Thursday, October 11, 2012

Really Random Thursday, 10/11/12

Our tree this month. If you have no clue why I'm posting a picture of a tree, it will all become obvious when I post the mosaic of its growth since April. Every year I'm surprised at how super fast this tree grows. And since it needs to be pruned every year, I'm glad we only have one of these beasts.
Forgot to add these last week. Thanks to our State Farm agent:
And I'm done with another year of monthly postcards. Gabriel unbelievably turned 1 year old! How did that happen so quickly?

Cute shoes: Mismatched Chooze and sparkly Toms.
Why hasn't this tooth fallen out yet? Now, four days after I took this picture, it is actually turned sideways. But it keeps hangin' on.
 Do you watch Revenge? Have you wanted a texty chair like Victoria Grayson?
Thanks to my dad and his expert reupholstery skills, this now lives in our family room. Thanks, Dad!

Everyone may need one of these...

I do medical transcription and pick up work every morning and bring it home to complete. Someone posted these two little signs in her office.

You never know when you will make a new friend via your blog.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Really Random Thursday, 10/4/12":

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 HUH? If only Anonymous had left a name. I'm sure we could become good blogging buds.

This is seriously impressive. Ten million hits--you may have already seen it.

And a random observation that I made last Saturday morning.
Okay. Your turn.


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Susan said... #

I LOVE that chair! Its amazing! Lucky girl!

Lucy | Charm About You said... #

All brilliant and the chair is stunning! X

Needled Mom said... # year old already??? Where does the time go? I love your chair. Your dad did an awesome job.

Terriaw said... #

Always fun to see your tree updates, and your newest postcard creations! How awesome is that texty chair! That would look great in our living room too. Such a great conversational piece ;p

Alison V. said... #

I love Revenge! I am very addicted to it. :)

Anonymous said... #

I don't watch Revenge, but I'd kill for that! Clicked on the "Halloween Free" link. It was as confusing as that comment! Kiss that baby, er, big boy, for me....8-)

Heather D. said... #

Oh the tooth. My youngest son had one like that, that wouldn't even fall out when the NEW tooth was behind it already!! He ended up having it pulled, and amazingly everything went into its proper place in no time.

bellashea said... #

Hi...I love your chair! I have seen that chair on Revenge and wondered about the fabric. Do you know the name of the fabric you used or where you found it. The chair turned out great.

Toni said... #

Gabriel is such a cutie! And that chair is fabulous!

Carla said... #

Love that chair! And the doctors comeback ; )

Marit said... #

All text-fabricaholics are probably drooling all over that chair photo! Love the jokes from the Dr's office. So true!

Ginette said... #

LOVE that chair!! And the signs from the office are so funny, yet so true!
My daughter just lost her front tooth that hung on forever too! Have faith, it will fall out when it's ready!

Deb@asimplelifequilts said... #

LOL... each are great but your random observation is so me. My priorities are unmanageable.

Catherine said... #

Love your random observation, and admire your patience with the tooth if you haven't suggested pulling it out ten times already:-)

Carla said... #

Oh, those piano guys!! Wow! Love all of your random stuff, Cindy....and now have serious chair envy!

felicity said... #

I *just* saw that video today via Facebook - funny!

My mom and I reupholstered a very similar chair - it once belonged to my grandmother's uncle. My great-great uncle? Anyway, it's a lovely low-volume toile and I love it.

Cathy said... #

love, love love your chair and your grandchildren are just lovely!

Allison said... #

that is a great chair! :)

Pieced Brain Quilt Designs said... #

Great idea for the book = I can relate in a big way... And the doctor's office notes are priceless! So are your grandchildren!

Rene' said... #

Great pictures of the grandchildren. They grow so fast. I like your texty chair. I laughed when I saw your Notes picture on IG. I can coauthor if you need...I have plenty of procrastination experience;-)

Mama Pea said... #

I love your list at the end. I love the shoes. I got new shoes on retreat this past weekend. That tree always amazes me, as does your State Farm calendar. I need some stuff reupholstored. Is your dad for hire?

Katy Cameron said... #

Another fabulous selection of random, particularly love the notices :oD (just catching up!)