Thursday, October 25, 2012

Really Random Thursday, 10/25/12

Do you have weeks where you are spending your time creating and not blogging? Or blog reading and not creating? For some reason I can't seem to do both at the same time.....the key word being "time," as in not enough time to do both.

And also I got a jury summons for this week, so every day seems like a countdown until 5 p.m. where I find out if I'm on call for the next day or actually have to trek downtown. That seems to be affecting my frame of mind as I keep checking the clock to see how long until I can make the dreaded phone call at 5 p.m. to find out my fate for the next day. Have any of you been on a jury?

So keep my mind off things I have been cleaning up, clearing out, and doing some DIY projects around the house. Last week I posted a picture of the new shelf in our entryway. The picture on the left was my inspiration photo.
I really had my heart set on the vase in the magazine photo, and I actually found that vase at Pier 1. Thankfully I had my tape measure with me because the base is 14" and my shelf is only 12". So I stopped by World Market and found an even better vase. Project completed.

Next I attempted some modern art. My friend, Vicki, did the most awesome painting (on the left in the picture below) by just dripping paint down a canvas and then spraying it with water as it dribbled down. So I went to Joann's and got a 30x40 inch canvas (50% off) and bottles of acrylic paint (only 59 cents each).
I was attempting "planned chaos," and posted that phrase on Instagram. Ken Kaufman (CEO of Robert Kaufman fabrics--gasp!) commented on the photo and said he liked the phrase "controlled spontaneity." I think I like that one better too. Of course there is no way mine would be just like Vicki's and I like her drips halfway down. But I'm pretty happy with mine. And Mark likes it. So that's a big plus.
Next up--recovering our two kitchen chairs. It only took a yard of home dec fabric (50% off from Hancock's).
I had enough fabric to have that big flower match on each chair, but I used a different flower on the second chair.
 This was actually Mark's idea. He said, "Why would you match them? You love things that are mismatched." True enough.
So now I need an opinion. I painted this perpetual calendar in 1976 when I was in my tole painting phase. 
I have enjoyed it all these years but now it just looks so dated. I thought about painting the whole thing black, covering all the daisies. But then I got kind of nostalgic about it. I think I'll just pack it away for now. Would you keep it on the wall as is? Pack it away? Paint over the flowers?

I repurposed this shelf. It used to be in the hallway displaying a collection of angels. It has a new life as thread storage.
I'll end with a little orangey goodness. Amanda Jean is a cover girl. Such a fun orange quilt.
A friend was going through some of her quilting magazines and sent this picture to me.
And today Deborah gave me an early birthday present, wrapped in orange tissue and tied with a (very usable) strip of fun orange fabric.
Of course it's fun to close with a picture of my craft partner. We made these cute little paper cone people with Halloween costumes (if you have small children, this is a really fun project.) So when we lined them all up and I asked him to give me a funny face, he was more than happy to oblige.
It's your turn. Feel free to be chatty. 


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Cindy said... #

That was just super! Loving your modern art and your newly covered chairs! What a great post :)

Betty said... #

Great post here and some great projects (and decisions) going on! Yep, that jury "wait and see" is very distracting, but you've put your time to good use. Now about that calendar - paint that thing pronto, cover those daisies - just a great neutral for now. I'm a big believer in calendars and this one is well done - just needs updating! Love your blog, btw.

Mama Pea said... #

Another great random post. I love your painting. How cool the CEO of Kaufman commented! Wow! I have had jury duty once. I had to go in for the first three days. Never did get picked. Was a little bummed about that, until they took us to Federal court for a case....a big murder case. I really didn't want to be on that one. I knew it would be a long trial (It had been in the news a lot), and there was a likelihood of sequestration. No, thank you!

I did not know Amanda Jean was a cover girl. Now, I will have to go out and find that magazine! ;-)

I think I would save your calendar for nostalgic reasons. I wouldn't want to paint over my daisies. Someday your kids might want your painting. My mom did a lot of tole painting. I kind of wish I had some now.

But I am a pack rat. So, take that for what it's worth. It shows in my house. Too much clutter everywhere you turn!

Mama Pea said... #

Oh, yes....and ADORE your chairs!

Archie The Wonder Dog said... #

Fabulous post - your new vase is lovely!

Susan said... #

I'd cover the daisies on the calendar, love your new vase, and those chairs are stunning! You've had a great week!

Debbie said... #

Very fun vase, I agree! And what fun with the paint! And I hate to say it but I'd probably modern up the calendar too, but that's just me....

