Tuesday, May 1, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Swooning--a little too much

I may have mentioned before that I'm not a mathlete. However, I always thought I could count properly.

I needed to make nine blocks for my Swoon quilt. How did I end up with TEN?? I guess I was having such a good time pulling fabric combinations.

Each of the blocks has the same fabric in the center--limey green/turquoise/blue flowers on a black background. Back when I was pulling fabrics for the blocks I wanted to include blocks that incorporated each of those colors, including the black. Last week I posted the above picture on Instagram and asked for suggestions about which block should be essentially "voted off the island"---used on the back of the quilt instead of the front. Nearly everyone said the same thing--get rid of the far left block in the middle row, or the far right block in the bottom row.

*sigh* I really really like both of those blocks. So I decided maybe I should post a larger picture of each one and you all can help me reach the final decision.

Not to imply that I don't appreciate the help from my IG friends! I guess I'm just looking for a different outcome, maybe?

So let's start with the black blocks.

1. See all the little dots? They are limey green and blue.

2. This one has the cutest black/white gingham check.And the green fabric in the points is one of my faves, too.
Next the blue blocks:

3. The points of green kind of fade out--too light a color--but I like the bright blue in the corners because it gives this block an entirely different look from the others, kind of three-dimensional.
4. The major fabric in this block was a gradation from really dark blue, nearly black, to light blue. And the dots were tiny in the darker bluer and got bigger as the blue became lighter.Very fun fabric--I have it in green and red also.
5. Love the diagonal dots in this one.
6. The fabric in this block was all set to be in an entirely different quilt when I noticed that it had ALL the colors, including black!
The predominantly turquoise blocks are next.

7. This block has two different colorways of my precious "fossil fern" fabrics.
8. This block has the fabulous Pat Bravo "oval elements" in such a pretty color.
9. Next is a predominantly chartreuse block. I really thought I needed one that was mostly green.
10. This was the final block and I almost didn't make it, but the fabric was already cut out.
I really like each and every one. That's my dilemma.

What if I put the #1 black block in the center? Would that balance things better? But that still doesn't answer the question of which block to put on the back. Thoughts?


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Donna said... #

I love how you've changed each block, with the center the same! Such beautiful colors, too. I'm just mad for this pattern and amazed how it can be changed up by all of us. My vote is for the chartreuse on the back. I really like the black. Or you could just do 8more blocks and have a second quilt! :-)

Anonymous said... #

I vote for number 3 on the back, or make just 2 more and do a 3x4 setting with 12 blocks.

Mrs Flying Blind... said... #

10 is better than 8 and running out of fabric!!

CitricSugar said... #

I was going to say the exact same thing as SoozeM. Exact.

The only other way to deal with the fade of #3 is to put it to the centre but I think you're right to put #1 there.

They really are beautiful blocks, dear.

Kerstin said... #

All the blocks are so lovely, I would have a hard time deciding as well. But I think I would put the chartreuse one on the back, it kind of sticks out with the bright green...

Kristy QP said... #

Oh tough decision! Afraid I'm no help - though I do like SoozeM's idea of just making another two blocks! ;)

Kris from Duke Says Sew What said... #

I missed that IG post! Ok I have looked at it several times and my vote is #3 ...the bottom right, should go on the back. The color of it is not as vibrant as the rest of the blocks. The rest look great together. I like the balance of the chartreuse one with the other blocks that have a little chartreuse. I love the boldness of the black one and it balances well with center right block. What a fabulous quilt!!!! My swoon pattern is still in its wrapper...

Kris from Duke Says Sew What said... #

Oops it's number 2----- the gingham one on the bottom right.

Molly said... #

sorry I am no help at all but I really love all the blocks and would have a hard time choosing one to eliminate- I think you need to do 2 more blocks and keep them all, or choose one to be a matching pillow instead so it still has an important job! :)

Nexxxus Ramblings said... #

I really think that you should put #5 on the back.

Salley said... #

I am a chartreuse fan... so, sorry... just dont like the No. 2 block... the gingham that YOU like. But its your quilt dont listen to us!

Selfsewn said... #

Sew two more!!

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said... #

All of them are so lovely. I'd go with Clare - could you be tempted to sew two more?

Susan said... #

You may not have enough of the centre fabric, or the inclination, to make more! I would eliminate #3 because it lacks the definition of the others and may cause the top to looked unbalanced! But really, it's your quilt..which one do YOU think should be relegated to the back? (Or as a cushion?)

PugMom said... #

My vote is to for you to make two more blocks. One that would coordinate with the two voted "off island", and another one with more blues and greens. Then you can make a table runner with the three blocks (a bonus!) AND finish your quilt. You obviously like making the Swoon blocks--and if you don't have enough blues and greens, this is an excuse to buy more!

