Thursday, March 8, 2012

Really Random, 3/8/12: Things that make me happy

Walking into Target and seeing this:
This happy face when he sees me:
Or when he's sleeping (oh, those eyelashes!)
Even cars here in California have eyelashes (not that this necessarily makes me happy, because I think it's a little odd, but it seemed to be a good partner with the picture above, with two things in common, red, and long eyelashes.. I'll take the little boy any time. The car? Not so much...)
The boy with the real eyelashes just turned five months, so this went out in the mail today:
With another poem on the back that probably requires apologies to anyone reading it. Well, let's see you finding a word to rhythm with "iguana"!

A little boy who enjoys doing puzzles with his great-grandfather:
Or playing Angry Birds with me (for real, not on a phone)
Scoring a book that is nearly impossible to get. Titles in English, everything else, including instructions, in Japanese (fortunately there are great photos!)
Parking next to this:
And thinking this might be a good addition to my sewing room:
A co-worker of Mark's who either enjoys colorful socks, or had no other clean ones to wear. Let's go with the presumption that Scott enjoys colorful socks (and that he will be thrilled to know that his socks were highlighted on a quilting blog...)
Then we can hang out together because I wear something like this on a daily basis myself:
(No, I don't wear my jeans rolled up--this was for photo purposes only...)
And finally, friends who know me well and make fun things:
Each year, Jennifer makes each of us a place card for our spot at the quilting retreat. I always look forward to it because it has a fun ribbon made from the "challenge" fabric of the year--and because she always writes funny things. She has been taking Spanish in the past year, so besides lots of pictures from last year, it says:
Me nombre es Cindy Wiens
Yo soy una abuela rocking de tres nietros

I think she just said I was a rocking grandmother to three grandchildren. Thanks, Jennifer!

Deborah made each of us a crocheted pincushion and included a few extra goodies, of course in our favorite colors!
Life is good. And I am happy.

What about you?


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Mama Pea said... #

Awesome. Just awesome. I love your random posts!

Melinda said... #

I walked in our Target while the lady was putting that up. She sure didn't look happy putting it up but it sure made me happy seeing the colors! Love that Japanese book!

Amy Friend said... #

Lucky you to find a copy of that book! Your post made me laugh.

beaquilter said... #

wow, what a great post.... some funny ones too.

Katy Cameron said... #

Hee hee, love your colelction of randomness, especially your socks!

The Luedtke Family said... #

"Ooooh, look at that cute car.
Is it a girl?
I would go to a park in that car. I would go to (pause) a birthday party. And I would go to my shamrock birthday party."


Mrs Flying Blind... said... #

Well I am definitely happy that you are happy!!

Sara said... #

My son,Ayden has Angry Birds too..he plays every day..he is 4:)

Cutie patootie socks!!

Archie The Wonder Dog said... #

Love your random posts!

Carla said... #

HI Cindy! I'm behind on my blog reading (and writing) but so enjoyed all of your colorful inspiration in the last two! Your retreat sounds like so much fun with a great group of quilters who know each other well. You have a design wall to die for, my friend! Oh, and maybe we could arrange a marriage between Gabe and Lois!

Deborah said... #

My favorite random thing in your post is that cutie pie with the long eyelashes and I don't mean the car. And it makes me happy that you are happy. It's contagious!

FlourishingPalms said... #

Your random posts on Thursdays are my favs. Guess my last post was sorta like that as I was pondering the reasons Mr. Clean has a "New Zealand spring scent." Love the baby's smile and eyelashes. As for on the car, well honestly, eyelashes do look great on a VW Bug! I've seen them, but they aren't on my Bug. Fun seeing the hexies in your new book. Your socks? Those are just too much! And orange you lucky to get so much tango?! Neat stuff. I enjoyed this post immensely.

Grandma G said... #

Oooohh... that adorable little face!! Makes me happy just to see the pic! :)

Linda said... #

Color also makes me happy! And my grandchildren!
I love the idea of sending the post cards with the letters of the alphabet. Your little rhyme is great! What lucky grandchldren you have!

Doris said... #

I always enjoy your random posts--so much fun!

Elizabeth E. said... #

So many fun things on this great random post of yours. Love those socks, and the treats from the retreat. And what a treasure that postcard is.

When we walked into Target the other night, I whacked my husband on his arm and said, look up! Look up! Loved that too--how fun that you'd blog about it.

Elizabeth E.

Allison said... #

scissors from hexagons?!! I love it!!!

Jennifer said... #

what's that orange pencil holder?

felicity said... #

I'm happy that you're happy.

Terriaw said... #

Wow, now that's a random post! Nice to see so many wonderful things making you happy. I'm happy it's Friday and the start of my Spring Break.

Lucy | Charm About You said... #

So wonderful, I needed something to make me smile and this did the trick! thank you :)

CitricSugar said... #

That baby is just too darn cute!