Thursday, December 1, 2011

Really Random, 12/1/11

It's December! Wow...already having trouble catching my breath, thinking about what I want to do in 24 short days and still be able to slow down and enjoy the season.

First of all, remember this picture?
Our friends, Derek and Lisa, got married on 11/11/11 (um....obvious).  I had added the picture to the Flickr 11/11/11 group. Last week I got this flickr mail:

"My name is Danielle and the reason I am contacting you is because Marie Claire Magazine is publishing an article about the 11Eleven Project ( People worldwide participated in the largest collaborative storytelling event in human history...The 11Eleven Project is quintessentially “a day in the life of the world” told by the people of earth. The reason I am contacting you is I have wonderful news; we would love to use your image to contribute to the article! "

Eeek! She wanted my picture in the highest resolution possible. I sent her what I had. Not sure if the resolution will be good enough or not. But, wow. What a fun opportunity!

Best burp rags ever. Easy peasy to make. Some fun fabric, a little chenille and minkie on the back. Anyone interested in the dimensions? Did I mention that my son is an Oregon Ducks fan? (Again...obvious.)
Is it true things happen in threes? Then we still have one more thing to break. Our built-in microwave quit the other day.
We have a small spare microwave that we used up at the rental cabins, but at least two times a day I go to the built-in, open the door, stare at a little bowl in there with some screws (for the faceframe--so we don't lose them), wonder why there is a bowl with screws in the microwave, and then remember, oh yeah, it's broken, and then walk over to the spare microwave.

The other thing? The battery was so dead in my car yesterday that the remote portion of my key wouldn't work to unlock the door.

My two favorite pictures from Thanksgiving day:
This year, my dad has been making everyone in the family a pen and pencil set from wood for their birthday present. Seriously. He makes them on his lathe. I think I got the most beautiful set for my birthday. Thanks, Dad.

My magnetic snowman always makes me smile. I leave him up through the end of January.

Do you like Christmas music? I sure do. We have collected a lot of Christmas CDs over the years.
We probably don't need another one. Especially one by Justin Bieber. But then I read this Associated Press review. "Parents are likely to buy Justin Bieber's Christmas album for their kids and pray that their young ones will only play it through their headphones. But the elders would be missing out...Even if you don't have kids, 'Under the Mistletoe' should be under your Christmas tree."

Really? Do you have this CD? Would you recommend it? In the interest of full disclosure, maybe I should mention that we are owners of the following Christmas CDs: A Toolbox Christmas (everything performed with hand and power tools) and A Wild Christmas ("all animals and ambient sounds recorded by Bernie Krause with the exception of the fish--courtesy of the U.S. Navy).  Kinda makes you wonder why I would even question if JB would be a good addition or not...

And finally, just a little peak at the progress so far on Crazy Traditions. Half of the blocks are completed! 
Until January, things will be a little sporadic around here. The Name Game may or may not make an appearance, and the Farmer's Wife has said she is taking a break until after Christmas and I'm not arguing with her.

I hope you take some random moments to savor the lights and music of the season.


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Sara said... #

Where did you get the snowman on your fridge---just darling!

Dorry your car battery died:(

I need to get some good Christian music, Christian Justin Beiber for me;)

Archie The Wonder Dog said... #

Love everything in this post, well the lovely things! The pen/pencil sets are amazing (wow, what a talent!), the snowman is oh-so-cute and your crazy tradition blocks are wonderful! Hope the third thing doesn't happen!

Needled Mom said... #

I love the randomness!!!!

Your dad's work is GOGEOUS!!!!! I am always amazed when I see woodwork like that.

I'll pass on the JB music too. We love our Christmas CDs and have a collection similar to yours.

Yes, the breaks do tend to come in threes. My last set of three was the vacuum, the washer and finally the hot water heater. What a disaster that was!!!

