Thursday, September 1, 2016

Really Random Thursday, 9/1/16

Welcome to September, that time of the year when it starts to feel like fall.

Oh, wait. We live in Central California. We won't know that feeling until, well, maybe November...

In preparation for Mark's retirement, we had to buy another vehicle, as he had been driving a company truck for years. We bought a Subaru Forester. It has lots of great techie stuff that we are not used to.

However, we were not expecting this. A reminder about Mark's birthday.
That message flashed on the screen every single time we turned the car on for about two weeks.

And then on the day of his birthday, it changed to this message, complete with ribbon.
We love our car. :)

Maybe some of you know I collect Hard Rock Cafe t-shirts, which will eventually be blocks in a quilt, aka the most expensive quilt ever. With the exception of a couple of special editions I have collected over the years, all of the t-shirts are the classic white version.

Katy, who lives in Scotland, offered to get me one from Glasgow. I don't have it yet, but she sent me a picture. Isn't this awesome??! I think it will be the center block. I love it!

I've been working on my New Hexagon Millefiore quilt and I have finished all the pieces for Rosette 6. As I played around with them, I realized that by changing the orientation of the hexies around the center, the look changed dramatically. The pattern was written with the hexies oriented like this.
But for fun, I rotated them 180 degrees. I think I'm going with this version. I posted both versions on Instagram, and the one below was the overwhelming favorite.
Mark brought me flowers today. He felt like I needed a pick-me-up and that orange would do the trick. He was right about that.
And because I can't resist the Waterlogue app on my phone...
After much thought, my Kona color card has been cut into pieces. As my hands have been so sore lately, Mark did all the cutting. Wow, is it nice having him around now that he is retired. Being able to move the colors around sure makes quilt planning much easier.
I will be teaching a class in November on My Swedish Ex. The store where I'm teaching (Authorized Vac and Sew) puts out an amazing class catalog, where all the upcoming projects are professionally photographed. Here is my quilt. Such a cool photo!

I'm an introvert. But for many years, even I misunderstood what that meant.
But now I understand myself so much more.
And because Mark and I have had a lot of social gatherings on our calendar in the last couple of weeks, I have been drinking out of this mug a lot!

Happy weekend, everyone!


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Kathryn said... #

My daughter just got a new car too. She's in her early 50s and said she had to get it while she was still young enough to learn all the bells and whistles. Have fun with it. Love your mug. I'm one too.

Quiltdivajulie said... #

FABULOUS mug - where did you find it?!?!?? I need one and I need one for my son and one for my best friend!!!

Cathy O said... #

I want a car like that! Birthday greetings are the best, even if from a car! I want to share the introvert pie graph with a few people.
We went to a Minnesota Amish auction this week and must show you a hand sewn quilt I got. You will appreciate it.
Wish you and Mark could be here today! It is a top ten beauty with whispers of fall

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

First off I'm not sure how I feel about my car knowing when my birthday is and then constantly reminded me. Next, I love the introvert graphic. I'm an introvert too and the second definition really defines me quite well. Lastly, I love your mille block and agree I like the second version much better. One day maybe I'll try making one. I bought the book and love the big quilt but just can't motivate to actually make one.

Robby said... #

Love the 'frame' that second Hexie version creates. My hubby is the most introverted person I have ever met, and super intelligent. He qualifies for the third graphic not shown which reads "Introverted can mean all of the above, at the same time. And that is the only multi-tasking I do."

lindaroo said... #

Ha ha, I think your car loves you, too!
Your quilt looks so good in the photo, and I'm proud of you for teaching the class! If only I could be there, I would!

Needled Mom said... #

Been thinking about you, Cindy, and hoping things are going well.

I need a car to remind me of things like that. lol

Love your Milifiore block....and your choice.

OPQuilt said... #

Fun post of all sorts of things going on in your life--so many to keep you busy! I'm glad you've put Mark to work...makes all of us with non-retired husbands quite jealous!

Anonymous said... #

Orange and blue, orange and blue! Love how quilting bring out the introvert in me. It's like my personal peace, social silence time. Love the mug. Thanks for sharing your work with us!