Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fusion Blanket Crochet-Along: Progress. Sort of...

Here's the thing: When Corey approached me about co-hosting this crochet-along, I jumped at the chance. Wouldn't you? It's Corey from Little Miss Shabby, after all! I loved the thought of combining favorite fabrics with crocheting (original tutorial here). I had taken up knitting in the last year, and thought, pffft, crocheting--piece of cake. In fact, I was pretty sure I had crocheted in a "past creative life." I even had crochet hooks in a drawer to prove it.

And that's when things started to go downhill for me. Apparently everything I ever knew about crocheting....I had forgotten. I bought a new book.
I watched crocheting videos (lots of beginning crochet videos on YouTube).

I found other tutorials (including this one found by S.O.T.A.K.! handmade--thanks, Svetlana!). Over on Cassie's side bar be sure to check out her "On the Edge" tutorials. Very helpful information with lots of pictures. Oh, and Cassie rates the degree of difficulty for her tutorials based on how much chocolate she needs to stop and consume. Gotta love that, right?

If you are following along, Corey has already posted the supplies you need, and how to start making the block and completing the blanket stitch around it. So here are my supplies, which I took along in my carry-on bag to a quilting retreat in Minnesota so they would be handy.

During my layover in Seattle, it turns out I also needed to learn from the beginning refresh my memory on how to do the blanket stitch. When reading about how to do the blanket stitch was just not enough, YouTube came in handy yet again; this video showed how to add an edging around a placemat, beginning with a blanket stitch, which seemed the closest to this project.

Moving on. The quilting retreat weekend was fabulous. But by Sunday morning I had still not actually started my crochet project. Bummer.

Five-inch squares cut out and crochet cotton ready to go. Check.
Blanket stitch completed, but not before eating a piece of designer chocolate (as recommended by Cassie) to help me out (thanks, Rene'!). Check.
Every printed tutorial, along with A to Z Crochet, along with YouTube video on learning to crochet. Check.
Getting Amanda Jean to start the actual work. Priceless!
I think I'm finally getting the hang of it and that I'm going to really enjoy this project. It has required more of a learning curve than I anticipated, and I think by the time I finish my first block, I will probably have crocheted, ripped it out, and started again about four times. I wish I had more progress to share. But actually, my progress is that I have made it this far, and you can too. The A to Z Crochet book has this quote on the first page: "Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it." So that is what I have done. I have begun.


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Unknown said... #

I have had my blocks all sewn and waiting for 3 weeks now! I can never seem to blanket stitch more than 2 at a time. Maybe I should start with crocheting one I've completing. I'm glad to see someone is struggling as much as I am!hehe

Amanda Rose

Needled Mom said... #

You are way ahead of me. I haven't even started mine yet. I need a loooooong road trip!

Deborah said... #

I can see a few cups of coffee and some crochet at Barnes and Noble soon! Amanda Jean as your teacher!!! It's not easy being green (envy)!!! But happily so!

Jennifer said... #

This is such a fun project! I have many hours in the car ahead of me at the end of this month and this is going to be one of the projects I take along.

I learned to crochet from YouTube and the "Happy Hooker" book. If you can knit, then you can definitely pick up crochet!

Jennifer :)

Terriaw said... #

Good for you, Cindy! I'm so proud of you for attempting this project. I know how frustrated and stressed you were. You are going to love this beautiful blanket when it's finished. Just keep practicing and practicing and you'll have the hang of it in no time.

Tara said... #

Amanda was telling me all about it! It's going to be fabulous. You might have to rip out the first block four times, but the rest will be a breeze!!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said... #

Thanks again Cindy for picking my name and bringing me into this! I had so much fun over the weekend and hope you were not stressed about this post because you did GREAT! I practiced some more on the block you gave me, but am not ready for the REAL thing.

Mrs Flying Blind... said... #

Well done you for persevering - I would have fled empty handed at the first hurdle!

charlotte said... #

Best crochet book ever is Happy Hooker by Debbie Stoller. Seriously. I learned things in there that all my other crochet books didn't tell me.

Katy Cameron said... #

Gotta love a chocolate incentive :oD

Julie said... #

I love this post! You can make it! The chocolate seems like a good idea, maybe that's what I need to get moving. I'm still working on sewing them together. It's taking longer than I'd like and with the heat in my craft room with no A/C I'm struggling with getting it done. I can't wait to start the blanket stitching and crocheting steps!

CitricSugar said... #

While I have toyed with the notion of crocheted pillowcase edgings, I have never really mixed crochet or knitting with fabric. You are braver than I. And good for you for sticking with it - by the end, you will be a master at it!

Amanda Jean said... #

and thanks for dragging me into it! :) hee hee. i so don't need a new project, but i do believe i do NEED to do this project. it's so so cute. maybe i'll make a pot holder as you suggested?

your post was very funny and fun to read. if that designer chocolate couldn't help (OH YUM!!!) nothing could. that stuff was utterly delightful.

Michelle said... #

I have no doubt that you will work out the kinks...you are overflowing with creative talent!! Had a great weekend! Already counting the days until our next retreat ;-)

Carla said... #

Glad you had a nice time! So fun to be able to sew with others : )

The Luedtke Family said... #

Progress indeed! Every stitch is one stitch done and one stitch closer.

Picked up my crochet thread and yarn today. I enjoyed running errands this evening alone and kid free. So much faster, but so much more browsing.

I just sewed up a practice square to figure this out. Here I go!

Mhairi said... #

So glad I am not the only one with a big old mess of crochet cotton and some lovely coasters to show for this project.
I have found this though that is interesting: http://www.craftyminx.com/crochet-school/
Looking forward to really getting into it over the weekend.

hafza said... #

Thanks for sharing the quote... I love it. I still have a few more squares to sew,it must be fun to share the progress with others:)

Mama Pea said... #

I thought I saw Amanda Jean hooking for you! Well done! That's the way to do it. Glad it's starting to come along. I'm still "thinking" about this one! LOL.

Zehra Shaikh said... #
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Anonymous said... #
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