

I'm pretty easy... turkey and gravy LOL

Mrs.Pickles said... #

My fav treat at Christmas is rollo cookies...i don't like cookies or rollos any other time of the year but come December 25th i am all over those

Kathy S. said... #

My favorite holiday treat is Dirx Pudding with extra Oreos on top. Thanks for the chance to win your giveaway.

Anonymous said... #

Any cookie my mom bakes says Christmas!

conny's quilts en creaties said... #

Banquet bar and stewed pears are some very nice christams treats. Almost only availeble in december.
Loveley give away you have here, thank you, I like to give it a change.
I am in the bloghop party as a participant as well, so you might visit my blog and maybe join my give away too,

juliehallfeldhaus said... #

1 word FUDGE!!!!!!!!!!

Melissa Corry said... #

My favorite Christmas treat is our homemade Christmas chocolates. If you want the recipe just let me know and I will email it to you :)

Linda V said... #

Pecan Tassies are our favorite treat at Christmas. Thanks for the giveaway!

Carly said... #

Hmmm...I love peanut butter blossoms with Hershey kisses!

Deb said... #

I love Christmas truffles. Mmmmmm

beaquilter said... #

I'm a new follower.
I love the jovial fabrics, just made a christmas quilt that I'm sending my mom for christmas in denmark, that's where I'm from and one thing I missed from there was making marzipan things for christmas and just yesterday did my best friend send me danish marzipan! so the kids and I have been busy making little goodies with it

Catskill Quilter said... #

My favorite holiday treat is my Mom's powdered sugar nut balls! I try to make them every year in remembrance of her.

Kathy H said... #

My favorite holiday treat is my family's chocolate peanut butter fudge. ALways have to have it at CHristmas.

Marjorie's Busy Corner said... #

It would have to be shortbread cookies...I can't get enough...and spiked

thanks for the giveaway

Janet said... #

I do love egg nog, although the store brand is so sweet and lots of calories. One year I made a huge bowl of the real thing and had the neighbours in for some nog and cheer. So many warnings about raw eggs now....Thanks for a chance to win.

hueisei said... #

I loves cheese sticks!!
Thx for the chance to win ^^v

Carrie P. said... #

Merry Christmas! My favorite treat at Christmas is Spritz cookies.

Carolyn said... #

Great giveaway!!

My favorite treat is my sour cream pound cake. YUM YUM!

Thank you for the chance!

Sewing Miles of Smiles said... #

I love the Gingerbread loaf from Starbucks!

JustPam said... #

I would love to have any of the dozens of types of cookies my mother used to make for Christmas.

barb's creations said... #

Pavlova topped with fresh cream and strawberries Yuuummmm :) Barb.

@pril said... #

I would have to say pumpkin or pecan pie plus any other pies!

Mom C said... #

English Toffee and mint truffles are my most guilty Christmas pleasures. Thanks for the giveaway.

Keri said... #

First is my DD's birthday and THEN it's party central around here! I USED to enjoy baking cookies- Christmas in my house growing up meant millions of cookies made- but my favorite was Oatmeal raisin. But we went dairy free this year and I still haven't mastered a yummy oatmeal yet....although I did make a TREMENDOUS Orange chocolate chunck cake with chocolate ganache icing that was dairy free today...I think I have a new favorite!

Quiltin' Sandy said... #

I always bake Greek shortbread crescents for Xmas. Nice with coffe, even better with a nice glass of wine! :)
Merry Xmas from Sandy. :)

Karen said... #

Thanks for your lovely give away.
A treat we love for Christmas is old fashioned plum pudding with custard. Delicious!

ballardquilter said... #


Vroomans' Quilts said... #

Favorite holiday treat - eggnog fudge! only time I so indulge.

Jenny said... #

i love mint hot chocolate and Peppermint Bark chocolate...notice a trend? i guess peppermint says Christmas time to me!! thanks for a chance.

Grandma M said... #

My favorite treat involves anything chocolate.

Wendy said... #

I would be disowned by my children (and now their spouses) if I didn't make Bubble Bread for Christmas morning! And now they have added Mimosas.
thanks for this opportunity.

