Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Flowering Snowball

I didn't actually snowball-along with Mary this summer, but I do have a flowering snowball quilt top.

When I made it several summers ago, I used a jelly roll of Sherbet Pips. 

Now that I have seen Mary's beautifully hand quilted version, I'd like to hand quilt this one. The back is already made, and now I'm at the point where my quilt-making usually comes to a dead halt--the basting step. I really need to work on that.


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Carla said... #

This is so very sweet Cindy. I spray baste so it's quick

Mary on Lake Pulaski said... #

Just spray basted a twin size in 20 minutes on my two banquet size folding tables pushed together.

Linda said... #

Love the colors against the grey. I spray baste too and have never done "regular" quilt basting.

FlourishingPalms said... #

Well, I just taught basting in my "First Time Quiltmaking" class today! Wish you'd been there! We had lots of table space, and I encouraged everyone to help each other pin baste. It works so well to have a basting-buddy. You can sure accomplish a lot more, and best of all, friends make basting fun!

Nifty Quilts said... #

Ooh! I love how your strip piecing gives this quilt a propellor effect. Very fun.

Susan said... #

It's such an interesting version! They DO look like the propellors! Good luck with the basting- sounds like you need a basting-buddy!

Needled Mom said... #

I love the pieced blocks. Very pretty.

Christine S said... #

This is so wonderful! And I love Sherbert Pips, so a double thumbs up!

Amy Friend said... #

It's so pretty, you've got to get it basted!

ChristaQuilts said... #

This is awesome!!

Mary said... #

It is so good to see this quilt again! It is precious with the Sherbet Pips collection. I hope you do hand quilt it...hand quilting would be so sweet with this fabric! Thanks for sharing Cindy!

Rene' said... #

Cindy, I love your Sherbert Pips quilt! Weren't you working on this at your first Gruber's retreat? Basting is no fun, I agree ;-)

Nilya said... #

fantastic idea - it Looks totally different :)

Ella and Nesta said... #

I love Aneela's fabric. You really must finish this quilt, it's so beautiful!

Katy Cameron said... #

Good luck with the hand quilting!

Carla said... #

Darling, darling! That fabric line was one of my favorites and the block is so cute. Keep on keeping on, Cindy!!

Anonymous said... #
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