Mary said... #

I like Clare's suggestion to sew two more! Hee hee! If you don't want to sew two more...I say the middle one on the top row. I know you like it because it stands out from all the rest but maybe that's exactly why it should be on the back. And maybe being on the back is not a bad thing...

Have fun!

Kelly said... #

I like them all, can you do a lucky dip for the blcok that gets dumped? :)

Melinda said... #

Maybe I'm crazy but the first thing I thought was to make one more and turn two into pillow shams. I just used this easy peasy tutorial to make shams for two twin quilts I made recently. http://www.dawnsquiltcorner.com/2011/01/pillow-sham-tutorial.html

If they're too big for shams...well, I hate to pick on any one of them. They're all pretty!

pinsandneedles said... #

Cindy, I really like the 2 black blocks. I would not remove them but one of the blues or turquoise blocks. I agree that they are all nice so it is hard to pick one to go on the back. At least it will be part of the quilt and not orphaned.

Rowen said... #

I would put 5 on the back because it blends together too much for my taste. I think all the other blocks have a nice amount of contrast in them!

Carla said... #

Good morning, sunshine! My first choice would be for you to make two more blocks and enlarge the quilt...maybe using lots of chartreuse in them to balance the one you already made. If you just are sick of making Swoons, then I'd probably vote off Block #2, IMHO. This will be beautiful no matter what you decide!!

Mama Pea said... #

Very difficult! Make two more and do a different setting! LOL. If I had to pick one for the back, I would pick #3, only because the light green is so pale it makes those points recede into the background a lot. But they are all so beautiful, Cindy. That's what happens when you are good. ;-)

Patti said... #

I like all your blocks, but before reading your post and just looking at the photo, the one that least appealed to me was the last one! Good luck with your decision.

Marie said... #

Well, seeing as you asked! I squinted to look at your blocks and noticed that #8, bottom row, left side of your top picture, fades away, while the others seem to be of the same tone. So that's the one that I would put on the back of this beautiful quilt.

Marie said... #

Well, seeing as you asked! I squinted to look at your blocks and noticed that #8, bottom row, left side of your top picture, fades away, while the others seem to be of the same tone. So that's the one that I would put on the back of this beautiful quilt.

Jeanne Gwin said... #

Well it was difficult because all the blocks are beautiful. I say the blue with the very light green points should be the very special block on the back. Just mho. :)

B Greene said... #

I think I would put #3 on the back because of its 3D look. It is unique and therefore can stand alone. I would leave the very dark block off-center precisely to keep things from being too balanced, but that is just me.

Mary said... #

All of the blocks are wonderful. My vote is for #3 on the back. Good luck with your decision!

Jennifer said... #

these look gorgeous!!! I usually end up with one less, not one more! that would be a plus! - you can always use it on the backing, that would be a cute way to integrate it!

Terriaw said... #

Beautiful blocks! You could make two more blocks and have an even 12. Then you wouldn't have to vote one off.

Since you're asking, if I had to vote, I would vote block 5, 6 or 8 off the island because they have the least contrast compared to the rest. I'm all for contrast because it makes things really pop.

PS - I am jealous of all the wonderful sewing you've been doing these past few months!

Debbie said... #

The upper left one looks alot more 'teal' than the others - maybe it could go on the back? I feel for you - they are all really wonderful!

Jessica Kelly said... #

Oh goodness, I'm afraid I'm not much help here...I'd say maybe nix the far left in the middle row just because it is so much darker than the others?? Really they all are fabulous, so you cant go wrong...good luck!!

Doris said... #

I would put #8 on the back, it is the one that isn't as "strong" color-wise as all the others and fades away when looking at all ten together. It ould be highlighted on back with some more turquoise, blue and green piecing along with it...

OPQuilt said... #

Either sew two more, or my vote is to get rid of #10--the lime green one. In the mix, it sticks out too much. I like the dark ones, as I love quilts that have a full range of value (light to dark) and I think dark blocks give some zing and pizazz and keep the eye moving around the quilt.

What a lovely conundrum!

Anonymous said... #

I love your color combinations and agree with the other comments that #3 should be on the back.

randi--i have to say said... #

I don't think it's possible to swoon too much! :)

Lovely lovely blocks! I always like to see your take on quilting blocks since your color choices tend to be so different that mine. You make me want to go with some deeper colors!

Rachel said... #

OK, I must have missed the first vote, LOL, so let me say they look amazing! Love, them! Makes me (almost) want to dig out my pattern and carry on...almost.

My first choice to vote off would be #7. (I know, not the popular choice, LOL) While I love it, for me it reads a whole lot less definition in the corners than the rest of the blocks (does that make sense?)

After that I would make 2 more blocks, LOL

Katie B said... #

I really love the black blocks! I think putting one in the middle would look awesome.

