Thursday, February 27, 2014

Really Random Thursday: A little bit of random housekeeping

Really Random Thursday started awhile back after I realized that there were things I wanted to document which had nothing whatsoever to do with sewing, quilting, or creativity in general. They were things I came across in everyday life--funny/interesting sayings, pictures, conversations, the minutiae that comprises daily life.

There were some weeks, and even months, when for whatever reason, there was nothing whatsoever hardly anything happening in my sewing room. I started Really Random Thursday as a way to keep blogging and since, ultimately, my blog is a diary of my life for my grandchildren to look back on, I wanted to include things in addition to what I was working on--sewing, knitting, crocheting. Random things that I found interesting, confounding, funny...

There are lots of great places to link up works in progress and finished projects and I sure have found them to help keep me motivated and to get ideas for future projects.

Some of my friends told me they also had noticed there were things they would like to document, but also weren't sure what to do with them on a sewing/quilting blog.

And so Really Random Thursday was born, along with a link-up so everyone could share something random.

Over the months, there have been some faithful "randomeers"--the name being coined by Hadley. Some of you have faithfully linked up nearly every week, some more frequently, some less, but all those collective random things are so much fun to read.

One time, Lucy posted a tutorial on how to thread her eyebrows using Aurifil thread. It might be one of my favorite "randoms" ever.

Fiona lets me live vicariously with her fabulous pictures of places she visits in Europe.

Katy always finds interesting facts and has the best random observations. She makes bears. I don't know anyone who makes bears.

I don't even know where to start with Katy--she is a random expert and a really funny writer.

Hadley also has a quirky sense of humor, one of my favorite things about her.
 For translation, look here

Random Observation--they are all from the UK. In fact, when I mentioned that to Katy, she filled me on this random fact: they're all connected to Scotland too - Fiona's Scottish, Hadley and Lucy are married to Scots and Katy lives in Scotland. 

So I thought this week maybe a little reminder might be in order.

Want to share some randomness?  Here are the linky rules:
1. Link up any post from the past week that includes at least one "random" thing. It's fine to include some sewing-related things, but please include something random as well.
2. Somewhere in your post, you must link back here to my blog.
3. Try to read and comment on one or two other links.

I'll end with this random photo. Given the ongoing controversy over the legality of medical marijuana, I found the name of this sushi restaurant to be fitting for California...

Now it's your turn.


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Erin Quinn said... #

I love to read the randoms :-). I haven't linked in because I haven't written an appropriate blog post, but I read them (lots of them) every week. The random always adds a little joy :-)
Besides, as I don't live in the uk and have no connections to Scotland, I may not be eligible to link in :-P
E xx

Angela Bullard said... #

I haven't had time to blog much lately but I hope to get back to regular posts and linking up soon :). In the meantime I'll be happy to read about the other adventures.

CapitolaQuilter said... #

Living vicariously through others is one of the best perks of blogs. Most of my posts are pretty standard quilting stuff but I just had link up this week with the most Random jumpsuit pattern I've ever bought.

Lucy | Charm About You said... #

I do love me some random!! My face just freaked me out! How funny we all have a Scottish connection and a wicked sense of humour!

Selfsewn said... #

I shall endeavour to join up randomly :o)
Love your randoms x

Krista Stitched said... #

Love the random posts, Cindy! Though I have a hard time reading blogs these days, I love pooping in every once in a while. Maybe I'll even write up a bit of random today to play along.

Carla said... #

Lucy is great. I will have to tell my kids about that Sushi joint : )
Enjoy your day

Katy Cameron said... #

I love that Sushi joint. Although I'm a little worried that commenter #6 likes to poop on people ;o)

Mrs Flying Blind... said... #

Ooh the pressure to come up with a random post this evening!!!

Susan said... #

How fun! Love the Scottish connection! It always seems funny linking up to the Randomeers on a Friday!

Rachaeldaisy said... #

It's great to read an overview. It really is a great way of including non sewing related things into sewing blogs. I'm with Suz that by the time it's Random Thursday it's already Friday here in Audtralia.

M.W. said... #

I love reading the randomness. Love the Scottish connection as I too am 1/2 Scottish

Susan said... #

My second comment for today- Why on my laptop can I NOT see the linkups but I can on my phone! Weird! No wonder I wasn't linking up......

Susan at said... #

I love random thursday! You have the most interesting life. Besides, where else would I see all those crazy signs?? :)

Jehnny said... #

I love reading your Random Thursdays! Thanks so much for starting such a great link up! How do you find such great signs ;) And Scots ARE funny and random.

Nadine said... #

Ohai! I just found my way here via Cathy@Blueberry Patch, and oddly enough I was just putting together my own post of randomish thoughts. Perhaps I'll hit publish in the next day or so and link up. :-)

That's too funny about the coincidental gals from the UK with yet more coincidental Scottish connections! Love that sign too.

Needled Mom said... #

The Random Thursdays are always so much fun. Those Brits must have a great sense of humor. ;-)

Celtic Thistle said... #

Great sign, one of these days you should publish a book of them ! How funny that random and a Scottish connection goes together :)

Celtic Thistle said... #

Great sign, one of these days you should publish a book of them ! How funny that random and a Scottish connection goes together :)

Sarah said... #

The Randoms always make me laugh - I may just have to join in next Thursday! :-)

Rene' said... #

Love reading all your random posts and amazed at how you tie them all together in one! I have drafted so many RRT posts but lately can't seem to remember to hit the publish button. Next week hopefully I will remember. Sure miss being a Randomeer ;-)

Sarah said... #

Random Thursdays are some of my mst favourite posts! I love the glimpse into peoples lives and families, and their sense of humour. I read all those blogs and didn't know they all had a connection to Scotland. It's where my family emigrated from to Australia.