Friday, October 9, 2015

Harvest Spice: From Start to Finish

If you are here from Quilt with Love, the blog of RJR Fabrics, welcome!

The inspiration for Harvest Spice came from two separate sources, which then blended together beautifully.

I have had this gorgeous piece of fabric for years. I loved the rich combination of colors. But then my style kind of changed and I donated it to my church quilting group. Then regretted it, and asked for it back.
I do know that it is called Harvest Spice, and hence the name for the quilt. However, because I have an alternate persona as a collector of selvages, the rest of the information is gone. It could be here.
Or here.
But I digress.

Mark and I went to a home show in July where I took a photograph of this chair upholstery to add to my inspiration file.

A few weeks later I had the opportunity work with Cotton Supreme Solids by RJR. Given free reign, I knew exactly the color palette to choose--Harvest Spice. I chose two different colors of red (222 Redwork and 356 Moulin Rouge), orange (276 Tangerine Dream and 367 Bandana),  gold (92 Goldenrod and 305 Butternut), green (359 Pea in a Pod and 343 Martini Olive), and purple (361 Aubergine and 279 Purple Haze), and added a soft white (364 Kerchief) and deep, dark brown (201 Espresso).
I spent a few days of relaxing and sewing at a cabin and made the first few blocks.
At first I was sure I would be making more of the half stripes/half espresso blocks but the more blocks that were completed, the less I thought they worked. Turns out, what looks good in upholstery where each square is about one inch just didn't translate to a block that is 10 inches.

I had several color combination "recipes" and when I needed five more blocks for the five by five setting, I made monochromatic blocks (one in green and one in purple) and three variations of courthouse steps, randomly choosing scraps from my cutting table.

I had originally planned on using Espresso for the binding. That would have been a "safe" choice for me. But in what now seems like a stroke of luck, I didn't have enough, and went with Moulin Rouge instead. I love it!!
I'm thrilled with the finished quilt.It's a simple square-in-a-square, starting with a center square 2 1/2" x 2 1/2". If you want more info on block construction, don't hesitate to email me.
My quilter extraordinaire, Darby Myers, said it was her favorite of my quilts she has quilted--and she has quilted a lot for me lately!
Cotton Supreme Solids come in many beautiful colors and are a joy to work with. Want to hear the best part? As part of their What Shade R U? campaign, RJR is giving away a fat quarter bundle of the colors used in this quilt. Just perfect for fall sewing! Leave a comment telling me whether you wait for pumpkin spice season (like I do), or if there is something else that says "fall is here" to you. I'll choose a winner on Sunday night, October 11 (giveaway open to US and Canada residents only).

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Unknown said... #

Not a fan of pumpkin, but I love anything apple! Your colors are gorgeous!

Anonymous said... #

I have a hard time saying goodbye to summer, but I have to admit that fall sunsets never disappoint. I love anything orange! Thanks!

Jane said... #

I love anything pumpkin. Love your quilt and the colors are beautiful. The backing fabric is brilliant.

Jayne said... #

What a beautiful color burst! I could easily get behind making a quilt like this! Fall is a beautiful time of year even though it reminds me that winter is coming...which I am not a fan of! Watching the leave changing colors will always be my fall trigger!!

pforgerson said... #

I love the color , it is a great mash up of fall and halloween. In Texas, fall means leaves falling, not much color just falling and cooler weather, this week the low 90's!

Unknown said... #

Your quilt is stunning! I am looking out my window at the most beautiful huge tree that is full of red leaves. Right next to that one is a tree that has turned oranges and yellows. The mounds of mums on the ground just add to the beauty. I love fall! (

Amy said... #

It's not the pumpkin spice, it's the feel of the cooler air, the angled softer light, the sound of crickets and the changing of color. The dogwoods are first - when the green starts deepening to blush. I just love Autumn. I also love how you picked the backing fabric first and created a beautiful quilt from it. It fits the season perfectly.

Debbie said... #

Beautiful! I really like the pumpkin spice!

