Monday, January 19, 2015

Choose Your Own Block-Along, 1/19/15

I am nearly halfway through the 100 blocks of Tula Pink's City Sampler! The main motivation is that I want to put away the mountain of red, green and white Christmas fabric.

I have ten main color "categories," ranging from really low volume white/green and white/red, all the way to saturated red/green and green/red blocks. It is working really well to make the blocks in "pairs," especially as the book is divided into "shape" categories. So it is a bit of a challenge to make sure all the color categories are well represented within the shape categories. If that even makes any sense...

I finished off the "rectangle" category with this block. Oh, look--some cute Laurie Wisbrun holiday wellies fabric.

Block 34:
Then I moved into the triangle category.

Blocks 36 and 37:

Blocks 38 and 39 (fun fussy cutting of that red and white fahric):

Blocks 40 and 41:
Blocks 42 and 43:
Blocks 44 and 46:
Blocks 45 and 48:
Blocks 47 and 49 (the colors are a little off on this picture):
And my work for the week:
What you been working on in the past week? Don't forget to check to see what Rene' has been up to!


  1. Cindy, how did you get so much done in one week?! Impressive variety of blocks. You have such cute Christmas fabric. I made all of one Dear Jane block for today ;-))

  2. Nice and more nice. This is going to be fantastic when it is all put together.

  3. That's a lot of lovely sewing in a week, bravo!

  4. That is going to be a fabulous quilt! Love the blocks you have completed.

  5. I think you have passed me now. These look great. I've been doing a little appliqué from the couch ; )

  6. I love the way you're making these Christmas themed. They are so pretty!

  7. Go Cindy Go!!! Halfway through is amazing.


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