Wendy said... #

I would be disowned by my children (and now their spouses) if I didn't make Bubble Bread for Christmas morning! And now they have added Mimosas.
thanks for this opportunity.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said... #

I used to have a favorite cookie, now I just plain like fruit cake - not your grandma's fruitcake with that awful candied fruit - I make one that has dried fruit and nuts in it and I love it.

mtnquiltr said... #

My favourite holiday treat is the English trifle we have for dessert. And there's always leftovers for several days!

Unknown said... #

I love pandoro. hugs

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said... #

my favourite treat is home-made almond bark....yummy!

Nettie said... #

My very fav holiday treat would be red velvet cupcakes.....So colorful and festive

LeAnne said... #

Favorite holiday treats are Spritz cookies. Can't eat just one, which must be why I only make them this time of year.

JudyCinNC said... #

I particularly like our Christmas Brunch when the children are visiting - Thank you for a wonderful giveaway and opportunity. Judy C

Bright Angel said... #

My fave holiday treat are Gingerbread cookies! Thank you for the chance to win. :)

Apple Avenue Quilts said... #

I love cherry chocolates and Christmas is the only time I allow my self some! Thanks for the chance on your giveaway!

bohemiannie! art said... #

My favorite Christmas treat...opening presents!

Anonymous said... #

My favorite holiday treat is Chocolate Almond Toffee!! thanks for the great giveaway!


Lauradublin said... #

My favorite are mince pies!

Cherise said... #

My favorite holiday treat is chocolate covered cherries! And this year they've come out with chocolate covered blueberries which are just as yummy! :)

Melinda said... # neighbor always makes English toffee! Yum!

Marg said... #

From my childhood, shortbread cookies. Can't be Christmas without making these.

Kate said... #

Shortbread is a Christmas treat and so is tourtière ... we always have them for the occasion. Like your giveaway - thanks for the chance.

Jo said... #

Mine is snowball cookies!

JoyceLM said... #

My favorite holiday treat is home-made fudge. Thanks for the chance to win.

Joanie's Trendy Quilts said... #

I love Christmas cookies. My all time favorite is Thumbprints with apple mint jelly!

Sandra said... #

Home Made Chex Mix is just yummy

Gwen said... #

I love decorated sugar cookiesn and my mom's homemade chocolate pecan fudge, but another very favorite holiday treat that I had almost forgotten is my mother-in-law's homemade pecan divinity-- it lives up to the name-- it is truly DIVINE!!!! :-) Thank you for the chance to win some Jovial charms---wonderful!!! :-)

Deb said... #

All the special treats - sugar cookies, and almond brocha, and brigaderoes, and, and, and...

Connie Kresin Campbell said... #

Spritz cookies are my favorite Christmas treat! Thanks for a chance to win!

Anonymous said... #

I love all cookies

Judy said... #

I like spritz cookies, and divinity (that never turns out right!)

Marcia W. said... #

My mother's pecan pie is my favorite treat ... like your blog and have read it for a while

Jean said... #

My favorite Christmas treat is German Molasses Cookies with nuts and raisins rolled in granulated sugar. Yummy!

WoolenSails said... #

I have always loved penuche fudge and anything made with brown sugar.


Sharon Pernes said... #

My favorite holiday food is homemade pizza. It's out Christmas Eve tradition.

Ariane said... #

My favorite holiday treat is chocolate fudge. I love it!!! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!!!

Anonymous said... #

My favorite holiday treat is eggnog and fruitcake. Thanks for the giveaway.

BillieBee (billiemick) said... #

My favorite is Peanut Butter Fudge. My son is making it for Christmas this year!

Sallie said... #

Eggnog! Thanks for the giveaway! Merry Christmas!

Kirsten said... #

It is usually quite warm for Christmas here in Australia so I love Pavlova with strawberries and kiwi fruit for dessert.

Carla G said... #

My favorite holiday treat is Peanut Brittle. I've discovered how easy it is to make. And its so addicting to eat lots, so I only make it at Christmas! Thanks for a chance to win this awesome fabric!! :)

Jenniffier said... #

I like soy peppermint hot cocoas from starbucks! Thanks for the chance to win.

