Thursday, August 25, 2016

Really Random Thursday, 8/25/16

This will be a short edition. There seems to be a lot going on but not much to show here.

On Mark's first day of retirement, last Friday, we did indeed go to the zoo and have coffee. He studied football rules for a bit while I did some English paper piecing. The view was fabulous.
I saw this in the newspaper. But I don't really think Mark is planning on using any of these signals.
At the end of May, we had our annual family pictures taken. I'll share more of them later, but here is a little teaser...
Tuesday was Mark's actual 65th birthday, and we celebrated at Aaron and Christa's, along with Jason, Jill and the girls. The "littles" wanted to help blow out the candles.
Since two rooms in the house belong to me--one as an office and one as a sewing room--we set Mark up in the spare bedroom. He seems happy to have his own space--complete with music, the laptop, a Starbucks mug for his pencils and pens from Minneapolis (which makes the Minnesota part of him very happy), and as of today, a cute little turquoise stapler (I'm sure he will be thrilled that I described it as "cute".)
While he was going through files, he found our engagement picture, circa 1972. I forgot how long my hair was in college...
Last night we did something atypical for a weeknight (before retirement) because of Mark's long work hours. We went to a baseball game. The weather was perfect.
Someone had even given him tickets to  the part of the stadium where someone comes to your seat and takes your food order. Carnitas nachos...yum.
I even did a little English paper piecing. What a fun evening.
And because I always like to end with some thoughts for the week...
Have a great weekend.


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Becky (My Fabric Obsession) said... #

HA!! Love the psychopath meme! So funny. Great recap of the week and can't wait to see more of the family pics.

Robby said... #

Sounds like a really good way to start the next phase of life. The point about the glass being refillable is true in so many aspects of life, and we forget that. (I know that was a funny bit to share, but there's also truth to it.)

Christals Creations said... #

Love the patchwork going everywhere with you. :)

Needled Mom said... #

I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the pictures. No photos of all the EPP you've been doing??? It sounds like the zoo was a great time.

LOVE the cartoons at the end!

Cathy O said... #

Happy 65 to Mark and like that you carved out a work space for him! Somehow we have not done that yet.
I love the refillable comment

Linda said... #

How I enjoy your randomness. Love the 1972 photo and the hair. We had a 2-year old by that year, and our photos have a similar look. I find it interesting that hubby and I don't always notice our aging until we see those photos. ;)

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

So are you getting used to having Mark around your space. And is he a little teapot like the illustration shows? I know it can be an adjustment. We've been back and forth for years with Justin working at home and we adjust and then he takes a new job and the house is mine again. It's back to being mine right now after a full year of him working from home. I'm adjusting again.

OPQuilt said... #

Very fun quotes, as usual, and I loved the last one. (Did you know some book stores/coffee shops in Britain have banned wifi? I think they want people to read more.) That baseball game with delivery service is awesome. I might even go to a game if that were the case. Loved your engagement photo--but I think you look better now!