Thursday, December 3, 2015

Really Random Thursday: 12/3/15

December. Alrighty then....

Mark and I are blessed to have such special children in our lives. Sometimes we get to watch these two. They are like cousins to our grandchildren and we love them to pieces.

It was grandparents' day at the school Levi and Charlotte attend. The second graders always put on a little show before lunch. There he is, front row, center stage. Concentrating...
His soccer season is over for the year. What a difference a year makes when you go from age 6 to 7. He had incredible foot work this year.
So I sent some Texas A&M scraps to a reader in Texas. She wanted to trade fabric and I said, thanks but I'm trying to destash. Instead, look what she sent! The cutest napkin rings.  Don't you love the buttons? Thanks so much, Linda!
So happy to visit with good friends the day before Thanksgiving. We don't see each other nearly often enough.
Mark picked the last bouquet of roses for the year.
Christa, our daughter-in-law, made me a quilt ladder for my birthday--something I have wanted for the longest time! To say I was overwhelmed by this gift is putting it mildly. I'm not sure where its final location will be--probably the family room. For now it is holding Christmas quilts in the dining room. That girl loves her power tools. And I love her.
This card came from my friend, Dotty, who purchased it in Saigon. Are you familiar with quilling? So in a past creative life, before I began quilting, I did a lot of quilling, which involves rolling thin strips of paper into circles and then shaping them. I'm not sure if she knew about my past life, but this card is amazing.
Our niece, Becky, sent me this mug. For my birthday, but really in honor of Vertical Day. Not familiar with Vertical Day? You can read all about it here. This year Becky sent me clues for about a month ahead of time, along with photos she had taken around Chicago. It was all in an attempt to throw me off and think my gift was going to be fabric or something crafty. She's clever that way. So take a few minutes and read about Vertical Day. You may decide to embrace Vertical Day next November 11 as well.
We started Thanksgiving out with a two-mile Turkey Trot. Our son, Aaron, started the tradition three years ago. Everyone who participates meets at our church parking lot and brings two cans of food to stock the church food pantry for needy people in our neighborhood. It was a brisk morning, for Fresno at least, with the temp hovering around 35 degrees. Then Mark and I went out for our traditional coffee and bagel before we finish prepping for dinner at our son and daughter-in-law's house. I always get a whole wheat bagel with pumpkin spice cream cheese. Yum...
Christa's mother, Debbie, made incredible centerpieces this year. This was my favorite. But I wish I had taken pictures of the tiny pumpkins too. Ah, pumpkins. My favorite thing about fall.
The kids in church have made art displays in the church foyer. Charlotte's age group made theirs from recycled items.
And Gabe's class made handprint angels from paper plates.
It's nice when you take care of grandchildren overnight and the schedule includes a nice quilty accent.
I think that pretty much brings me up to date.

But I will leave you with these two gems from Instagram.

The first was in Amanda's feed. I'm not saying I personally ever feel like this....
And the second was in Tara's feed.
They both made me laugh. Hope your week is a good one. And tomorrow I will be posting pictures of one of my new favorite Christmas quilts. So come back and say hi.


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Linda said... #

My two favorite things about your December: the roses and the pumpkin spice motor oil. :) And the quilt ladder is now on my Honey's "Do" list.

Carla said... #

Bliss made me a quilt ladder years ago. I have all my Hexie quilts on it. Love your random posts. That motor oil sign is too funny

Cathy O said... #

Enjoy your family musings and activities. They always lighten my heart and make me smile I can hear your laugh about the pumpkin spice motor oil sign!😃
I have a Amish made quilt ladder at the cabin. Fun to hang guest towels and extra blankets on it because it is in the guest room.

liz said... #

What a fun post! Love the glimpses into your family life along with your quilting / crafting posts!

Anonymous said... #

What a great post! I love the idea of Vertical Day. As I was reading your post I saw the link to making fabric postcards. Our guild ( uses this as a fundraiser at our bi-annual show. We raised over 6K in sales for our guild. It's fun and uses up those pesky scraps. Instead of muslin, ours have printed card stock backs. Our next show is in 2016 and I o=plan to make a bunch.

Wendy @ Wendysquiltsandmore said... #

So many things can happen in one week when we take the time to notice them. I love your quilt ladder. My son finished mine about a month ago and it's so easy to change the quilts on display. I love having it in the house.

Needled Mom said... #

I always love your random Thursdays. That quilt ladder is amazing and so thoughtful. I'm off to check out Vertical Day!

Celtic Thistle said... #

The quilt ladder was an inspired gift and the quilled card is stunning, how great to have such caring friends and family :)

FlourishingPalms said... #

Your posts are always so "homey," Cindy... all about family and friends. You ARE blessed to have these relationships in your life. Thanks for the peep into how the "other half" lives. :-)