Friday, February 28, 2014

Friendship X and + Blocks--February

I didn't plan very well this month. Today I'm actually at a quilting retreat in the mountains and when I realized it was the last Friday in the month, I had no choice but to post the only picture I took of this month's block.
I really hope my partner, Carla, has taken some pictures of all the blocks we have made so far. This is going to be a beautiful quilt!


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Mary said... #

I am so sorry you are at a quilting retreat in the mountains! Hehe! Love the picture and I agree, it is going to be wonderful!

Rene' said... #

Enjoy your retreat!!! Just looked at the calendar to check on the dates for OURS ;-) Great blocks for Carla.

Carla said... #

Indeed I did : ) Love my blocks. Thanks Cindy!
Have fun in the mountains

carla said... #

Hi!!!! Your blocks are so pretty!!!!! I love them!!!!

Needled Mom said... #

I saw Carla's and it is BEAUTIFUL! You guys chose the best color scheme.

CapitolaQuilter said... #

pretty sure you won't get a lot of sympathy for being at a quilting retreat in the mountains, haha. The blocks are very pretty and just happen to be the design and colors that I love. Enjoy your time creating.

Archie The Wonder Dog said... #

Have a lovely time!

CATHY DANIEL said... #

Have a great time on your retreat - sounds heaven! You are a lover of COLOUR just like me! I love all those colours in that quilt! xCathy p.s. if you're back in time, you could enter my Giveaway (for colour lovers !!).

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

The color scheme you two are using is one of my favorites. I'd love to have a quilt in these colors myself. Maybe when it's my turn in the bee . . .