Tuesday, October 2, 2012

WIP Wednesday

And it's Wednesday again. The calendar says so. But October! Really? I'm having a hard time believing that one because here in the central valley of California, it was 102 degrees yesterday. Breaking records. Ugh...

So I went to Target, got a pumpkin candle, turned on the AC, and tried to psych myself into believing it.
I've had a fun time in my sewing room in the past week, though. It always seems like I have been doing a lot until I take pictures. Then it doesn't seem like so much.

But nevertheless. I completed "My Granny is Amish," complete with machine quilting using no. 8 perle cotton!
 I'm not happy with the back. Hmmm...that would explain why I haven't taken a photo of the back yet. It took me awhile to figure out how to start and stop stitching when using perle cotton. I pulled all the threads to the back and tried burying them. Some successfully, some not. Or "knot" as the case may be. But I am thrilled with the front.
I'm a fairly new member in the Stash Trad bee, taking the place of someone who had to drop out. I LOVE this bee. For the month of October, I was the one who got to choose the block. I'm not tired of my Granny yet. So..."Granny Says Boo!" I made a sample block.
On Monday, I received my first block, from Amy. Isn't that always exciting? Opening the mail to see the fabrics your partner has chosen.
 Amy took a class from Lizzy House last week, and she had her sign some of the fabric in my block? Eeek! I mean "Boo!"
Some of the other blocks are popping up in the Flickr photostream. Super cute. I can already tell this is going to be one amazing quilt. How I love my quilting friends!

I'm just a couple of days behind in completing my block for Corey, whose month was September. It will go in the  mail tomorrow. I had a good time making a complete mess of my sewing machine, finding fabric, cutting strings to make this eight-pointed star. I'll post a picture next week of the completed block.
I'm linking up to Lee, who keeps us accountable every week.


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Sel said... #

Love the perle 8 on the granny blocks! The colour combination makes me thing (for some reason) of South American colour combinations - the vivid brights and the deep black background.


Kristy @ Quiet Play said... #

Love the quilting on the granny quilt! It really makes the blocks pop!

Pomegranate Quilts said... #

How are you machine quilting with perle cotton?! I think it's a perfect Amish-quilted-granny-squares detail! Awesome.

Charlotte said... #

what a fantastic idea to machine with perle! How does that work?

Susan said... #

I L.O.V.E the perle stitching on you Amish Granny! Good for you for trying it! And you Halloween blocks are going to 'bee' scaringly (that's not a word!) great! We had 80 degrees in Melbourne today, and that is pretty hot too, for October!

Lucy | Charm About You said... #

Oh the granny looks fab! I'm curious how you did that on the machine too! Love the blocks and the fact you have a pumpkin candle! :)

Studio V said... #

I love all the granny squares!

Archie The Wonder Dog said... #

I love the perle quilting on your granny - she's brilliant! Your granny bee blocks are going to be wonderful, I love the fussy cut pumpkin in the centre of Amy's block! Oh, and I can't wait to see that string star!!

heather said... #

The perle quilting looks great.

Kelly @ Vintage Fabric Studio said... #

The black setting for your granny squares is great! Crank up that AC :)!

Debbie said... #

102!?!?! oh wow. Cannot imagine. So much for hot cider, huh? ;-)
Absolutely love your 'granny is amish!' A really nice variation on that project! Thanks for linking up to w.i.p. Wednesday, where I'm having the pleasure of guest-hosting!

Mrs Flying Blind... said... #

That perle quilting looks amazing!!

MaterialGirlQuilts said... #

Your Amish Granny turned out great (and don't worry, we don't need to see the back!). I also really love your eight pointed star, that one is on my to-do list.

Anonymous said... #

I adore your Amish Granny! The quilting is divine.... And Granny says Boo is over the top. Halloween is my favorite holiday! Love the colors. I know what you mean about the heat. I live in Imperial Beach, south of San Diego. It's been around 90 here, and I'm less than a mile from the beach---with NO AC....sigh. I got 2 of the last 3 fans at Home Depot, after calling around to 5 other places. It's supposed to be winding down this week. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

xo Linda

Carla said... #

Fabulous granny! How did your bobbin react to perle cotton?

Svetlana said... #

oh, my!!!! You've been busy, just lovely projects!!! and I so love how you psyched your mind into thinking fall was coming, totally hillarious!

Colby said... #

I love the contrast of the bright quilting on the black! It looks great!

Heidi Grohs said... #

Can I be you someday!?!??! I just adore your work!!

The perle cotton quilting...immaculate! I am sure the back just looks bad to YOU! Did you use a different bottom thread? I have the option of putting different materials in my bobbin on my sewing machine, but not sure how that works yet! Just curious on how you handled it!

I just saw another block for that boo block....awesome!!!

The Luedtke Family said... #

I have been trying to mentally figure out how all the bee, quilt block of the month, or other clubs work. I cannot figure it out. Do you make a number of the same blocks and send to multiple people? How does a person get a month? I'm sure you've explained it somewhere, but a quilt bee 101 post would be interesting, at least to me! You know, for you non-quilting readers!

Poppyprint said... #

I totally loved making your block Cindy!! So much that I made a second one so I could get a better middle fussy cut for ya! Your My Granny is Amish is so fabulous and the quilting gives it such a spark. Great job!

Mama Pea said... #

Come visit me! It totally feels like fall here! Just perfect 60-70 degree weather! I love your granny squares and how you're quilting them. I never thought of how difficult it would be to do the stops. Maybe you can figure out something, and I'd love to learn more about it. I saw that block on Amy's blog and knew you'd love that it was signed by Lizzy House. How awesome. You are getting some great blocks! How fun!

Katy Cameron said... #

Ugh, it's definitely October weather here, but I can't believe it's so close to my trip and SS now!!!

Brenda said... #

Love your Amish Granny Quilt! Love it. Just visited Amish land in Indiana with my other quilting friends and have fallen in love with these solid color quilts!

Beth said... #

I love your granny quilt more every time I see it!

Salley said... #

That Pearl thread idea is so effective with your blocks . . . but only because you are SOOOOooo precise. If I did that, it would "look like a dog's breakfast"
Perfect spring day here in Sydney, Oz.

Nanette said... #

The fussy-cut pumpkin in the middle of that granny block makes me smile. Also, I'm working on an Amish-style quilt and I think your quilting is really inspiring.

Marit said... #

Your Amish Granny keeps looking more beautiful! Love the added color in the quilting, Cindy.
And what a great idea to make a halloween version with a bit of help, too. The first blocks are looking so good. I might need another halloween quilt...

; )

Amanda Jean said... #

Your Amish granny is amazing!!!! Nice work, Cindy! I so wish I could quilt with perle cotton in my machine!

Terriaw said... #

Love how your granny quilt turned out. That green perle cotton thread looks so fabulous, making each block really pop. What a fun project!