Friday, March 30, 2012

Farmer's Wife Friday: Marry a Good Farmer

This farmer's wife is from the East  Coast, Worcester County, Massachusetts. While not "sugar-coating" life on the farm, she is upbeat in listing the benefits of living life on a farm rather than in the city. She notes that for a cheerful home, it "needs healthy, playing children, the spirit of work and also the spirit of love and inter-responsibility," where the children can learn the spirit of work, along with lessons in economy, by raising an animal, selling it and learning how to manage the proceeds from the sale.

#29, Economy

Like others, this wife stresses that the woman is the partner of the farmer, doing real work, often doing the bookkeeping as well. While there is much labor, much of the tedium has been eliminated by electricity and machinery.

In addition, the "phonograph, the automobile, and the many community houses furnish pleasure for the country people." I have no doubt that many snowballs were thrown in those East Coast winters in Massachusetts.

#81 Snowball

Even though finances are always a problem on the farm (and continue to be so even now), valuable lessons are learned. And "prosperity and all good come to those who work industriously and have within their souls the love of their work."  I would say that is good advice in the present day, whether you live on a farm or in the city.

Carla always has interesting insights into the letters, along her cheery blocks! So I hope you will head over there and say hi. Although she might not answer back right away--she is off sewing this weekend at a guild retreat.

ETA: The winner of the bag of scraps is the first person who left a comment on the post, Becky, who said:
I hate being #1 - especially when a prize I REALLY want is involved! Maybe I will make this is huge long comment, so another comment will sneak into the #1 spot.

I LOVE the name Granny is Amish - so clever and I really like the use of solids in this block - very authentic.

Sunday Morning Quilts just shot to the top of my "To Buy" list - thanks for the great review.

As mentioned before, I would love to win your scraps! I don't have nearly enough for the projects I want to tackle. Thanks for the chance to win!

Which just goes to prove that RNG really is random!

Note to Deborah from Lima, Peru, who asked about the cute llama fabric.  I tried to contact you but couldn't find your address. So if you happen to be reading this, the fabric was designed by Laurie Wisbrun and is available in her etsy shop.


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Deborah said... #

Lovely, as always!

Needled Mom said... #

I love seeing the blocks in the solids. Very nice.

B Greene said... #

YIPPEE!! I guess being the first commenter is not always the kiss of death. Thanks you so much for this wonderful giveaway! I am just getting back into quilting and sewing after too long a hiatus. This will certainly give my scrap stash a much-needed boost!

Thanks again!!

Carla said... #

Pretty blocks, Cindy. I was happy to have some simple ones this week, weren't you!

Mrs Flying Blind... said... #

Those blocks look so right!
Congrats to Becky x

Terriaw said... #

Great blocks this week! They seem so clean and fresh and simple. Enjoy a great weekend!

Katy Cameron said... #

Yup, loads of snowballs up there in the winter!

Mama Pea said... #

More good blocks. These looked less challenging but are done to precision, just like always for you!

felicity said... #

I won a giveaway as commenter #1 once - RNG really is Random!

felicity said... #

Oh, and nice blocks, lady!

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