Thursday, March 30, 2017

Really Random Thursday, 3/30/17: Some weeks are just really busy...

I think after so much going on with a move to a new house, and just being part of a very busy family, Ella was ready to watch a movie and cuddle with her favorite princess quilt.
After school, Gabe and I tried to make some woven potholders. The loom I had purchased from Joann's was awful, and the loops kept popping off. I'll search for a better loom.
Flowers at the memory care facility where my father resides. This time of year, the air is so fragrant, and flowers are everywhere.

Mark and I went to the country where my cousin, Cathy, and her husband, Terry, live. I consider myself a total city girl, but when I am at their house I want to move to the country. Not just anywhere, but specifically I want to move into THEIR house. They were hosting an ice cream social for the volleyball team members coached by their daughter-in-law, Shannon. The teams were in town for a large weekend tournament. Here are some snapshots around Cathy and Terry's yard.
 Terry and Cathy grow lavender and make sachets, along with jam from their berries.

This was a great photo op location, right in front of the berry vines. That vintage quilt, with its pop of orange, was such a bright spot on a rainy day.

This was Cathy's playhouse when she was small.
Speaking of berries. I find berry pie nearly irresistible.

 Still frosty...

Mark helped Terry make homemade ice cream in this gas engine-powered ice cream machine. Each bucket makes five gallons.

I didn't go to the tournament the next day, but Mark did.

Mark, Shannon and Cathy--photo courtesy of Cathy.
Saturday: Levi turned 9 on Monday, March 27, but the family celebrated on Saturday night. In case you can't tell, he is a huge Golden State Warriors fan. He received several t-shirts, team jerseys, etc., and decided to put them on all at once. I made him a pillow case (wrapped around his neck) and a duffel bag. Mark and I also went halvsies on a new in-ground basketball goal. He seems pretty happy with it all. He's the very best combination of sweet, smart, goofy, and affectionate. And cute. Did I mention cute?

My mother has been teaching piano lessons for 52 years! Once a year, some of her students participate in Piano Celebration, where they play two pieces for memory in front of a judge. This year (probably her last), Charlotte was the only student. Levi had been prepared, but Sunday morning he woke up feeling sick. Charlotte did so well--earning an Excellent, with some really wonderful comments from the judge on her playing.
Four generations

Every year I take a picture of this clever logo for the Music Teachers Association of California. It seems like there should be some way to turn it into a quilt.

We are so proud of Charlotte.
My friend, Terri, and I have been exchanging postcards weekly for the last few years. A long time ago, I purchased a sheet of stamps that had a stamp of each of the states. I had them matted and framed for awhile, and then decided I should just go ahead and use them. By the time I decided that, postage had risen, but these stamps were just the perfect rate for postcards. So I started using them in alphabetical order for the postcards I sent to Terri. I'm sorry that they are all used up. I will have to find something fun and special to take their place.
I've been participating in a March Madness competition, structured like the basketball championship. It is put on by Paintbrush Studio to draw attention to their great line of solids, Painter's Palette.

The first round of voting was on Monday and I was paired with Stephanie Palmer of Late Night Quilter. She had chosen a beautiful palette of fabrics and the votes were neck in neck.

I was shocked to see that I had won the first "game."

Tuesday: Now that football and basketball seasons are over, Mark is umpiring softball. I went to watch him for a couple of innings. It was so cold on Tuesday afternoon because of the wind ("cold" and "wind" of course being relative terms here in California, compared to other parts of the country), so I didn't last very long. But it was fun to see him in action.

Wednesday: We had to drop off our new Subaru to get the windshield replaced. A tiny rock hit the side of the windshield--you couldn't even see it from the inside. But it caused a crack clear to the middle of the windshield. (Insert sad face.) We decided to have breakfast out, after we dropped off the car. Remember, Mark makes my breakfast nearly every morning since he has been retired. This sign was on the restaurant wall. Mark probably needs one of his very own, as he apparently is the early bird around our house now.
I hope you stop by tomorrow--I think I'll actually have a Friday Finish to show.


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Val's Quilting Studio said... #

Your life is full and it's so fun to see!!! COngrats on that little win. (How fun!)

Mary on Lake Pulaski said... #

Did Ella and family move very far? Is Charlotte quilting piano or just this competition? Love the flowers by your Dad's residence.

Robby said... #

Glad you won the color challenge, I voted for yours.

How great that Mark is umpiring. It can be a rewarding and/or thankless job, sometimes all in the same 5 minutes. But either way, it enables kids to get outside, enjoy the sport, learn about teamwork, so many great things. In my day, that might have included a rootbeer float after a win.

Kathleen said... #

They don't make those looms like they used to. I still have mine from when I was a kid! I believe they are both metal, and one is adjustable. Not sure if I have any loops though.

gwenyth said... #

I love hearing your news about your family as well as your quilting..I live in Great Britain so it is interesting to learn a lot about your wonderful country too.