Monday, December 10, 2012

Terri Wilhelm Designs

I've mentioned my friend, Terri, a time or two. She designs and makes the most amazing totes, bags, zippered pouches, just to name a few things. I have an official collection of things that Terri has made. Seriously. Some people may collect Dolce & Gabbana or other designer labels. I collect Terri Wilhelm.

Not only does she make fabulous sewn items (and lots of great patterns, too), she has branched out to graphic design (she has cool fabric on Spoonflower). She has many items that would make wonderful holiday gifts. Notecards, field guides, calendars.  In fact, you can find a free download for the cutest gift tags here.

Terri is such a gifted artist and because she is a good friend, I really want to spread the word. Terri graciously agreed to give away one of her 2013 calendars to some lucky commenter. I seriously jokingly wondered if there was a way I could "fix" things so I would be the winner.
But don't worry. I'll leave the winning up to one of you. I hope you will stop by and say hi to Terri. Do some shopping while you are there.

I'd love to know if you are giving handmade items this Christmas.Leave a comment and I'll choose a winner on Wednesday, December 12.


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Susan said... #

Terri's work is lovely! I love botanical art, so her leaves really appeal to me!

Lucy | Charm About You said... #

Very pretty! I was intending to make lots of things but with the ever expanding bump I have had to narrow the list down quite a lot!! Those closest to me will hopefully be getting handmade things though :)

Lisa England said... #

Yes, I am giving a bunch of lap quilts.

ItsNurseJessi said... #

Yes! I am making a couple of stockings for some really special peeps. And, trying to finish my parents quilts. Maybe I will get all of the stockings finished! LOL.

Archie The Wonder Dog said... #

I'm supposed to be making a simple table runner for my mam (to give her before Christmas) so the little trees I made her last year could go on the dining table but I haven't been well and time is running out. I was also hoping to get my Stained QAL quilt finished so I could wrap it and give it to mam on Christmas morning but...

I hope I have more luck with the baking I've got planned!

Terri's work is beautiful!

Gill said... #

Terry is incredibly talented!
I'm sewing tote bags and aprons as gifts this year!

M-R Charbonneau said... #

Beautiful! I'm making a quilt and some jewellery pouches for gifts this year. :) Thanks for the giveaway!

B Greene said... #

Love the butterflies and the leaves!! Just beautiful!
I am making key fobs (done!) and I plan to make loyalty card wallets, zippered pouches and quilted hot pads - hmmmm... wish me luck!

Teje Karjalainen said... #

I'm fan of Terri! She is my first blog friend and she was always so helpful when I was starting my blog! I five this year only handmade gifts. Thank you for a lovely give away!

Sara said... #

Love,love Terri she is a great friend!!

Maggie said... #

I am sewing a tote and knitting a shawl and a scarf for Christmas gifts.

The Luedtke Family said... #

Why yes, I am gifting handmade gifts this year. My son has asked me to make him new slippers and I just finished the last stitch yesterday (crochet). Norah is getting 2 simply sewn A-line skirts. Teachers, sitters, and Godmothers are getting either a knit braided scarf or a knit head warmer. And my kids are getting a velvet curtain to hang in an opening for a stage, with a shorter curtain for a puppet show place. And, some head warmers and scarf went to the hat/mitten/scarf tree at my son's school.

It's great that you are giving a calendar on "Dozen Day". Dozen day is 12-12-12, and there are 12 months in a year. And I am number 12, so hopefully, the dozenth commenter will receive a dozen month calendar on 12-12-12!

Betty said... #

I just love Terri's work, esp. the fish calendar! And are you kidding - making things for Christmas?!? Is there any other way? Have made 1 quilt, 1 doll quilt, journal covers, Nook covers, almost a dozen zip bags, several pillows and one outstanding needlepoint picture (a frog prince sitting on a pillow) for one of my grands. I only "buy" as a last resort!

Thanks for the chance to win a calendar - I am, according to my husband, a calendar hound!

Allison said... #

I would like to make a little something for each of my sons, but right now my machine is in the shop, so I don't know if that is going to happen. The 90" square quilt for my Dad definately isn't going to be finished....
Thanks for the giveaway, and best of luck to your friend!

Pam said... #

I have been sewing, crocheting, knitting, preserving and baking for what seems like forever. I made a lake of Sloe Gin and Christmas Pudding Vodka and a large pond of Elder flower Cordial for the non drinkers. All my gifts will be home made this year as will most of the packaging.

Sonia B said... #

Lovely art work. Thanks for the chance. I'm giving a quilt, but the rest will be store-bought . . . reduce the stress.

Lisa said... #

Beautiful and a very talented artist. I would love to win and yes I'm giving throw size quilts to my daughters, sister and mother. It's been a year of piecing with threads of love!

Terry@ a quilting blog said... #

Terri's work is so pretty! I'm definitely giving handmade gifts for Christmas and purchased others from some very talented artists (including my daughter) on Etsy. Thanks for the sweet giveaway!

Anonymous said... #

Such lovely work!!! I always make the young kids jammies. This year is the first that my two girls--ages 9 and 11--are making gifts. It has been very rewarding to pass on the tradition!!
Kim DiGiorgio

Farm Quilter said... #

Terri is an awesome designer and sewist! I am making quilts for Christmas. The goal is 9 this year, but 2 haven't even been quilted yet, 4 still need binding and the all need embroidered labels! And of course, I had to get sick!!

Anonymous said... #

Terri's designs are awesome! I am making a skirt and an apron for my GD and new pillowcases for some other folks.

Anna said... #

I am making dice bags for my gamer friends.

Shar said... #

I'm trying to get quilts done for my kids. They are fun but a lot of work!

Cecilia said... #

I have one quilt I'm trying to get done for Christmas. Terri's work is lovely.

Anonymous said... #

I am attempting to make gifts for my youngest grands. Keep your fingers crossed for me! I am so in awe of Terri's talent....sigh

Anne said... #

Terri's work is incredible! I am doing 3 quilts this Christmas (two are done, basting is happening on the third this week) which has left very little room for anything else handmade unfortunately. :(

Rene' said... #

I love Terri, and she is super talented! I am amazed at how much she has already created with her new line. I like her coordinated botanical images especially. As for as making gifts for Christmas goes, the verdict is still out. If I don't get moving, I will be buying store bought ;-(

Deb@asimplelifequilts said... #

Beautiful! I have finished 3 table toppers for gifts this year, next will be mug rugs for all...

Mama Pea said... #

Love it! I'm going to do a similar giveaway soon! :-) I am trying to finish up earbud pouches (more of them) and getting a label on a quilt to give away!