Christine said... #

Cindy, you are so creative. These colours are beautiful. In Canada, Thanksgiving weekend starts tomorrow (Sat) so fall things for me come quickly with the calendar date of Fall. Our leaves are beautiful just now.
Christine from Ontario

DianeY said... #

I love your quilt, but I will have to say I really am not into Fall, probably because we just don't have fall here! I enjoy a piece of pumpkin pie about once a year, but I'm otherwise not much into pumpkin spice.

Jonnie (JB) said... #

I hate all things pumpkin...but I do eagerly wait for cozy sweater season!

Carla said... #

Tada!!! Love the richness of this Cindy. Well done again. I remember that fabric too. It flew out the door ; )

Amanda Jean said... #

this is a beautiful quilt, Cindy! I love that you get inspiration form upholstery....and even better that Mark helps you collect it! Perfection! (Kevin drew up a quilt design for me the other day during a work meeting. I'm equally parts delighted and concerned. hahaha!)

Sandi said... #

Love pumkins agains clear blue skies. Throw in some purple eggplants, a few dark pink asters, some sprigs of rosemary. Set against a old barn red with a turkey and some corn cobs, a perfect Thanksgivibg/Autumn weekend. Your quilt is lovely.

Lindsey F. said... #

Fall is here when that first nip of coolness arrives in the mornings and evenings signaling the leaves to start to turn yellow, gold, orange and red. Then, it's time for some apple crisp!

OPQuilt said... #

Go, Cindy! You rocked those colors and I love the part about how you asked for the fabric back. (You crack me up.) Your quilt turned out beautifully from that upholstery design--I agree with your choices to stick with the log cabin variation blocks; the whole thing is so beautiful!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said... #

The maple trees turning brilliant orange tells me it's fall! As I sit at the table, there are loons on the lake and the sun shining on fall color trees is reflected in the water.

Penny said... #

Fall colors are the best. The leaves on maple trees have a blaze of color change and I love the mum plant colors.

Unknown said... #

Fall to me is Friday night football games that are just a bit nippy and require a quilt and some hot chocolate! Beautiful quilt. A fall quilt has been on my to-do list for the last year but I never seem to have the right colors! I need to start a collection of fall colors!

Lisa England said... #

Football season says "fall is here" to me. Although it generally still feels like summer when games start. Regardless, I'm happy for fall to be upon us. I believe I have some of that Harvest Spice fabric in my stash. It probably still has the selvages attached. I could probably find it if I searched about a week.

Brita said... #

The first morning when I stick my nose out the door and I can feel a slight nibble from Jack Frost makes me smile! Love the color combination you used, brilliant!

Brita said... #

The first morning when I stick my nose out the door and I can feel a slight nibble from Jack Frost makes me smile! Love the color combination you used, brilliant!

Anjeanette said... #

I love this design and hearing about where your inspiration for it came from! This is perfect quilt for welcoming in Fall.

I do not wait for pumpkin spice to make it to the stores. I wait for the first leaf to drop from the trees. When I moved from Arizona to Maryland, I discovered the beauty of Fall. My favorite color changed to yellow and orange because of the changing leaves here. It is just spectacular.

Thank you for this great bundle and the chance to win it! What a treat!

Penny from S.C. said... #

I just love it when it starts cooling off a little but not so much that I need the heat on. I love your quilt and the colors are fantastic. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

Natalie said... #

I love Halloween, but I could really care less for all the pumpkin flavor bonanza that happens every year! I do love the changing leaves though.

Mary Dowell said... #

I love the frosty mornings and warm afternoons of fall, the beautiful colors of the leaves, and the smell of pumpkin pie baking.

Unknown said... #

The changing colors and crisp air is what fall is all about to me. :)

anita said... #

For me, the charm of Fall is the (hopefully!) crisp air, and the changing colors of the leaves. Fall soothes my soul!

Nita said... #

I'm not a fan of pumpkin spice lattes, but I do love the colours in that quilt, lol! Back to school time signals fall for me.

Sorcha girl said... #

Pumpkin pie, pumpkin raisin bread, and pumpkins carved are my favorite things for Fall; however, colorful leaves among the tall Douglas firs of the Pacific Northwest are also favorites. I see these colors in your quilt and I love the simple design. Thanks for sharing your project. Thanks for a chance in the giveaway.

