Friday, July 24, 2015

Finish It Friday, 7/24/15

In January, I joined Katja Marek's New Hexagon Millefiore Block of the Month quiltalong. Her New Hexagon book is wonderful and highly recommended. I know a lot of people are doing the La Passacaglia millefiore quilt but it just looked too intense for me. All of Katja's hexagons measure 6 inches and are arranged in rosettes, which will eventually fit together like pieces of a puzzle.

I don't have a completed quilt to show, but Rosette 1 has taken me since January and I'm so happy with it. Each rosette will use only Denyse Schmidt fabrics. Last week one day, I spent the afternoon on the couch watching TV and sewing the hexagons together for the first rosette.

Ta da! It is 36" from side to side.
I might have done a happy dance when Denyse reposted the picture in HER feed!

Rosette 2 is coming along nicely as well.
And then Denyse commented again. Talk about motivation!

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Susan said... #

WOW! What an honour! (This is something I dream of happening....) I love them both but the second aqua one is delightful! And it seems like you are having fun too!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said... #

You couldn't have a better fan to keep you motivated!! They are just beautiful Cindy!!

Terri said... #

These rosettes are so beautiful!

Sally said... #

Really gorgeous! And, of course, even better that Denyse was sharing and commenting!

Jenelle said... #

How cool! They really are gorgeous and well deserving of accolades. :) I'm excited to see this come together, and might have to go check out the stitch-along myself.

Carla said... #

Whoop whoop! Good for you Cindy. I've taken months to do #3

Jayne said... #

Amazing! I love, love the second one! And to have DS repost your picture...super exciting!

Wendy @ Wendysquiltsandmore said... #

Yours is going to be beautiful. I love your fabric choices. I have the book, and have downloaded the instructions for this quilt, but I have too many other things on the go at the moment. I'll watch your progress with interest though. I'm sure it's going to be lovely.

Katy McCoy said... #

Gorgeous! (I wish I was an English paper piecing fan but I'm not...)

Ruth said... #

Wow I'd be dancing about the place too, I love DS and her fabrics! Beautiful rosettes, they look really lovely!

Ella and Nesta said... #

They are absolutely beautiful! You sewing is so precise too!

Ella and Nesta said... #

They are absolutely beautiful! You sewing is so precise too!

FlourishingPalms said... #

How exciting for you, Cindy! Nothing like a Sewlibrity to motivate a quilter to keep going on a project! I bought the book but have gone no further. I'm completely intimidated by choosing fabrics. Your first rosette is smashing, and I think it's inspired of you to choose another color for the next rosette. I'd be trying to figure out how to make each rosette coordinate with the next one. I am definitely color-challenged, and you apparently are not! Keep up the lovely work!