Monday, June 25, 2012

The Name Game: Clover & Violet/Fusion Blanket Crochet-along/Giveaway!

 It's true--when it rains, it pours. Well, unless you live in the central valley of California, where it hardly ever rains. But today we have two special things going on, and a giveaway!

First, the Name Game. Jennie is here today from Clover & Violet. Jennie and her mother, Clara, are a mother-daughter team who design, quilt and sew. In fact, their tag line is:  Along with many great tutorials, there is Embroidery 101, with tons of useful information.

How did you choose the name for your blog?  
Our blog name, Clover & Violet, is actually our legal business name as well, Clover & Violet, LLC.  Choosing a name was a challenge because we wanted it to be versatile.  Our initial intention was to start a baby and children's shop, but we wanted a name that would be able to change and grow with our shop, and a good thing because who would have guessed that we would be pattern designers instead!  We knew we wanted a Westie in our logo (as we once had a Westie and they're so cute!), so we went with that idea and then thought of some cute names.
Were there other names you considered, and can you share any of them with us?

 We went through a few baby-ish names before we decided to stay neutral.  Our next main choice was "Violet & Co."  However {and here's a little legal knowledge for you}, if you use the word "Co.",  "Company", "Corp.", or "Corporation" in your business name, you also have to become a corporate entity, and we knew we wanted to form an LLC, so that ruled out that option. So we decided to add a little something else and settled on Clover & Violet {it just seemed natural that Clover should go first!}.
Now that you are recognized by Clover & Violet, are you happy with it, or do you wish you could change it to something else?
 A fabulous Garden Steps Stitch & Quilt-Along(details here)
I am happy with it!  There is a small part of me that wants to change it up sometimes, but not to anything specific or for any real reason, just because I get like that {I usually opt to change our blog design instead!}.  It is fun to have a unique name and to be able to be known by it...and it's nice to know that even if our blog/shop change directions, our name will still work!
 And a great block made with selvages--this is definitely going on my to-do list!
Thanks so much, Jennie! I hope everyone will pop on over to say hi, and spend some time looking around. There is much to be seen at your place!

And next up, it's the Fusion Blanket Crochet Along. Corey found this really great idea that involves crocheting around fabric squares. It was originally done by Heidi of Sewing Daisies, and you can see her luscious blanket, complete with a tutorial. Corey's first block is so cute:

She thought a crochet-along would be a fun way to share a portable project, perfect for doing in the summer, and we could help and encourage each other along the way. I hopped on board, and then talked to my best friend, Deborah, who does a lot of crocheting. And voila! The three of us bring to you the Fusion Blanket Crochet Along! Today we each have a fun giveaway to help you get started. Corey also has the list of supplies, the blog button and a link to our Flickr group.

If you haven't crocheted before, this will be a great way to give it a try. I'm pretty rusty myself, so I'm giving away The Happy Hooker-- because the name always makes me laugh and there's a lot of great information for the beginning crocheter--a size G crochet hook and some crochet cotton.

Leave a comment here and also check the other two giveaways. We'll be picking the winners next Monday, July 2. I'd love to know--have you crocheted before?


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robin said... #

Thanks for the giveaway!

Susan said... #

I love giveaways!

tubilinha tiacarminha said... #

Fiz crochê dos 12 aos 28 anos sem parar,para lojas e venda direta ao cliente,depois migrei para o tricô e parei...Voltei para o crochê e retalhos.Tem dois meses terminei minha colcha de crochê,quem faz não consegue ficar muito tempo

barbara woods said... #

i love giveaways and i crochet

Barbara O. said... #

I have crocheted before, I made a table runner for my mom. It was quite relaxing, and the result turned out really nice.
Unfortunately I've got no time to join this crochet along, but I've already saved the instructions to give it a try.

Katie B said... #

Thanks for the giveaway! I have tried to crochet before...not very successfully.

Amy said... #

I crocheted a scarf for my sister a couple of years ago. I am self taught so I am looking forward to learning during this crochet along!!!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said... #

I have crocheted before, but it's been so long that I've forgotten everything! This would be the perfect book to get back into it!

