Thursday, November 17, 2016

Really Random Thursday, 11/17/16

Hi, everyone. I'm sitting here wondering how it is possible that a mere week from today is Thanksgiving! I'm feeling totally unprepared for the holidays to be so close upon us.

Last Thursday night, I attended the 2nd annual Coffee and Chocolate Soiree (more pictures here), a fundraiser for Central Valley Justice Coalition, an organization raising awareness of and seeking to prevent human trafficking in our valley. Our daughter-in-law, Christa, is heavily involved in volunteer work. It was held at a cool venue in the artsy Tower District, and as we learned more about the extent of human trafficking,  we also had a chance to sample lots of fabulous chocolate and other treats.

As I've mentioned before, Christa is a gifted communicator, and we are proud that she is using her talents to raise awareness and also educate girls and work toward prevention.
Brian, Theresa, Jason, Jane, me, Christa, Jill

I'm not sure why Mark sent this to me. Or why he keeps saying, "Don't make the redhead mad." I'm starting to get a complex. I'm not one of those redheads with a temper. I'm NOT *stamps foot*
I posted this on Instagram with the caption: "If you have any questions at all regarding my party affiliation, this is it." Enough said. And if you want one of these (and they are super soft!), you can find them on Instagram, @sewstateuniversity.
Our son, Aaron, has known Tricia, the mother of this cute little guy, for  his entire life. Tricia was six weeks old when we started going to the church we still attend. Besides church, they went to high school and college together. So when Tricia and her husband went to Portland, Oregon, on vacation, they found the brick in Pioneer Square in memory of Aaron and Christa's first child, Caleb. So special.
Every year, very good friends from Calgary spend time in Carmel, one of our favorite parts of the California coast. We left Sunday morning to meet them there. And it's that time of year when traveling can be somewhat treacherous due to fog and low visibility. It can get much worse than this.
The shop windows were already decorated and it seemed so festive.

We had a wonderful time with Russel and Ingrid.
The next morning, Mark and I found a spot in Pacific Grove to watch waves. It was gray and foggy, and the waves were really crashing, although it's always hard to capture that in a photo. The biggest waves always show up right after you have given up.... We turned the classical music on, and watched for about an hour.

A few miles down the road, in Monterey, it looked like this.
Seen at Levi's cross country meet yesterday, these t-shirts worn by parents from another participating school. Look closely. First of all, "elementary" is misspelled, but also the name of the school is Storey, not Story.
And then on the front, "your" rather than "you're." Now I'm wondering if their son's name is actually Nathan.
Have a lovely weekend.


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Gunstones said... #

I so remember being on the cruise with you after Caleb's death. Blessings.

Robby said... #

Well, all of those t-shirts you highlighted in this post are priceless, if not all for the same reason. Oh my!

My dad was stationed at Fort Ord when they first got married and my mom still talks about the grey days and how she had to run home on her lunch hour to take in the laundry so it wouldn't be wet again when she got home from work.

Needled Mom said... #

Chocolates AND a great cause???? It doesn't get much better than that.

I saw a shot from SF this week and it was socked in with the fog. Glad you enjoyed yourself in spite of it.

Wow....those shirts are pretty pathetic.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Cindy.

Afton Warrick said... #

I find those t-shirts highly disturbing.

Heidi Staples said... #

Your daughter-in-law is amazing! And those elementary t-shirts -- oh my word...

OPQuilt said... #

The Grammar/Spelling Police are probably swarming the place right now, over those T-shirts. Glad you had a great week, and a lovely little trip. Sorry the fog was so dense--scary driving!

Anonymous said... #
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