Donna said... #

Love pumpkin and all the fall Colors. Thanks for giveaway

JANET said... #

I love fall colors. It makes me think of cooler days, and crisp morning air. The heat is being stubborn this year, won't go away!

Susana Neiger said... #

Beautiful quilt! I love the story behind the inspiration, and the quilt itself, and the quilting! Thanks for the chance at a fun giveaway! One of my favorite things about fall is having cool enough weather to wear awesome sweaters, and snuggle under quilts, and drink hot chocolate!

betz2u said... #

Love the Harvest Spice fabric. I want some. Love your beautiful quilt. I just received 3 yds of Cotton Supreme Purple haze fabric today. I love RJR Cotton Supreme fabric. Their cream is luscious and my go to for sure. I love the fall color show here in North Carolina, of the trees which are magnificent this year. Thanks for the opportunity to win and for sharing your lovely project. Got everything crossed that you will pick me on Sunday"...............

Anna brown said... #

MMMM yess pumpkin pie season....And star bucks has a salted mocha caramel frappe....This time of

Bluequilt said... #

I love the color Orange that goes with the greens and Browns. My mom had furniture that had the fall colors in it, Orange draperies and blended shag carpet. It also reminds of all the hard work that she did back then to provide for our family. It is a memory that brings back the times we were all together as a family and not spread out over the state of North Carolina. Thanks for the giveaway.

BizyStitches said... #

Love your quilt and looks like it would be fun to make. I have a hard time handling summer heat so when fall arrives I love the cooler weather and having the windows open. Then the second thing is I love watching the farmers do their harvest. Thanks for the chance to win you gift. #QuiltWithLove

Susan said... #

Obviously I can't win the giveaway, but I wanted you to know how much I love this quilt! I am also working on a 'square in square' blocks design at the moment! It is fun to see the variations come together...

Anonymous said... #

I love your quilt! Quilts made of solids are my favorite. Pumpkin spice means fall to me too. Thanks!

Please click on the delaineelliott above for my email link.

KathleenD said... #

I do love pumpkin pie and many fall squashes... Your quilt is wonderful; the colors are great & the quilting is soo cool!
thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

lindaroo said... #

Fall on the central coast is warm and sunny, and incongruous with scarves and boots. The colors, though! I love fall colors. And I love everything pumpkin!

Marti M said... #

The changing color of the leaves is what I love.

Cindy Maki said... #

I love the coolness of Fall. It makes me want to cuddle under one of my quilts. I cover my chairs and couch with quilts, just waiting for someone to cuddle in. I change them in Fall and Spring. I love the colors in your fabric choices. I have been collecting black and white prints for a long time to make a quilt for me. This could be the perfect pattern for that special quilt.

Katy McCoy said... #

Hmmm - love how your quilt turned out! I find those kind of squares go together so quickly - very satisfying for my short attention span. I wonder if the problem with the diagonal squares was the use of too much color? I'm a color junkie so I have a tendency to over-use it. I might try this with just two colors in the diagonal square or using them as little squares between the blocks. I've copied and taken pictures of several hotel rugs for inspiration - (bored by the conference...) and those can be hard to translate too.

Amanda Best said... #

To me Fall is here, when the leaves start turning gold and you can see your breath at night. Summer is my least favorite season, so I am always so excited to welcome fall. Very fun and and visually striking quilt!
My email is:

Kath said... #

Pumpkin spice definitely! And the changing of the leaves are right up there as well. I love your quilt - even tho it's not a complex pattern, the colors make it just striking. I never would have thought to put those colors together. You've taught me to look a little closer at my surroundings for ideas for design and color combos. Thanks for sharing.
ktsquiltdreams (at)gmail (dot)com

Margaret Gross said... #

mulled cider is my favorite part of fall.

Michele said... #

I like, I like and the name suits it perfectly.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

Gorgeous Cindy! Love the spiral like quilting too. Really a nice complement to the squares.

quilter said... #

I love the colors of fall leaves, and the smell of them burning!