Tuesday, June 12, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Not much to show, but a lot of behind-the-scenes work. This is not technically a secret. I just want to have the quilt burst onto the scene when it's finished instead of in bits and pieces. Does that ever happen to you too?
I'm going to a friend's cabin to sew away the weekend. No cell phone reception, no computer access. Pure bliss. I have been wanting to make a chevron quilt forever based on this sweater. And then someone asked me to test a chevron quilt pattern. Perfect timing. So this stack of fabric is going up to the mountains. But not the sweater. It's supposed to hot this weekend!
Thanks, Lee, for WIP Wednesday.


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Susan said... #

Oooh! Pretty colours! I think I'm envious of you being away from all technology to just be able to sew! Have a great time!

tartankiwi said... #

Have a great weekend away with all your beautifully coloured fabric! Sounds like it'll be wonderful.

Elizabeth Dackson said... #

I like your stack of fabric on that sweater! Those colors remind me of sidewalk chalk :) Have a fun time at your weekend sew-away!

Little Miss Shabby said... #

So jealous of your getaway weekend! I totally wish I had gals nearby to do a weekend sew away!!

Kerstin said... #

I am green with envy of your weekend! Have fun. And that fabric for the chevron quilt looks so summerish, nice colors.

Katy Cameron said... #

Cool, looking forward to seeing your chevrons :o)

Needled Mom said... #

Love the inspiration for the chevrons!!!

Have a great sewing trip.

Cindy Sharp said... #

Have fun this weekend....but be sure to enjoy your suroundings. The mountains in your neck of the woods are very pretty.

randi--i have to say said... #

Oh, I think your quilt is going to be lovely! Have fun on your little getaway! :)

Terriaw said... #

Can't wait to hear more about your secret project. The colors and fabric look fabulous. How wonderful that you get to go away on so many weekend quilt retreats! Have a great time.

Marian-Lady Face said... #

LOVE YOUR COLORS! For both projects. The colors in the sweater are soooo gorgeous. Can't wait to see more of these projects!

Jessica Kelly said... #

Those fabrics are gorgeous! Will make a stunning quilt, enjoy the weekend!

Alyce @ Blossom Heart Quilts said... #

I love those colours! What a great inspiration for finding a palette too! Enjoy your weekend :)

Alex said... #

Love the colors you picked out from the shirt! excited to see what comes of it.

The Luedtke Family said... #

Here, in MN, Simon and I wore jeans and jackets to the outside baseball game. Lovely and cool. Perfect for doing non-swimming/beach types of activities. Enjoy your hot! And have fun sewing away the days.

Mama Pea said... #

Yes, I know exactly how you feel! Have fun on your retreat!

felicity said... #

Have fun stitching this weekend!

Leslie said... #

so many pretty colors...have a great time sewing.

OPQuilt said... #

The Behind-The-Scenes quilt is looking good. Have fun this weekend!

Cindy @ Creating at Home said... #

Great color choices!! I cannot wait to see your quilt! :)