Kelli said... #

I've seen so many of my friends posting random posts that I had to come over and check out the initiator. And I'm happy I did. I love your wall-art. Fantastic. And your new kitchen chairs look great too. My Mom painted a basket with almost that same daisy design in the 70s, so your calendar made me think of her immediately and smile. If you do decide to repaint it, what if you paint it with chalkboard paint and then you can doodle holiday or seasonal designs around the outside?

Terriaw said... #

I do have weeks like that, either very chatty and not very creative, or very creative and not very chatty.

Love your new chairs AND your new artwork! That looks like a fun art project. Your repurposes thread rack looks just like our spice rack, which we got from a catalog.

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said... #

Great job with the art work and the chairs! A little new fabric cover sure makes a big differnce.
As for the calendar...I would paint over it (I know, I am not very sentimental!) But not about orange or add a Dresden plate design at the top, or something fun.

Svetlana said... #

you totally rocked that modern art, it looks amazing. And all your other projects are so fun, too.

Doris said... #

I always go in purts like that, keeping up with one phase/area of life while another one falls behind. I can SO relate. The yeelow vase in your photo is the same one Frank's oldest daughter has on her mantle. I like it, but like your new one, too! And the painting turned out very cool....

Rene' said... #

Cindy, I can SO relate to your opening paragraph! Hope you weren't called in for jury duty. Love all your DIY projects and especially your new artwork. Happy Thursday!

Lisa said... #

Vase-love it!
Reflection of that awesome quilt in the mirror-LOVE LOVE LOVE!
Repurposed thread storage, great idea!
Calendar-I would paint that thing black so fast your head would spin. We just bought an older home and oh the things that I have repurposed with a little bit of paint.. GO FOR IT, maybe even use chalk board paint and then you could be artistic with chalk for each month!

Ginette said... #

I love your modern art!!
I would totally paint the calendar!! I was also thinking chalk board paint would be fun!
Looks like you are having so much fun!!

The Luedtke Family said... #

Yes, I was selected once for jury duty. Only, I didn't spend my day at home waiting for 5:00 to call in. I spent the day in the jury waiting room, waiting for my name to be called. And it was! I heard my name! The court house on that day was looking to select one more juror for the Marilyn Lemak case. Which was to be from Thanksgiving all the way to Christmas. My heart pounded. Then our escorter reassured all of us whose name had been called that we were not headed to the big court room, so we were safe from that case. I heard a civil case where a women was suing a non-union contractor for leaving the mess on the stairs that caused her to slip and fall. It was more than interesting. I learned the wheels of justice move very slowly. I think it was 1 day of waiting, 2 or 3 days of the case. It was a learning experience, that's for sure!

kat129 said... #

This was an awesome post. Loved the really randomness. Thanks for sharing!

Mrs Flying Blind... said... #

Excellent - pop the calendar away, and pull it out again for the grandkids in about 10 years time - everything comes around again!

FlourishingPalms said... #

Pack away the tole painting. Been there; done that; the trend hasn't come around again; bye, bye. Love the painting/dripping idea. Do tell how you did it so I can do it too!

Poppyprint said... #

I love, love, love your new kitchen chairs and the glass pumpkin is gorgeous!!! When we meet in person one day, I'll tell you my husband's jury story from last winter. Oy vey. I hope you don't have to do it, but it is a privilege of democracy, as they say. hmm.

Kris from Duke Says Sew What said... #

I like the black with chalk paint idea above! Your chairs look great! My socks don't match either. I actually got a bundle of socks that are all different but in the same colors, so they don't have to match and I love them! (Famous Footwear) your art is so cool. :-)

Christals Creations said... #

I want your thread shelf. It's awesome. Fab selection of photos today.
Thank you for sharing. :o)

Anonymous said... #

I think you should paint some new (maybe white in a different font?)numbers(maybe on the backs of the old numbers?)and keep the daisies on your wooden calendar. That way you could update it and keep the nostalgic parts.

Catherine said... #

I also like the black and chalk paint idea as a way of updating your calendar and think it would look great - I wonder if you'll feel sad about painting over your earlier hard work though. You made such a nice job of it and given another year maybe it *will* be bang on style again! I know, that's not helping. The chairs look fab - more interesting than a perfect match.

Anonymous said... #

I LOVE the kitchen chairs!! I can't wait to see them next time I'm in town. This is prob WAY too late to matter, but I think you should paint the calendar-that way you'll still have it and remember what it used to be like fondly instead of just feeling burdened by storing it. Plus you always have a picture of the flowers! Valpal

OPQuilt said... #

Fun to read this, and now I think I'm caught up and can go back to the grading. I love seeing all your projects (love the "mismatched" chairs, but really, no two flowers in a garden match each other either) and loved the closing shot of your "craft partner."

You're the best.