Julia said... #

My favorite time is when my duaghters and I make all the Christmas cookies for the season. Then the husbands and kids join us for dinner as we watch White Christmas and eat cookies. FUN!

Anonymous said... #

Pavlova with kiwifruit & strawberries - or with passionfruit, depending who gets to do the topping that year!

Jan Maree said... #

my favourite Christmas treat is gingerbread!

Peggy said... #

I love Christmas sugar cookies

Susanne said... #

My grandma does all the baking. I love her Lebkuchen! But I fear I don't know the recipe :

Quilting Melodies said... #

I love my grandmas divinity. I wish she were still here to make me some!! Happy sewing

PNW Quilts said... #

oh my, my favorite holiday treat is hot cocoa and mint milano's and this 7 Up lime jello I've made on every holiday for 36 years now,,every one loves it and I just kinda invented it so I am going to have to pass it on to one of the grandkids so they can keep it going...funny how something becomes a tradition without even trying ~xo~

karamino said... #

My favorite holiday treat is oatmeal cookies by my mom!

Unknown said... #

Mulled wine of course!

Dollwood Farms said... #

My favorite treat is chocolate covered pretzels with sprinkles on top. :) SO easy to make too

Susana Neiger said... #

*Sigh* I love Christmas treats. My mom's marshmallow-creme fudge. The Crispix-kind-of "Puppy Chow" that my grandmother made. My recent favorite ... pretzel-candy made with Rolos OR Andes mints melted on top, with a Christmas m&m on top ...

Rhonda said... #

Love fudge and hot apple cider as well. We sit the apple cider and cinnamon sticks on top of the wood stove so it stays hot and makes the house smell ohhh so good! Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

Linda said... #

Marshmallow Creme Fudge is probably the treat I love that has the most Christmas memories. Or is it Chocolate Creams (little chocolate dipped candies)? Or.....I can't decide.

Heather D. said... #

I love anything that's pepperminty!

Nat at Made in Home said... #

Mulled wine! The smell of it... It is the only way I can actually drink red wine!

Jen said... #

Oh I love lots of holiday treats, but my favorite has to be my grandmother's fudge. The recipe takes forever, and it never turns out as perfect as hers used to be, but it is so good!

Lisa Cox said... #

Hmm, favorite holiday treat? Very hard to decide. While I love anything milk chocolate, I have to say my favorite holiday treat is the roasted turkey.

Sandra :) said... #

Every year I make Peanut Blossoms (recipe is on the back of the Chipits Mini Kisses package) - I roll each cookie in red or green sugar before baking, just to make them extra festive :)

Anonymous said... #


mammafairy said... #

We have an old Family Circle recipe for 'Mary's Mince Pies' which are the perfect treat! They are less stodgy and solid than standard ones, with a lovely rich sweet pastry. Just Christmas!

Indianna said... #

I love hot chocolate with a shot of Baileys Irish Cream.

Lettyb said... #

I love sour cream cookies. My grandmother always sent them. :)

Carolyn said... #

My favorite holiday treat is Mocha Truffles.

Becky said... #

I love homemade candy at Christmas time. Fudge and pralines are two of my favorites. Thanks for a wonderful giveaway! Merry Christmas!

Lee D said... #

sugar cookies made from the recipe we have been using for 3 generations

NM_Creatrix said... #

Hot Chocolate on Christmas Eve

Diane said... #

My nephew makes this wonderful drink with rum? brandy? Not sure, but it's very good. I only found this out last year. LOL. Thanks for the chance to win the giveaway. This blog hop is great fun.

Nanbon44 said... #

my favorite cookie would be sand tarts as thin as I can make them..

Kylie Carlson said... #

My favorite cookie is Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies from Martha Stewart. They're spicy and chocolately so yummy. I think the recipe is on Martha's site. Thank you for the lovely giveaway.

Quilting "b" said... #

Homemade Apple cider, gingerbread cookies. Making Christmas memories with my family and friends

Cecilia said... #

Here in the South we make Divinity! I make it only at Christmas and I give some to friends for gifts.