I love your blocks and the cute snowman. I saw the snowman and thought it would be so much fun until I remember my fridge is a non magnetic stainless. ;~(

Unknown said... #

I remember your snowman fridge from last year! So so cute! I want one!

Anonymous said... #

Just Google "youtube justin bieber mistletoe" and listen to the single -- I like it, it has a nice mellow vibe. :-)

kelly said... #


Lee said... #

Wow, your picture in Marie Claire! That is seriously awesome! I hope they can use it. said... #

your photo in a magazine, awesome. My nephew and his wife had their second baby on 11/11/11 at 11:11 am. Should they submit their story?

Poppyprint said... #

Ok Cindy that was so totally random I'm giggling here. My daughter makes me watch YouTube video's of Justin daily and she's so excited about his Christmas CD. Ugh. We made a mixed CD of our best holiday tunes as a Christmas card for all of our friends years ago. It took hour and hours to burn 115 CDs and cost us a fortune, but it is still our fav holiday listening. As soon as I start playing it, I feel very much in the holiday spirit....especially when I hear the Charlie Brown Christmas song.

Pieces to Love said... #

I agree with everyone else, I love your randomness.

I think hubby will be getting a new car battery for Christmas, his is about kaput, I told him last night if I looked out and saw his car one morning I would know why.

I LOVE the fridge snowman. How do you get the kids to leave it alone?

The pen set is AMAZING!!!! Your dad does great work.

Mrs Flying Blind... said... #

I so love your randoms!
Too young for Justin Beiber here, thank goodness!

Grandma G said... #

I love it all (well, not the 'three things'), but my fav is the pic of Levi and Gabriel! Too cute/funny! :)

And I'm feeling exactly the same way as your first paragraph. *puff, pant, hurry, run, puff, pant*

Katy Cameron said... #

Bwahahaha, yeah, why are you even questioning the Bieber CD, just run on out there and get it :oD

Sorry about all the breakdowns, hope the third thing, should it choose to happen, is very minor!

Congrats on the publication, and I have to say, I'm laughing at the 2 pics with baby brother, I guess it's a 'love-hate' thing :oD

Jennifer said... #

Wow, you're famous! That's so cool!

I look forward to your Thurday posts because they are always full of fun stuff. Your dad's pen & pencils sets are amazing! No wonder you are so creative...

Jennifer :)

Shocking Hocking said... #

you're kidding right?? questioning whether to get the Beiber cd - hell no!!!! (can't describe him as JB, that's reserved for Bond, James Bond!!)

Terriaw said... #

Congrats on the photo op!

Love those beautiful pens your dad makes!

Carla said... #

You are such hoot!! I always smile on thursdays!!

Susana Neiger said... #

What a lot of fun "random"! I love the pictures, love the magnetic snowman (TOO CUTE), and I really LOVE the crazy traditions quilt blocks!

Lucy | Charm About You said... #

Great pictures and I love that snowman! Those pens are unbelievable! What a special and beautiful gift :)

Anonymous said... #

My much awesomeness in one post!

First congrats on the photo op! How exciting. :)

Your snowman fridge decoration is quite possibly the cutest damn thing I've seen in a long time!

The kids are adorable (is he trying to "hide"from the camera? Lol)

Your dad does some amazing and intricate things with wood!

So many more things I could comment on here, but I'll stop now ;) Great randomness today. :)

Letterpress said... #

VEry fun, Cindy. I have WAY too many Christmas songs (842 at last count on the iTunes list) but I must say don't have the power tools songs, nor the animals.

Fun randomness today--love that Marie Claire picked up your photo!! Very very cool.

Merry First Week of Christmas!!

Pat said... #

I first saw your snowman on Pinterest! SO cute!

Mama Pea said... #

Trying to catch up on my blogs. Sorry I've been away so long. My life has been crazy. Love the pen/pencil your dad made. I'm thinking about getting my hubby a mini lathe for Christmas. I want him making stuff like this for me...and beautiful seam rippers. :-)