Anonymous said... #

i have crocheted a couple of times but its been awhile and i think i'm a bit rusty, thanks for the giveaway.


Anonymous said... #


Svetlana said... #

I'm so excited about this quilt along. I think it will make a perfect portable summer project. thanks for the giveaway!

Wendy said... #

This is going to be a fun crochet along. And being a portable project makes it even better. Thanks for the giveaway!

Heather said... #

I've never crocheted before. I knit and I definitely would love to learn. Thanks for the fantastic giveaway, it's the perfect little kit to help me get started!

Dj said... #

I've been crocheting for years. I even have a granny blanket my mom made with flourescent orange ombre Red Heart. Yep, it's all mine, I'm not sharing! Oh, and my first square is done and posted to Flickr.

Archie The Wonder Dog said... #

I've crocheted before but I find lots of patterns like trying to read the Greek! A pattern for a bag springs to mind - I made it in the end but it didn't exactly look like the photo ;o)

Anonymous said... #

I have been crocheting forever!

The Luedtke Family said... #

I have made each of my babies a blanket while they were growing inside of me, one white and one ivory. Once I knew if they were a boy and a girl, I edged the first one in blue and the second one in purple. I edged Simon's at home during his early days. I actually brought Norah's blanket, the edging yarn colors and my crochet hook to the hospital! I edged them with the lights low, her sleeping, soft music playing, and me so happy.

I have crocheted so many hats, blankets, a dress for Norah, a vest, beaded edgings on socks, scarves, 1 sock (working on the 2nd), bags, washcloths, a doll, stuffed animals, bookmarks. Current projects include a straw beach bag, a play tea set, and a second sock.

This pattern taught me how to read crochet patterns and made me fearless to attempt anything!

I must touch and use yarn daily. It calms me.

The Luedtke Family said... #

So, where do I find charm squares with a fun selection for a little girl? I think I will make one for Norah.

I have some tips on the crochet part if you desire!

Cindy Sews said... #

I love this giveaway! I hope I win!

Jenny said... #

ive never crocheted, but i love the idea of this quilt and the extra weight the crochet would add toa quilt

Marcia W. said... #

A very long time ago my grandmother taught me a simple chain stitch. This sounds fun!

Helen said... #

Great post about Clover & Violet - I love following their blog.

I was shown how to crochet a few times, when I was really young, by my nana. The skill never stuck between visits unfortunately, and now I wouldn't even know where to start! I do love the look of this blanket, so I am very tempted to have a go!

krislovesfabric said... #

Thanks for the giveaway chance, that looks like a great book to learn. I would love to try this QAL but I a m afraid that I wouldn't be able to figure out the crochet part!

JustPam said... #

I have crocheted before. I have Happy Hooker rug books. Is this the same author?

Sonja said... #

I have crocheted before... umm maybe it was in 4th grade? I've forgotten everything but I'll corchet along as soon as my fabrics arrive!

Mrs Flying Blind... said... #

Lovely to hear about Jennie.
I have dabbled in the crochet arts - my husband hates it, so I have not made a habit of it ... yet!

Christine M said... #

I haven't crocheted in over 27 years! I made a baby rug with granny squares that were pink, blue, green and yellow surrounded by white. I still have it. I love the look of the fusion crochet. Makes me want to find a hook and wool!

Unknown said... #

I have never crocheted before but I'm really looking forward to doing so during my summer holidays! Thank you very much for the chance to i!

tartankiwi said... #

I have done very limited crochet in the past, but don't have any confidence in my ability. A book like this would be great for me (hint hint!)
Thanks for a great giveaway!

Wivi said... #

I've just finished a Granny blanket and some very old table runners.

Cherilyn said... #

I love this idea mixing quilting and crochet. I love both!

Christie said... #

Yes I'm an avid cotton dishcloth crocheter, am self-taught and still haven't challenged myself enough to read a pattern! Maybe you gals should do accompanying You-tube videos to go along with the "Along"?

Anne said... #

So glad the Happy Hooker is in the giveaway.I will learn to crochet just because I like the name of the book.

