Monday, November 5, 2012

The Name Game: A Quilter's Table

This week Debbie is here from A Quilter's Table.

I was trying to think when Debbie first popped up on my quilting radar. You know--that moment when all of a sudden you see something that just makes you stop and pay attention, and then you want to see all the other things that quilter has made. I'm pretty sure it was this quilt:
I spend my days at a computer doing medical transcription, so of course I was thinking I really need a quilt like this one!

Since this quirky "qwerty" quilt, I have been following along with the adventures at A Quilter's Table.

     How did you choose the name for your blog?
 I really struggled with the name of my blog. First and foremost, I intended for it to be a journal of sorts of my quilting journey. But I also am such a foodie, and The Table is such a meaningful place for me and my family. I really wanted to be able to share about that too. I finally settled on including ‘table’ in the name, because it could refer to either a table where meals are shared or a cutting or sewing table. It also seemed to reflect a speaking platform, and since my blog would be an extension of me, that seemed appropriate.

 Were there other names you considered, and can you share any of them with us?
 Oh my goodness, there were oodles! Some of the major contenders were quilteatrepeat, stitchabit, stitchesandtastes, aquiltingfeast, aquiltersspace, and aquiltingandtastingjourney.
  Now that you are recognized by A Quilter's Table, are you happy with it, or do you wish you could change it to something else?
 I am pretty happy with it. Sometimes I question my choice, and even my decision to include ‘The Table’ as much as I do. But the name “A Quilter’s Table” definitely reflects a lot about me, and I like that.

Debbie recently hosted a Polaroid block swap on Flickr.  Such cute blocks! She used one of her blocks and made this cute little drawstring bag using Jeni's pattern (this pattern is worth every penny, by the way--and would make great presents for the upcoming holidays).


Be sure to check out this part of Debbie's blog. Yum!
And Debbie's tutorial for the triple-zip pouch is high on my list in the next couple of months.
Debbie has some other great tutorials as well, so please head over and say hi. Lots of cheery inspiration to be seen. Thanks, Debbie, for playing the Name Game this week!


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Susan said... #

I've been a follower of Debbie's for a while now! She does wonderful work! (It's funny how bloggers become such an integral part of our lives, isn't it?)

Carla said... #

I follow Debbie too. Daily inspiration for sure ; )

CapitolaQuilter said... #

I just love reading Debbie's blog and she brightens my day all the time by leaving me comments on mine. Such great taste in projects and spreading the word about hops and events it makes it easy for me to stay in the loop. All those yummy food pics just make me hungry and jealous being the non-cook that I am.

Heather D. said... #

Debbie is one of my favourite people! Thanks for featuring her.

Kim P. said... #

Thank you for introducing Debbie! She wasn't on my radar but now she is!! I love how she picked her blog name.

Mrs Flying Blind... said... #

Quilteatrepeat!? That is terrible! The triple zipper looks brilliant x

Archie The Wonder Dog said... #

Another fabulous 'Name Game'! I LOVE that triple pouch!!

Kelli said... #

Debbie is one of the sweetest people I've "met" on this blogging journey!

Terriaw said... #

Love reading about Debbie's thought process for coming up with her blog name. Such a clever way to tie her ideas together. She shares such a beautiful array of work too!

Debbie said... #

Thank YOU, Cindy, for sharing some of my work, as well as about my blog name! I really appreciate it.

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said... #

Some beautiful projects and it's lovely to learn a bit more about other bloggers :)

Nat at Made in Home said... #

Great post about Cindy's blog!

Mama Pea said... #

Fun to read, and some great projects! Love it!

CitricSugar said... #

You always introduce us to the most interesting people…

Congrats on the BQF nom! You were definitely my choice. :-)

Marci Girl said... #

Oh I love hearing Debbie's story. It is a great one, and a great feature!