Friday, June 20, 2014

Finish It Friday: 9-Patch Puzzle

One of my favorite quilters is Nikki from The Girl Who Quilts. A really long time ago Awhile back, she asked for pattern testers for the 9-Patch Puzzle, so I volunteered (pattern here). She had several versions of it, one of which required a lot of piecing. I loved the look of that version, and thought I had the perfect fabric that would give that look without all the piecing, the Kona Modern Quilts line by Cynthia Frenette for Robert Kaufman.

See all that intricate "piecing"--those are just 8" squares sewn together. Fabulous, right?

I was able to quickly piece the whole quilt top together. I even had the back nearly completed. And then some time passed before I finally had it ready to be quilted. Nikki graciously agreed to do the quilting. And wow, did she do a spectacular job!

Here is the front.

For the back I used up some 2 1/2" jelly roll strips along with the wedding ring print.

When it came time to bind, I couldn't find the fabric I had set aside specifically for the binding. So I pieced together the trimmings left over when I squared it up in preparation for binding and just sewed them together.Of course, as soon as the binding was on, I found the set-side fabric, but I really like the pieced binding better.
I really love this quilt. Thanks, Nikki, for letting me test the pattern, but especially for being patient while it took me forever to show it off!
Of course, I had to do a "waterlogue" app version too. Isn't it pretty?
I'm linking up Crazy Mom Quilts at Finish It Friday and Lorna who is hosting TGIFF. Have a lovely weekend.


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Rachel said... #

This is a great quilt. I love improv piecing.

Terri said... #

Wow, what a stunning quilt! I love it. It must have been destiny for you to come up with a new idea for the binding since you like this better than the original fabric.

Debbie said... #

Very very cool! Fun fabric choice for this....

M-R Charbonneau said... #

Oh, Cindy, this is so fun! I love it! What a great quilt design for the fabric line. Great choice!

Anonymous said... #

It looks great, and truly does show off the fabric.

The Luedtke Family said... #

That is one incredible quilt!!! So fantastic!!!

Andrea @ Mouse in My Pocket said... #

This looks amazing! And it's really super fun with your fabric choices. I will definitely be checking out the pattern.

Needled Mom said... #

That is gorgeous and the quilting is terrific with it.

Carol S. said... #

The quilt is just beautiful!

Paulette said... #

That's amazing!

Unknown said... #

Aww, thank you for the love, Cindy!! :)

Anonymous said... #

Love this quilt. So much detail and brilliant color. Just gorgeous.

Vera said... #

That is looking really cool! Well done!

Carla said... #

Look at you! How fun is that fabric. You did her proud and the quilting is wonderful!

Cynthia F said... #

Awesome!! I love the design and the quilting is beautiful! :D

FlourishingPalms said... #

Gosh, this is such a pretty quilt. Improv blocks joined together, hmm? Well, it's a very effective design, and the quilting is smashing. (Drool.) I hope you find a special place to display/use this. It's too pretty to be folded up and put on a shelf.

Bower Bird Patch said... #

Wow, it's truly lovely. I can see you have certainly put a lot of time into it. It's very unique of a should be super proud of this one!

Lorna McMahon said... #

Such a great pattern! Love the print you chose for the blocks and the solids sure make a complimentary frame. The quilting is gorgeous. I love the scrappy binding, Cindy!

felicity said... #

Awesome! And I especially love it because Cynthia is a local designer who designed our VMQG logo and Niki is a lovely quilty friend too. Serendipity!

Katy Cameron said... #

Quilte print fabric, genius!

Anonymous said... #

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