Anne said... #

So glad the Happy Hooker is in the giveaway.I will learn to crochet just because I like the name of the book.

Anne said... #

So glad the Happy Hooker is in the giveaway.I will learn to crochet just because I like the name of the book.

Lisa said... #

I have been crocheting for about 35 years but only know 2 stitches. I have made over 25 blankets, nothing fancy. Lots of scarfs with my single and double crochet. I would love to learn some additional stitches combined with quilting. Thank you for the giveaway!

Pomegranate Quilts said... #

I know how to crochet... round and round and round! So far I've only made little baby hats. I'm ready for the next step!

Sherri said... #

I tried to crochet several years ago and managed to make a small and wonky square. That's as far as I got and have since forgotten how to do it. I'd love to learn again. I'd love to win that book, I have the knitting one by the same author and it's great. I've been trying to learn how to knit recently. Thanks for the chance to win.

Anita said... #

I've been wanting to get that book! Thanks for a chance to win, looking forward to the crochet along :)

Rafael's Mum said... #

Thanks for a chance to win this. I have learnt the basic stitch a long time ago, but definitely need to re-learn!

Anonymous said... #

I haven't crocheted in a long, long time -- mostly scarves and hats. Maybe I should try it again -- that book would be a great help. ...Evelyn soparkaveataoldotcom

Mhairi said... #

I have done some crochet but I am not that good at it. I would love to get better and I think that this project will be a wonderful way to improve my technique.

Margaret said... #

I am excited to get started on this project. I am taking my blocks camping with me and hope to get the blanket stitching done while I am gone.

Jessica Christensen said... #

I have crocheted before, but never around fabric like this.

Jessica Christensen said... #

I have crocheted before, but never around fabric like this.

supersara20 said... #

Ha! The Happy Hooker! I want to learn how to be a hooker and I would display this book where it can be seen just to see the reaction of my house guests!

Julie said... #

Seriously love the name of that book! That hook looks awesome too! I've wanted to try one of those but never have. I'm seriously addicted to crocheting! I'm on a kick of making hats and yesterday alone I made two. It's nice to sit and crochet while I watch my kids play around me. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

Susana Neiger said... #

I love to crochet! It's another one of those awesome projects that can be done from an armchair. (I'm intrigued by the idea of crocheting around fabric squares ... why did I never think of that?)

Anonymous said... #

First time reading your blog via LMS. Nice! Never did learn to crochet, have a daughter-in-law who is learning. If I win, she'll get it. Thanks for the chance!

Kristen Sanderson said... #

I can crochet, but I have trouble reading the patterns. Thanks for the chance.

Kay said... #

This is a great giveaway. Learning to crochet was on my to do list for 2012 and I still have to start. Maybe this prize will kick me in the right direction.

Crafty Tokyo Mama said... #

I've been crocheting for about 10 years now. I only started quilting last year, but this fusion thing, combining the two, is a stroke of genius! I am looking forward to joining in the quilt along.
Thanks for the giveaway. That's one fancy hook!

hueisei said... #

What a fun QAL. I never try any like this before. Thanks! :)

stefania marenco said... #

It's a very good idea, for me, I love sew and also croquet. Thank you

Jana said... #

I love your name. Thanks for the chance to win these goodies.

SewSealy said... #

I really enjoyed reading "The Name Game". It's been so long since I crochet, although I have knitted scarves in the last few years. When I saw the Fusion Blanket, I thought it might be fun to give it a try. So thank you for the inspiration. :) Would be lovely to win the book and goodies as I do need a bit of a refresher course.

Sherry said... #

I am excited about the Fusion Blanket. I have crocheted for many years but not done much in the past couple of years. I thought this would be fun.

ikkinlala said... #

I learned to crochet once, but I've completely forgotten how (my yarn crafts have been taken over by knitting).

Carla G said... #

I've crocheted before but not for awhile. I'm sewing instead of crocheting now... Thanks for a chance to win! :)

Mama Pea said... #

I know you already picked winners. I just want to say this is a cute project. I might give it a try if I could get my SIL to sit down and teach me!

Anonymous said... #
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