Tuesday, August 21, 2012

WIP Wednesday

First of all, I just want to thank Lee for hosting WIP Wednesday each week and say that she has had a well-deserved break during the summer. After guest hosting last week, I realized what an amazing amount of time she puts into being the host here every week. I tried to comment on as many links as I could, and I saw some incredible work and gained much inspiration. Thank to everyone who linked up. I had a great time visiting so many wonderful artists.

Not much to report this week. We were at the coast for the weekend and I had intended to get a lot of sewing done. But got kind of distracted by the view.
I finished one more Kaffe'-O-Lait block.
And started a wedding quilt for this adorable couple.

I'm using "Indie" by Art Gallery Fabrics. It is just beautiful fabric and I'm hoping this quilt has kind of an Anthropologie feel for these very hip newlyweds.
The time-consuming part is done. I'm just waiting for fabric to arrive for the sashing and border.

And the mail brought surprises. When I sent some extra Denyse Schmidt fabric to Hadley, I wasn't expecting to get this in the mail! Isn't it awesome? She knows how much I love orange...
And I did a fabric exchange with Petra. Well, actually she put out a call on Flickr for some Heather Bailey fabric and I happened to have a little of the whole line she was looking for. When she asked what I wanted to swap in return, I told her "nothing." I mean, I'm trying to lessen the amount of fabric I have, not add more to it! But when she said that didn't seem quite right, I said, "Okay, how about some of Amy Butler's first lines?"

I didn't have any of these. Thanks, Petra!! I'll put it to good use in a future WIP!

I'm off to see what everyone has been working on in the past week.


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Kristy QP said... #

Your herringbones are looking great! Nice choice for a wedding quilt!

Love the little swap pouch you received - so cute!

Sabrina said... #

That view is amazing! I think anyone would get a little distracted. Both of your quilts are looking great! Also, I involuntarily started doing my happy mailbox dance when I read this. :)

Kirsten said... #

Love what you are working on with the Indie fabrics!

Anne said... #

I'm impressed you were able to get ANY sewing done with that view! So gorgeous. :)

I think you totally nailed the Anthropologie look with your quilt! I never would have thought to use those fabrics that way, but it works really well. :D What a wonderful gift that will be!

Samantha said... #

Love your Kaffe'-O-Lait blocks and the herringbones and what nice surprises you got also! I want to go where there is a view like that. Trying to talk the spousal unit into somewhere with palm trees for January.

Susan said... #

Loving the Kaffe'O'Lait blocks! A great quilt for a cute couple too!

FabricFascination said... #

I really like the braid you are putting together, and the wedding quilt is wonderful.

Patti said... #

Kaffe O Lait is looking so amazing. What a great block! Indie is such a great fabric line too. Looking forward to seeing the finish of the newlywed quilt!

tartankiwi said... #

I love the way your Kaffe'-o-lait quilt is coming together! I will admit that I wasn't too sure about it when I first saw it, but the colours, the fabric and the design work so well together! I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Terriaw said... #

Love that view! I don't think I would get anything done either, except for a lot of daydreaming. How nice of you to be making a quilt as a wedding gift. You're always so good at sharing fabric from your stash! I might still have some fabrics from Amy Butler's original line too. Need any more? ;)

Lynn said... #

The herringbone strips are stunning.

Heidi Grohs said... #

mmmm...yes...very anthropologie! how could they NOT like it!!!

Katy Cameron said... #

Can't think why that view distracted you really... ;o) Fab looking start to that quilt, and amazing happy mail, enjoy :o)

Rebecca said... #

Love that wedding quilt! Thanks for hosting last week and linking up this week! I'm trying to comment on all those posts myself!!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said... #

Great projects you have on the go...love your colors

Jessica Kelly said... #

Oh that totally reads as anthropologie! Love your thinking, I'm sure they will love it also :-)

Amorette said... #

the indie quilt looks amazing- it will be a gorgeous quilt.

Beth said... #

Wow - those herringbone strips in Indie are beautiful!

Lucy | Charm About You said... #

eeeeekkkkk that Indie quilt is looking incredible!! LOVE IT!!

Marsha Cooper said... #

I believe the pattern you are using for the wedding quilt is the same we are using to make a stole for our church member that is being ordained on Sept 1.
I wish I could have been more in on the making of it, but all I did was trace the pattern for the size.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

Great to discover you through WIP Wednesdays. The Art Gallery Fabrics are looking good the way you've used them. Also love all your selvage work. I'm going to start paying more attention to those little strips that are cut and often tossed. Also just met another friend of yours today. Deborah at Simply Miss Luella. She and I have a thing or two in common.

Cathy said... #

Lovely indie fabrics! The blocks with them look so awesome

Nat at Made in Home said... #

I love the Kaffe-O-Lait (love the name!) and that new herringbone quilt, great fabric swap... And finally I am amazed you have done so much with that view!

Alison V. said... #

The Kaffe-o-lait blocks are so beautiful! Looks like a fun project to show off your stash!

Mama Pea said... #

I love your Kaffe-o-lait blocks. They are all so perfect. I sorta want to kill ya' a little. LOL. So much great stuff here.

OPQuilt said... #

Okay, you are really inspiring me to get some stuff done today, so this will be my last comment. Yes, I know I was really cranking on the comments, but in the middle of all this fun I realized I had scheduled a paper due for my students on a holiday. Tsk, tsk. I'M certainly not coming to school on a holiday even if their paper was due, so I had to rework the calendar and yadda yadda. Well.

You are the best blogger and I have loved reading all your stuff. I'm hoping I'll be a better bloggy friend from now on (except, maybe the week that research papers come in).

Kudos to you!