Friday, August 3, 2012

Friends with Benefits

And by "benefits" I'm referring to gifts from friends, handmade and otherwise.

But you knew that.


So in the last couple of months I have been the recipient of many wonderful gifts. While the most important thing with regard to all these women is their friendship, I won't lie--the gifts are quite fun!

At spring quilt market, I met Carla for the first time in person. We had been doing Farmer's Wife Friday together for months, so I felt like we had known each other for a really long time. I spent the first night in Kansas City at her house in the country, a beautiful, warm and welcoming home, which reflects exactly who Carla is in real life. In my room was this gift bag full of goodies.
 (I don't know why Blogger won't let me turn the picture the proper way...)
A couple of days later I had breakfast with some friends, and Amanda Jean handed me these presents--a treasure trove of goodies!
I met her good friend, Tara, for the first time in Kansas City. I had heard Amanda Jean talk about Tara a lot, and she is right--Tara is one of those special people who immediately makes you feel like you have known her forever. That is a gift in itself. But then she handed me these two bars of wonderful soap and some lip balm that she hand crafted herself.

At the quilting retreat last month in Minnesota, the benefits continued. Stephanie made lavender sachets, including the cute packaging. And she is one of the creative designers in this new book, which I highly recommend--jam packed full of awesome projects!
Amanda Jean made little thread catchers for each of us, and Terri made little zipper pouches out of fabric she has designed herself. Of course, I think the decision to go with orange is a major plus! And then they collaborated on this pincushion pillow.

Michelle gave us each a fat quarter of cute fabric and something to hang in our sewing room. Because we all know that fabric and sewing is the best form of therapy.
Rene' also gave us fabric. She comes from Florida so the oranges are perfect! I can't forget to add that she also gave us little boxes of absolutely phenomenal chocolate. But of course I gobbled those up before I took a picture.
Doris made this amazing zipper pouch.
Today I took my friend, Deborah, out for lunch to celebrate her birthday which was at the beginning of last month. I'm still working on her gift. (Procrastinate much??). And then I felt even worse when she handed me this little bag:
Inside was my very first mug rug and the pincushion, along with the adorable little birdie clip.Have you ever noticed how the simple 9-patch always looks good. Timeless.
These are amazing, creative, warm, wonderful women. I'm so glad we are friends. Gifts are just icing on the cake.


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Unknown said... #

These are all beautiful gifts. You are lucky to be surrounded (even if online) by such gracious friends.

Archie The Wonder Dog said... #

Quilters make the best friends!! All your presents are gorgeous, especially the things from Deb!

Susan said... #

What wonderful gifts! We are so lucky to have such great online (and real life!) friends! I love the orange of the mug rug and pincushion!

Mary said... #

Wow! Wonderful gifts and friends! For the longest time I thought you and Carla were real life sisters! Not just quiltin' sisters! LOL!

Grandma G said... #

What fun gifts... and better yet, special friends!

Alex said... #

what cute gifts! your friends seem like great people. thanks for sharing!

Cindy Sharp said... #


Svetlana said... #

wow!! You have such wonderfully talented and generous friends. You are one lucky lady.

Terriaw said... #

Fun to have such creative friends! I am amazed that was your first mug rug ever. I have about 10 of them.

pinsandneedles said... #

What a lucky girl you have been! You are blessed with many quilting friends!

Deborah said... #

We are all so fortunate to have your friendship....and i'm really lucky to live nearby!!

Needled Mom said... #

What fun! There is nothing like great friends.

Linda said... #

wow! I want YOUR friends! How fun!

CapitolaQuilter said... #

The number of generous friends that you have is a nice reflection on YOU - special gifts to treasure are the best kind.

Charlotte said... #

how lovely!!

Mama Pea said... #

Happies are just fun! Glad you liked mine, and glad you have so many lovely friends. Life is good.

CitricSugar said... #

That is quite the haul! Good stuff everywhere you turn...

Marit said... #

You're a lucky, lucky girl! I didn't know you were friends with Deborah. LOVE her stuff!

Katy Cameron said... #

Fabulous gifts all round, but all well deserved :o)