Monday, October 27, 2014

Choose Your Own Block-Along, 10/27/14

Once again, it's been a Ghastlie week. The good news is that the quilt top is completely together!

I was going to take pictures outside, but amazingly, here in central California it finally feels like fall and has been quite breezy. So indoor photos it is.
 The block stats on this quilt are as follows:
2-36" blocks
1-30" block
1-24" block
5-18" blocks
9-12" blocks
30 (yes 30)-6" blocks

I worked on 6" blocks most of the week. 

Every once in awhile, there was a block that had only two to four pieces. Lots of times they had 40+ pieces. It brought back memories of making the Farmer's Wife quilt, all those many pieces contained in a little 6" block.

The 6" blocks were grouped together throughout the quilt top.
 And some of them had a little something that amused me.
I'm so happy that this quilt top is completed. Here's the interesting thing: I'm not a huge fan of Halloween, yet for some reason I had a quite-sizable Halloween fabric stash. How does that even happen? But once I decided on including the few pieces of the Ghastlies, I couldn't really use any of my "cutesie" Halloween fabrics. The Ghastlies are most decidedly NOT "cutesie" people. So I still haven't busted much of my Halloween stash but I did dig into my stash of purple, orange and lime green!

And then I made a cute selvage pincushion.

What have you been up to this week?

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Val's Quilting Studio said... #

I'm seriously in love with this quilt!!! I love the variety of sizes and well, your ghaslies are perfect. (And I"m not a fan of holiday quilts either! LOL!) Is this pattern available???

Rene' said... #

I'm not a huge Halloween fan either, but your Ghastlies quilt may convert me ;-)!!! Love it AND your pincushion. Thanks to you I finally broke down and ordered the building blocks pattern.

Julianne said... #

I love it!

Michelle said... #

You are a genius!!! I love this quilt!!!!! I am a huge fan of the Ghastlies and love how you you used them in this quilt.

Carla said... #

I ad my two girlies visit this week, so I sewed pj bottoms. We had a huge family dinner and lots of fun. I like your quilt even tho I don't like Halloween --at all.
Hope to link next Monday : )

Farm Quilter said... #

Great quilt!! Love all the different sized blocks - really ups the interest level!!! Don't really like Halloween, but I really like the Ghastlies!

Jennifer said... #

I don't like Halloween at all, but I really like this pattern! It's on my birthday list for sure. :) I think this pattern would look fabulous is some kind of Christmas theme, like aqua, silver, and white!

Vicki said... #

Beautiful...if the Ghastiles can be beautiful!

Unknown said... #

Cute...cute...cute. We are huge Halloween fans in our household. What really caught my eye were the grey and black/orange dot flying geese/half square triangles. I would have not thought of that combination. I have been collecting dots, with no confirmed pattern in mind, so this has my creative juices flowing. Thanks for the inspiration.

Unknown said... #

Part 2...I was so excited I didn't finish....what wonderfully interesting fun fabrics-gives one lots to mull over...a real gift for fabricholics...heehee. What an adorable pincushion bonus. I so need to make some for our quilt guild's quilt show ways and means THANK YOU twice!

Archie The Wonder Dog said... #

It's fabulous!!!

Cynthia Brunz Designs said... #

Fantastic quilt Cindy! Love all the different size blocks and your fabric placement.

Anita said... #

Absolutely love this quilt! Your choice of fabrics are perfect! I'm totally inspired to make a Halloween quilt like this :)

OPQuilt said... #

I think I've commented a lot on all these blocks on IG, but how fun to see them altogether here in a One Big Collection! I love the details, and the fussy cutting. Terrific!


Rachaeldaisy said... #

Congratulations on finishing such a fun quilt!! Your colour choices are so wonderful! How that you have a lot of Halloween fabrics. I'm like that with Christmas fabrics.

Sarah said... #

"Ghastlie family reunion" that's when my husbands extended family all gets together! Ugh. I'm not much into big get togethers and staying together, I mean all together, for a few days at a time. They are! I need my space

Anonymous said... #
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