Thursday, June 25, 2015

Really Random Thursday, 6/25/15

Welcome to the last Thursday in June. That means the year is nearly half over. Does that mean Christmas sewing should officially commence?

Our grandson spent each morning last week taking a BMX class at the local park. Honestly, I did not even realize that the park had a BMX course!
I was super impressed.
His elbows were covered with scabs--a badge of honor, according to most boys.
I'm glad I was able to capture this moment.
Sometimes this one just looks so grown up.
Friday night, Mark, our son Aaron and like-a-son Jason had been chosen to ref the city-county All Star football game. Out of all the refs in their association, it was so awesome that the three of them got to ref a game together.
Jason, Chuck, Greg, Mark and Aaron
 Father and son
Photo courtesy of Sportswurlz
Mark in action
Photo courtesy of Sportswurlz
Mark said my red hair made it easier to pick me out of a crowd. I don't seem to be watching the game at this point...
Photo courtesy of Sportswurlz
I'm making some progress on my hexies. Rosette 1 is nearly finished. The papers for Rosette 7 arrived in the mail this week. I don't think I will be needing them for awhile. This is going to take me a loooong time.
Anybody going to QuiltCon? Registration begins today. As I write this, I'm not sure if I'll get the classes I want or not. I'm only going to try for two classes and then add a bunch of lectures. The first is an all-day class on learning EQ7 with Christa Watson. I've had the program installed on my computer for awhile now but just have never taken the time to learn. I'm hoping Christa will be able to guide me through the process. She's lots of fun and high energy, so I'm sure if anyone can help me learn EQ7, Christa is the one for the job.
Christa is the one on the far left
I have also been fascinated by the "code" quilts by Libs Elliott, so hopefully I will get her class called "For the Love of Y Seams." She will be teaching her trademark code quilts, similar to this one.
The quilt she will be teaching has hex, half-hex and equilateral triangle pieces. I stopped her at QuiltCon in February as she was gazing at quilts, and she graciously let me take a fan picture.

I received the most interesting email yesterday, inviting me to have a trunk show and teach a class at a monthly meeting of a quilt guild on the central coast of California. I DO love the central coast. While public speaking is a lot  a bit out of my comfort zone, I think I'll say yes. And not that I govern my life by the horoscope in the daily paper, but this was a weird coincidence.
Going here soon. Can't wait.
Do you ever watch America's Got Talent? It has gotten so much better over the past couple of years. They don't show as many of weirdo acts anymore--mostly just the really talented acts. Anyway, you've gotta love the coat Heidi Klum wore last night, right?

I'll leave you with this. Mark texted this to me--the introvert's version of the Golden Rule.Anyone else identify?
Anything random in your world?


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Leanne said... #

I know several people who follow that rule. I think you will have a great time being a speaker.

Jayne said... #

I totally can the golden rule! I have a hard time public speaking, never have been comfortable with it. Congrats on the trunk show/teaching a class! I bet you will be great at it. I hope you get in the EQ7 class with Christa! I would love to hear about it. I have EQ7 and have had a hard time getting the hang of it!

Debbie said... #

Good random. And DO say yes about teaching! I've been asked to speak at a semi-local guild in October and I'm scared silly!!!

sue said... #

I identify for sure! I think it is why I have become a dog person, however, I do like to say good morning to everyone we pass on our morning walk.

This quote will give me something to ponder all day, thanks for sharing it.

The Colorful Fabriholic said... #

Congrats on your speaking engagement! I love the colors in your EPP rosette project. And I love EQ7 - I hope you enjoy your class and come to love using it for designing. It's addictive, like playing a video game.

Needled Mom said... #

Those bike courses always give me fears!

I love your EPP. Which Central Coast guild will you be doing your trunk show?

Deborah said... #

Totally a coincidence about the trunk show. You should do it! Great quote!

Lucy | Charm About You said... #

Half the year gone?!! Of course they asked you and you will be fabulous, everyone there loves quilting and we're generally a nice bunch ;) Enjoy it!

Susan said... #

I'd come and hear you speak! Try to imagine its just a group of friends! As Lucy says, the audience are there because they love quilting too! Do you think you are checking IG in that Sportswurlz photo? How funny!

Terri said... #

Variety is the spice of life - you have such a full life! Funny observation from Mark about looking for your red hair in a crowd. (I would have never found you in that crowd.) Wonder what Dave looks for to find me in a crowd ;)

Vicki said... #

Great motto!

CapitolaQuilter said... #

You'll be great!

CapitolaQuilter said... #

Did you get into the Love of Y Seams class? My sis and are I are doing the one Friday night. You should definitely teach and speak. How close to Nor Cal will you be - maybe my neighborhood? Fun bmx pics, he looks so proud.

Rene' said... #

What did you decide about QuiltCon? Did you get your classes? If I were going, the EQ with Christa would be on my list. I'm so glad you are doing the teaching and trunk show. You'll be awesome!

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

ok seeing that QuiltCon pic of our lunch makes me want to go again. Maybe, just maybe.