Thursday, November 28, 2013

Really Random Thursday, 11/28/13

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the US.
 This is a large clam shell on a corner in Pismo Beach, decorated for Thanksgiving

Mark and I were at our favorite place on the central coast of California last weekend. This time there were virtually no waves on the ocean, but the weather was beautiful.
With this weather, it is hard to believe that tomorrow is Black Friday and the shopping frenzy starts in earnest.

Have you already started listening to Christmas music? Our son, Aaron, did some mathematical equation, experimenting with absolute values, square roots, etc., which I don't pretend to understand at all, to determine the best day to start listening to music, since Thanksgiving is so late this year. By the way, he says this equation also holds for when stores should be able to put up Christmas decorations.

So when do you start listening to Christmas music? Do you venture out on Black Friday? Do you wait for Cyber Monday? Do you only give handmade gifts?

I started working on this but since I have never knit in the round before, it is kind of experimental and might end up around my neck. 
Your turn.


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Celtic Thistle said... #

I can see why that is your favourite place Cindy, it looks fabulous!

Love your son's equation, although I don't pretend to understand it either and no we haven't started listening to Christmas music yet :)

Lucy | Charm About You said... #

Beautiful pictures! Happy thanksgiving to you and your family :-) I've been singing Christmas songs to Lois and she loves it!

Debbie said... #

Love your son's calculations! I usually wait till after Thanksgiving but maybe I AM late this year! ;-)

Deborah said... #

The only place to be on Black Friday is home!! I started listening to Christmas music in my sewing room the day after Halloween. Don't tell.

Sara said... #

I listen to Christmas music after Thanksgiving, sometimes not until Dec.1st--gotta keep things separate! lol

Happy Thanksgiving Cindy!

Carla said... #

Christmas carols can start anytime after it snows : ) Chilly here today. I might knit a little. Good for you for doing circular needles. It's very fast. Enjoy your Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for you today and all the wonderful people I have come to know through blogging

Susan said... #

Love how Americans embrace each season with such gusto! I may listen to Christmas music two or three days before Christmas. My mind is firmly on finishing up the school year!

Katy Cameron said... #

As it turns out, yesterday was my first Christmas song day as one was on the Queen Platinum compilation I was listening to lol

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

I do not do Black Friday in any way shape or form. The feeding frenzy aspect turns me off. But I do love Christmas and all the decorations and warm cozy feelings. Time to start thinking about it or maybe I better start doing something . . . only 26 days!!!

The Luedtke Family said... #

Definitely Thanksgiving first, then Christmas. One perk to knitting in the round, is that if you are knitting a stockinette stitch - no need to purl. Since purling is not my favorite, projects just go that much faster. Without curling edges too! Enjoy your project!

OPQuilt said... #

How did I miss this great post? (I know. I was sitting in Urgent Care this weekend, hacking my brains out, pleading for meds. Got them, and now I'm a bit better.) I loved Aaron's analysis on CM. I agree that it's too short this year, so I plan to linger in the Christmas playlist until it becomes ridiculous, maybe somewhere around mid-January. Hey, we can keep playing it until Three Kings' Day, can't we?