Kamila said... #

In Poland, we can't imagine Christmas without a poppy-seed cake. The stuffing is made with honey walnuts and huzelnuts. Delicious! Thanks for your give-away.

Editfolt said... #

GREETINGS FROM HUNGARY. Thanks for playing!
What spa to go at Christmas.

Jeanne Gwin said... #

I love Bailey's Irish Cream in my coffee but I only drink it during the Christmas Holidays.

Maxine said... #

COOKIES! I am feeling Jovial and I love peanut butter blossom cookies! Happy holidays.

Desi @ Wee Share said... #

This year I discovered cake batter cookies. We made them into cookie sandwiches with homemade red and green icing in the middle. So yummy and festive!


Missy said... #

My favorite is my mother in law's butter cookies. We have so much history there of the kids helping make the cut out of them adding sprinkles when they are so small they could barely hold the little jar..of my daughter wearing her grandmother's apron from when she was a little girl while she did it : )

Missy said... #

My favorite is my mother in law's butter cookies. We have so much history there of the kids helping make the cut out of them adding sprinkles when they are so small they could barely hold the little jar..of my daughter wearing her grandmother's apron from when she was a little girl while she did it : )

Luna said... #

Pizzelles! But sadly my iron caught fire two years ago so I'm no longer able to make that cookie.

Thanks for the chance to win!

Kelly (at) mysimplewalk (dot) com

Valentine's Day Roses Free Delivery said... #

A cold glass of Krug with a full english is a tradition in our extravagance but it's something we adults all enjoy! :)

Montseta - Montsecosecose said... #

My favourite treat is Suchard chocolate turrone, a traditional spanish xmas treat!

Dana Gaffney said... #

Shortbread cookies that are made with a cookie press, they are a pain to make, but soooo delicious. Thanks.

Sewnuts said... #

Linzer torte cookies - just got the cutter to make them last year - and the cookies were yummy - and disappeared fast!!Sharing with family though is the best! Thanks.

Mary said... #

One secret recipe coming up: Snicker Salad, aka Superior Candy Apple Salad (1/2 the apples, twice the Snickers of the original)

12 reg sized Snickers candy bars, chopped
3-4 tart apples such as Granny Smith,
peeled, cored chopped
1 block of cream cheese, softened
1 jar marshmallow creme - I use the bigger jar, but have used the smaller one when I couldn't find a big one
1 large container Cool Whip, thawed. Again in a pinch you can use the smaller container.

Beat together cream cheese, marshmallow cream, and cool whip. Pour over apples and snickers and fold in, mixing till all covered and smooth. You can add maraschino cherries if you want.

Don't make too far ahead of time if serving guests. The candy bars will gradually melt into the dressing. It's every bit as good that way, but not as pretty. This stuff NEVER gets thrown away -- it's eaten to the last spoonful.

Try it, you'll like it! :^)

Happy Me said... #

My favorite holiday treat is my sisters snickers cheesecake!

Thank you for the chance to win!

Anonymous said... #

Our favourite Christmas treat is definitely Butter Tarts, my husband is diabetic and his sister makes special sugar free tarts for him! I love you prize pack! Merry Christmas from BC!

Lee said... #

I love gingerbread - i could be dinner for me.

Quiltaholic said... #

My favourite would be Rum Balls! I only make them at Christmas Time and my family love them, as well as all of the other Holiday cookies and candies LOL! Thank you for the giveaway!

Mama Pea said... #

Peppermint bark! Love it! And those little wreaths you make from Special K, Karo syrup, green food coloring, and red hots!

Shelley said... #

Mincemeat pie!! We make our own mincemeat and save it just for Christmas pies!

crafter1953 said... #

I make peanut butter fudge every year and peanut butter cookies. The fudge is so easy a child could make it. If you want the recipe e-mail me and I can give it to you. Thank you for a chance to win. Happy Holiday to You and Yours.

Average Quilter said... #

My mother use to make a jam cake that was out of this world - I miss it

Indianna said... #

I love roasting chestnuts at home on our fire. The smell is wonderful.

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