Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hello? I'm here, but I can't reply

When my friend, Elizabeth, posted this picture, along with her extreme frustrations with Blogger, I chuckled. Not because I didn't feel her frustration, but because she is such a great writer and it was just funny.

And then yesterday, it just wasn't so funny anymore. So I totally ripped off copied the picture from her blog so I could put it here. Because now I am feeling like this:
I have a Blogger account. So, hey, Blogger people: why did you decide to pick on me?? Oh, yeah, now I remember. Because the email address I have my comments forwarded to is a COMCAST account. And you, Google, rule the world. And you change the rules without notification. Because you can. What was I thinking?? So I tried to sign up for a new google account, thinking that would appease the google gods. was already taken. What?? Who stole my name? So I did something very clever and used my own name. It was also taken. I came up with a third option. But I still don't know if it will solve my original problem, which is that none of your comments are being forwarded to an email account, ANY email account, and I want to reply to you kind people. But Google won't let me. Which I think is very poor manners on their part.

So if anyone is reading this, could you please leave some kind of comment, even if it is just a single word.

If my offering of a new gmail account to the google gods works, then I will reply. If not, well, then I'm back to this:


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Wacky Woman said... #

So frustrating I know. That account may be YOU after all.

B Greene said... #

Hoping your problems have been solved!

Grandma G said... #

I'm not liking some of their other changes, either. Like not being able to subscribe to comment threads. :(

Grandma G said... #

At least you don't have their crappy nearly-impossible-to-read verification words. I tried to turn mine off, and I can't find any way to do that, either.

Brenda said... #

why does the world have to be run by computer geeks who can't explain to the rest of us why a change is an improvement?

Cindy said... #

oh no! It can be so frustrating. Here's hoping blogger sorts themselves out and makes you a happy customer again....

lindaroo said... #

Google wants to rule the world as a tyrant? Phooey! Isn't technology supposed to make communication more accessible?

Don't let it get to you!

DianeY said... #

I think Google is probably the deep-seated culprit behind ElNino! And the real reason behind the torrential rain, hail & tornado we had this week in Hawaii. It doesn't pay to mess with Mother Google

Archie The Wonder Dog said... #

I hope Blogger sorts itself out soon or you're going to be bald!

Sally said... #

Oh no! I hope you get it all figured out. It makes me think that I need to make a post on my blog so that I can see if I am getting my messages, too!

FlourishingPalms said... #

I guess I lucked out because instead of subscribing to blogs by email, I've opted to connect with the RSS Feed. Posts come into my email box, but they're in a separate section of email, at the bottom of all my other "regular" email messages. I love getting them this way. Might I suggest you try that? But I do understand your frustration. It's an awful feeling when things are going well, as they're meant to function, and Google throws a wrench in the works. Much patience as you un-wrench. said... #

Google sucks! How's that for a comment?

Amy Friend said... #

Oh dear...I hope you can figure it all out soon!

Heidi Grohs said... #

Did you get it figured out? My next adventure is to try to change from the custom domain I own...worried the Google will reject somehow!

Sarah said... #

Those naughty Google people! They obviously don't know WHO they are messing with!!
I hope your issues are resolved promptly!

Carla said... #

Bad Google! Quit picking on cindyliveacolorfullife! There, that should take care of it!
About a month ago they picked on me by shutting down my blog!!! No explanation given!! Thankfully, I talked them into turning it back on. That's why I think they will listen to me!! ;)

Jennifer said... #

google is definitely starting to alienate their users...

Mrs Flying Blind... said... #

Oh no. I use a non-gmail account for my comments to come to and that works - I would be careful of the helpful people on the Blogger forum, they are not always right. xxx

Rachel said... #

Now you made me curious...I have mine all set up different, I blog with Wordpress, but have google email and stuff...Let's see how this will work..LOL

CitricSugar said... #

Bah! Why did they go changing things around in such an inefficient manner? It's like they want us to move our blogs elsewhere...

I feel your frustration - I've had a bunch of it lately myself with this whole mess. Don't even get me started on the word verification process....

Brighton Breezy Sarah said... #

Personally I love what Google gives me in terms of storage of pics and contacts streamed with my phone and all that stuff ... I just hate the actual blogger interface, and always have done ...

I find Windows Live Writer absolutely brilliant as I can write my posts offline and upload to multiple blogs (I have work ones)
I can make my pics go where I bloomin well want them to, too!!

I moved my comments over to Disqus (it's not hard) and I can reply from my gmail to them ... you should have a look ...

hope you get things sorted ...

Richard Healey said... #

Some times the google god can be mean. Some times nice. I wonder where the google 10 commandments are so we know what the rules are so we dont get zaped.

Betsy said... #

Darn it!! Hope you get it worked out.

Katy Cameron said... #

Well, you know, I would reply, but I've been posting comments on this blog and nobody spoke to me so... ;o)

Good luck with some resolution!!!

Shocking Hocking said... #

poor thing - hope it's not avirus on blogger - we may all end up sneezing :-(

Mary Grace McNamara said... #

Most of my comments come to me in emails, but the comments from a handful of my readers only show up on my blogger dashboard. I can't seem to discover any connection among these readers, so I don't know why their comments don't come to my email address. I quit trying to figure Blogger out. Now I just publish their comments, click on their profile and get their email that way and write back. It's very round-about, but it works. Anyone who is a no-reply wouldn't get a response anyway, so I don't worry about those!

I also took off word verification because I hate doing it myself, and now no longer allow anonymous comments because of that, but I always moderate my comments anyway before they are published.

Why does Blogger have to make things so difficult?


felicity said... #

Aw Google, why you gotta be so mean, man?

Mama Pea said... #

So frustrating! And it can be SO hard to come up with a unique username that is "you" these days, isn't it? Hope it all gets worked out!

verykerryberry said... #

So annoying, I hope you have worked something out x

Cindy said... #

Good luck!

pinsandneedles said... #

Cindy, my blog is also connected to a comcast account but my comments are still coming to my email. I just added a test comment and I did receive the email notification. Hope whatever the problem is, it gets solved. Tech problems are the worse.

PNW Quilts said... #

google is acting like it owns the entire internet community,,making and changing things that are bringing financial harm to many small businesses as well as bloggers, it sucks!! and yet, i still have my gmail account in order to be able to post and things as well, facebook is next! yikes!!

mary i said... #

So sorry.. I am not a blogger,just a commenter.I get frustrated with those I am not a robot thingys.I mean really first thing in the morning,they insist on making me squint. Hang in there..

Blogless me said... #

Love the picture - "borrowed" or not! Good luck and may the gods smile on you!

annieB said... #

Love your blog, don't stop

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said... #

Oh dear! Unbelievable your names have been stolen! Hope it'll get sorted soon :)

ayumills said... #

So frustrating!! I hope you found a way to get comments sent to your gmail by now.
When I signed up for gmail account for the first time, I tried "" and I got an error saying it's taken. I don't believe it!

JHNickodemus said... #

Apparently I'm being blissfully unaware of google changes!

Anonymous said... #

Oh no! Who stole both your names?