Thursday, April 26, 2012

Really Random: The Fashion Edition, 4/26

You never know when you will have some sort of fashion experience. 

Maybe it is when you are measuring for kitchen cabinets and see these furry red boots:
Or you see a cutie with rainboots and you wish they came in your size:
Or mommy dresses everyone in the same color for Easter Sunday:

Or Ruby and her family are going to Disneyland and her mommy, Jill, asks you to embellish a onesie with Minnie Mouse and you tell her that you aren't really experienced in this kind of thing but she trusts you anyway:
And it looks so much cuter when Ruby wears it:
Or you have to wear a uniform with the name of a team your daddy isn't very fond of but you have to wear it anyway because you just started playing T-ball and that's the name of your team:
Or your grandpa thinks a cheek full of sunflower seeds is his idea of being "fashion forward" and wonders why you seem to be saying, "You've gotta be kiddin' me!"
So then grandma gets to hold you, and your striped shirt is SO much cuter than whatever it is she is wearing. And who cares anyway? Because everyone is looking at your amazing round eyes:
Or you wear the cutest t-shirt and a ruffly lavender skirt and take a picture with your kindergarten teacher, who is also very cool, and you are both color-coordinated:
Or you wear this t-shirt (which makes your daddy much happier) and have a snack out on the porch of Periwinkle Cottage because it is such a nice day:
Or you wear this t-shirt (which, again, makes your daddy very happy) and then say to your grandma, "Grandma, this is the life." And her heart melts just a little...


  1. Very cute grandkids----no matter what they are wearing

  2. Another fun start to my Thursday. BTW, I spotted those furry boots on some legs at Target last week....carrying a big pink heart shaped purse and wearing a pink hat!

  3. awwww... too cute!
    love the mickey mouse..good job!

  4. aw. how touching! what cute babes you have :D

  5. What a great post. I love the common thread you found. E has shoes and boots all the time that I wish came in my size!

  6. So cute! There is a pair of those fuzzy boots in aqua that live at my house...

    Jennifer :)

  7. You made me tear up! Emotions are running high around here anyway, but I'm determined to appreciate the now. I'll make the most of limited time left with grandies who live "nearby" (three hours away, in KC!) What comes out of the mouth of a two and a half year-old is so precious! It's so nice to know you know it too. Soak all of it in Grandma.

  8. What a cute way to tie all those photos together. Lots of cuties in your family.

  9. Your Micky turned out perfectly! All this makes me want to spice up my wardrobe!

  10. Cute!!

    Oh and.....

    GO DUCKS!!!!!


  11. I love all the pics.

    My fashion experience today was enjoying some time alone at Goodwill and finding fashionable treasures FOR ME!!!!

  12. Love those grand kids! I always get a kick out of your narrating, too.

  13. That Ruby is really a cutie! And Gabriel looks like he's trying to copy Grandpa's look, with both cheeks! :)

    Fun pics!

  14. Awesome random pieces of fashion that all seem to tie together, as if stemming from the same family! Ha! Love all the great expressions on everyone.

  15. Oh My those so made me smile(before coffee) Go Ducks!Hello from Alabama.

  16. well I could just cry! Aren't you all the sweetest :)


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