And I think you should think of the block on the back as extra special and deserving of a place of honor, not voted off the island! :)

Kim said... #

this is what I would do.
Take the blackest one and put it in the center.
Take the lightest one ( lower left hand corner) and put it on the back and put that "extra" one in the place of the one you just removed.
I'd like to see that layout on your design wall.

Beautiful blocks, it will be a gorgeous quilt no matter how you finally put them together :0)

Happy Sewing

Linda Beth said... #

Okay, so my vote would be to move either block #5 or #10 to the back, that way you still keep a great assortment of value shifts and all of the colors appear in all of the parts of the blocks remaining. Personally, I like having that light one in there, as well as the darker one - which I would NOT put in the center, as the rest of your blocks surrounding it would pale in comparison. Not in interest, of course, but in impact.

Good luck with your decision, because without a doubt they are all fabulous blocks!!

lindaroo said... #

I think the Pat Bravo "oval elements" look a little washed out compared to the other colors, and you could really feature it on the back. So hard when you love all of them!

Jennifer said... #

You like them all and enjoyed the process. Wy to make two more?

make.share.give said... #

That's exactly what I thought- the black one in the center.
I'm not gonna be any help deciding which one relegates to the back. Love them all.

Krysta said... #

I love your blocks! The colors are beautiful. My vote goes for #3.

DianeY said... #

I didn't notice it before, but I agree that #3 goes to the back. And I think you're right about putting the black one in the center!

Katy Cameron said... #

I'm voting block #3 to be banished to the back! I love the 3D nature of it, but that pale green does make it look like a whole 'nother block type

Carla said... #

Wow. Your quilt will be stunNING!!!

Julianne said... #

I dont like block #6

BijouxBaby said... #

If you have to put one on the back I'd put the last one on the back. I'd really go ahead and make 2 more then you have a generous bed sized quilt. Why put any of your hard work on the back. Or make one into a pillow and then you have 9 for the quilt.

Heather D. said... #

I vote for the one that has the light green points that are kind of lost in the background. Is that #3? yes, I think so.

But really, they are all so nice so I understand why it is difficult to choose one to be "voted off", hehe.

Alex said... #

I love them all too! But i think that number 2 might come over as a little brownish even? and compared to number one (I LOVE DOTS!) I have to say that number two is only a strong like, versus number one, which is a love.

Grandma G said... #

Haha! Has this helped? Or made the decision even harder? ;) I'm sticking with my instagram answer. Now YOU hafta decide what YOU think is best. Trust yourself... your judgement is GREAT! Or ask Mark... doesn't he have a solution? His Colorbox border was pretty awesome!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said... #

lovely blocks

Unknown said... #

Well I'm going to go against the instagram vote! Do not take out the black one!! Too many quilts that I have seen lately (including my own!) lack contrast! I love what the black block does. I would eliminate whichever block seems the most "boring" to you. Maybe that wasn't super helpful? And remember to add block #10 to the back. :)

Anonymous said... #

My thought is to make 2 more blocks and have a larger quilt. Your blocks are lovely and look like they were so much fun to think about and create. I'm starting my Swoon tomorrow or Friday and am very excited!!

The Luedtke Family said... #

I'd like to see the "black" in the middle.

The bluest ones in the corner.

The greens in the middles on the sides.

Which ever green/blue sticks out, put it on the back. Or put in the middle to see if you like it better than the "black" block.

Or you could use the block left off the quilt to make a pillow to coordinate with the quilt. Not on the quilt, but still seen - frontside.

Marg said... #

They are all great but I would probably vote for number 2 to go on the back. I'm sure you are probably even more confused now with all the suggestions. Good luck.

Shontelle said... #

I agree with Kim. Put the darkest in the centre and lose the lightest. But really - they are all great. I like how you've used the same fabric for all the centre stars - it really unifies the quilt.

Hitch and Thread said... #

I think number 5 should be voted off. It's sort of a medium values one and you have others that are about the same. If it gets really hard you could put all the numbers in a hat and just pick one? Good luck!

Kelli said... #

Wow, what a dilemna to have. If you've got the fabric, I'd do 2 more and go bigger. Unless you're tired of it and ready to move on, and I wouldn't blame you. I'd remove #3 if that's the case. But, honestly, all of them look amazing. :)

Jennifer D said... #

This has already been mentioned, but I'll put my 2 cents in anyway. :) I'd either make 2 more to make it a 4 x 3 layout (that's what I'm doing for mine!) or make 1 more to make shams/pillows for your bed.

Dana said... #

my 2 cents: I'd put #1 in the center. I like it's boldness. And #2 on the back. My eye picks it up as a grey tone. I love having a cool surprise on the back so I like the idea of putting one back there.

Mary Jo Hutchinson said... #

I'd say either make two more, or put your favorite on a pillow sham!

Anonymous said... #

All of the blocks are lovely. I think I'd put the 2nd from the left in the middle row on the back (or the block on the far right in the top row as they are very similar).