Thursday, July 23, 2015

Really Random Thursday, 7/23/15

Welcome to this week's edition of Really Random Thursday.

Quite a few years ago, my good friend, Jennifer, handed down this toy telephone. It has lights and lots of fun sounds. But what has fascinated each one of the grandchildren, all at about the same age of about 1 1/2 is the fact that the telephone cord can be pulled apart and put back together. Such good practice for fine motor skills--and I'm sure it was simply a safety feature for the toy.

Last week the youngest Wiens grandchild figured it out. Kept her busy for the longest time.
Lately it seems I get the best life lesson quotes from @ryanwalshquilts in his Instagram feed.

I find it fascinating to ask people what single food is their least favorite. Mine is cucumbers, followed by cilantro. So this will never be on my list to try.
It seems to be taking over a week for me to recover from traveling. Consequently, there is not much randomness to share. I was able to catch up on bee blocks, however.

The first is a July block for Susan in our Mid Century Modern bee. She used the Stepping Stones tutorial from Sew Fresh Quilts. Red and white is such a classic look.
The second is a July block for Mary in our Sew Sisters bee. She is also in the Mid Century Modern bee and we made this Union Jack block for her last year. She needed a few more. I love her color combination of orange and aqua. The tutorial can be found on Molli Sparkles blog.
And I saw this in Kim's instagram feed yesterday. Haha. My shipping and handling fees are higher than I would like, that's for sure.
What's going on with you?


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Leanne said... #

I love those silver shoes!

Carla said... #

Hi Cindy! Thanks for the pic of the littlest ; ) I think of her often
Your blocks look great. I must sew mine this week as I'm back to work next Monday.
Enjoy your day

The Colorful Fabriholic said... #

I love your random Thursday posts - there's always something that makes me chuckle! My shipping & handling fees are way too high! Love those sparkly silver shoes your GD is wearing.

Lucy | Charm About You said... #

I love how kids find different ways of 'playing' with toys! My son was forever looking under and inside things to see how they worked. IG is fabulous for random motivational and inspiring quotes. Great bee blocks! I hate corriander too (our name for cilantro) but cucumber is yummy!

Susan said... #

Oh, the price of shipping and handling nowadays!!!! Love the other quote about letting every situation be what it is....too true! Cucumber is not one of my favourite either! And of course, I love my block! Thank you!

Terri said... #

Fun to see little kids get caught up in a toy for hours! I'm not a fan of cucumbers either, especially in flavored drinks. I still need to make the Union Jack block for Mary... one of these days. Looks like such a fun block!