Friday, December 27, 2013

December Friendship X and + Swap

I hope everyone is having a lovely holiday season. Here in Central California, it has certainly been warm. Unseasonably warm. And I think we are nearing a record for no precipitation, certainly not a record that we had hoped to achieve.

Today is the Friendship X and + Swap reveal, the last Friday of each month. Each month we make two identical sets of four X and + blocks, keep one set, and send the other to our swap partner. My partner is the lovely Carla. I know--I'm really lucky to have her for a partner!

Here are my four blocks for December.
This is what is on my design wall right now. The top three rows are my blocks and the bottom two rows were made by Carla. I love how they all play together.
Just to refresh your memory, we are basing our fabric choices on this color palette.
I'm ready to get started on the blocks for January.

I didn't do anything in the way of sewing gifts for Christmas this year. But on Tuesday, I did whip out these four pillows. It was a simple sewing design, and yet I managed to make a bunch of math errors design decisions.
And I even did exposed-zipper backs! Now I need to stock upon some longer zippers at Zip-It, my favorite zipper supplier
Corey was my inspiration with the pillows she made from the "chalkboard" fabric she designed. She hasn't made it available for sale yet, but I found this panel on Spoonflower. I just love Corey's panel so I hope she makes it available for next Christmas because these pillows were great fun to make!

Do you ever watch The Quilt Show? Every year, Alex and  Ricky choose a Living Legend. Since the show started, Mark has made the plaque that they present to the recipient. He makes it out of fused glass, using the logo from The Quilt Show, but choosing colors based on the recipient, so no two have ever been the same. Past recipients who now own a piece of Mark's artistry include Jinny Beyer, Eleanor Burns, Yvonne Porcella, Libby Lehman, and of course Alex owns a few of his pieces too. This year's choice was Michael James. It's always fun to find out the name of the recipient ahead of time and help Mark choose just the right glass. This year he went with something understated and elegant, a really hard to glass to photograph, but kind of an iridescent black.
I hope Mr. James likes it. I'm always so proud that Mark makes these really beautiful pieces of art that in turn live in the homes or studios of quilters.
I'm linking up here today. Because it isn't very often that I have something to show on Fridays. :)

Whatever your plans for the weekend, hope it is a happy one.


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Amy Friend said... #

How cool that your husband makes those awards! Very, very exciting!

Sara said... #

I think the chalkboard pillows are great!

Gorgeous rewards from creative!

Katy Cameron said... #

Love those cushions, and what fun to make the awards!

Needled Mom said... #

Your x&+ blocks look fantastic together and I LOVE the pillows.

Mark does a great job on the glass. How fun for you AND him!

Lorna McMahon said... #

Your x and + blocks are sure coming along nicely! And those cushions are sweet! Design decisions can sure be an unexpected improvement on the overall look, don't you find? Adds a little personal touch! I would love it if you would be so kind as to link up on my blog today. I am hosting the Thank Goodness It's Finished Friday. Please visit me at

Susan said... #

The pillow panels are great! And your + and x colour palette is so fresh and lively!

Anonymous said... #

Nicely done! I especially like the x and + blocks.

Vera said... #

Your quilt is looking great. What a pretty color combo you picked.

Molly said... #

I am in love with those pillows, and you have such a talented fella- go Mark!

Carla said... #

Love your pallet and fabrics, Cindy! The awards are must be tickled pink!

Michelle Bartholomew said... #

Love the colors for that quilt! And your pillows look great. What a fun touch for the holidays.

Susan at said... #

Love your X's, love the awards, and I've NEVER made a math error. :)

Carla said... #

Oh wow! I just got off work and saw these. How fabulous! I love my blocks and they arrived Christmas Eve yet : )
I'm late this month though. I will get them done soon

FlourishingPalms said... #

Sure love seeing the blocks you and Carla are making. What a great pair you are at making blocks together! I didn't know about Mark's fame... such a cool thing he does. Talent is really thick in your family!

Janice Porter said... #

Very cool Mark and Cindy!

OPQuilt said... #

I need to post my December Cross-X swap (but you know why I haven't). And I, too, have a "Mark Original." I had it sitting out all month on my counter, and thought good thoughts about him and his creativity. So thank him again for me for my red/green holiday plate! Bowl? Plowl? Bate? Whatever, I love it!


Weaveron Textile said... #
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Anonymous said... #
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