Friday, April 27, 2012

Farmer's Wife Friday: A Vote for the Country

I looked into the future. After this week, there are just nine more editions of Farmer's Wife Friday. Carla and I will have completed all 111 blocks! We are both planning on using the same setting, which is interesting, although not really surprising since we think along the same lines very often. It will be interesting to see our completed quilts with different fabric styles, yet the same setting.

It was exciting for me to see where this week's farmer's wife came from: Marion County, Kansas. Mark and I went to college (Tabor College), in Hillsboro, which is a small town in Marion County, Kansas. In fact, we got engaged at Marion Reservoir.

I tried to glean something familiar from this letter, since for the first time I could actually visualize where this farmer's wife lived. She certainly enjoyed the company of her family, where "farm people eat three happy, chatty meals together nearly every day." She enjoyed privacy and seclusion from living on the farm, where her children could play outdoors in a playground of "acres of grass and trees."

I'm sure she had a garden, probably with both vegetables, and flowers.

#36, Flower Garden Path
She very much enjoyed the fresh air, and the peace and quiet of her rural home, even in trying times.

#106 Wild Rose & Square

I didn't live on a farm in Marion County, Kansas, but I have many fond memories of my time in that area.

So let's review a little bit, shall we?

Here are all the blocks so far:
I apparently had too much time on my hands the other day because I spent a lot of time putting blocks on my design wall, taking them down, and rearranging them into different groups.

Here are all the blocks that have just one color plus Kona snow:
Blocks with no Kona snow at all:
Some of my favorites (spoiler alert--one of these blocks will actually show up next week and I have been waiting impatiently to make it. Why? You'll find out next week.)
And blocks I don't like and/or wouldn't ever make again even if you paid me.

That's the wrap-up for this week. Hmmmm. I wonder if Carla has ever been to Marion County...but you'll probably have to wait until Monday to find out!


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Katy Cameron said... #

Whew, must feel great to be so near the end! Looking forward to seeing how they all come together in the end, even the bad guys ;o)

Susan said... #

Oooh! You are getting SO close to a finish! It will fun to see what block arrangement you have decided on! BTW I love the Flower Garden Path block!

randi--i have to say said... #

I am REALLY looking forward to seeing how this quilt turns out. You are amazing for sticking with this!

Mama Pea said... #

Your new blocks are amazing. And everything together looks just great!!! Wow!

Mrs Flying Blind... said... #

Wow I can't believe you have so few left to do! Amazing x

Terriaw said... #

Wow, you are almost there! For some reason, I thought this was a year-long project. Your blocks look fantastic - what a great accomplishment! I'm loving that flower garden path block - cool fabric combos.

Archie The Wonder Dog said... #

I hadn't realised you were so close to the end! (Well, the end of making the blocks!) I do hope the bad boys are going to play nicely with the other blocks and not start a fight...

felicity said... #

your little groupings made me laugh especially the last one. :)

Lucy | Charm About You said... #

Just amazing! I really don't want either of you to finish though, I've so enjoying reading a long with your journeys!! Can you do another book together?! :)

Carla said... #

Wow. What an accomplishment : )

OPQuilt said... #

While I was out galivanting around, seeing my parents, you put up about 300 blog posts, made a jillion Farmer's Wife Squares and single-handedly made a lovely dent in some needs around the world with your donations. I'm tired just thinking of it all.

I finally got ONE blog post put up. Geesh. I need to get going!

Love the blocks and I laughed at all the arrangements you made. Glad you had some free time to mess around with your handiwork. Bravo to you.


Carla said... #

Well, I finally am reading your postI I hadn't thought of the Marion County thing...I think I was there years ago! I love your idea of the groupings...I might have to do my own rendition. Also, the next posting will hold a block that I've been waiting in anticipation to make as well!

Anonymous said... #
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